Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shop the Latest in Affordable Luxury Fashion Finds Now!

Another week, another livestream featuring the latest in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion finds. I have added new items into the store because there are so many items that are flying out of the store. Check out my latest livestream where I showcasing all of my merchandise and sprinkle in some resale business knowledge!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

eBay Adventure - eBay Layaway

I received an email from a buyer talking about being on vacation and wanting me to hold her item. Well, it is in an open case for an unpaid item strike. Since she was a repeat buyer, I was in the process of contacting eBay to see what I could do. I had something like this happen to me before. I had a lady who bought an item, it became an unpaid item strike. After the case closed, she emailed me saying that she was on vacation in western Africa and had janky wifi (She never bought the item). It was amazing how some people thought that eBay was layway but the rules clearly stated that you had to pay for your item in 48 hours. Stories like these were one of the reasons why I started eBay Adventures because future resellers needed to know the real!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Let a Brain Fart Upset the Shopping Cart

My eBay sales were coming in at a very fast clip. It was unbelievable. I did think it the increase was attributed to my blogging, the return of eBay Adventure and embedding my eBay YouTube livestream into every post. More people were watching my livestream and learning about my store translating into sales. In the midst of all of this I mislabeled a dress. While in the process of preparing it for shipment, I saw that the label was something different. After conferring with Mommy, I did the right thing which was tell the buyer my mental brain fart. She was okay with it and I kept the money. I was just happy that I didn’t let my brain fart upset my shopping cart. What I did start doing was take better inventory and didn’t commit everything to memory.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

New Week, New Items! Shop All of Them in My eBay Store!

New week, new items. I have added three new items (Ann Taylor Loft, Erin Fetherston, and Kate Spade) to my store at ridiculous prices! Remember, I am a fashion luxury consignment reseller giving you Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices! This week is no different where I am discounting my new items by over 50%. Check these three items and all of the rest here in my eBay store.

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Saturday, July 08, 2017

eBay Adventure - Lessons Learned, Cash Earned

The sales keep rolling in and I am NOT complaining one bit! I have thankful that I got off my duff this past Monday and have done the livestream else I would be sitting here flummoxed as to why things aren’t selling. I have done much more since the livestream but doing this YouTube Live is the starting point. I have written blog posts, done Facebook Live broadcasts (must cross-promote and go where the customers are!), shared my merchandise on Twitter at least twice per day, priced according to the eBay recommendations and shared my blog posts to some Twitter re-share accounts every day since Monday. The result is 5 sales this week. I have just made a sale and completed a payment today. It feels great when I keep going, being diligent and thinking of new ways to promote my store every single day because I reap the rewards.

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Watch my lessons learned video

Watch and shop my eBay livestream for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury:

Thursday, July 06, 2017

eBay Adventure - Planting the Seeds, Reaping the Harvest

I awake this morning and do my normal routine: morning walk, breakfast, etc, etc. However, my routine is disrupted with an eBay offer. I check my account and see it along with a ‘pay ship now’ alert. I click on it and see that one of my dresses sold last night while I was asleep. I hit the roof because this transaction more than compensated for the open case I had against someone who hasn’t paid (more on that later!). I submit a counteroffer to the low offer. The buyer meets me halfway and because she is a repeat customer, I accept. All of a sudden, that’s two sales; but, it doesn’t stop there. The buyer with the open case buys the shoes making it three; and, there is even more because I have received a fourth sale! It is like the floodgates are open. How has this all happen at the same time?
I have laid the groundwork. This past Monday, after seeing one of my favorite YouTube channels post a video the day before the Fourth of July, I bossed up and did my eBay livestream! I didn’t stop there writing not one but two blog posts which I circulated on Twitter and loaded up onto HootSuite. It didn’t stop there! On the Fourth of July, I wrote 12 Things I Learned During My First Year on eBay on my personal site. Finally, I reduced my prices according to the eBay recommendations, relisted some more inventory and kept resharing my eBay inventory every day at noon and 9pm EST. After diligently planting the seeds, I have reaped the harvest. These three extra sales are due to hard work! I haven’t stopped because I have listed a new item, taken some more photos which I will upload tomorrow and kept resharing my inventory on my Twitter account. I am not stopped because I am having all of these sales. I have hacked my process, double downed and am ready to reload with more new merchandise on the way!
Shop my eBay store: www.ebay.com/usr/carljenkin_6

Watch my latest eBay YouTube livestream showcasing tall women’s affordable luxury.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Shop My Latest Affordable Luxury in My eBay Store Here!

Hey, the luxury consignment reseller is back with an all-new fashion haul just in time for the holiday and beyond! I specialize in tall women’s fashion (I am a size US 12 wearing a size 11/12 shoe). This week I’ve stocked new Vince, Alice + Olivia and Stuart Weitzman. Shop my eBay store: http://www.ebay.com/usr/carljenkin_6

Watch my eBay livestream here:

Monday, July 03, 2017

If She Can Do It, So Can I!

It is the day before Independence Day and I am chilling. I am still putting my brand out there (I know that people will take off by noon EST if they haven’t already) but haven’t looked at actually  doing hard. Yet, when I see somewhere whom I follow on YouTube put out a business video the day before a holiday, then it is high time for me to BOSS up and schedule this eBay YouTube Livestream and get to this money!

Moreover, I have done four Facebook Live videos discussing my July goals which I will upload on YouTube because people are watching them and I have a responsibility to provide my Facebook community to keep them updated. I mean I have written my July goals on July 1st. It is Monday and this is the first business day of July. My Facebook community is conditioned to the weekly Monday livestreams regardless of holiday except Christmas and New Year’s.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Who Would Have Thunk It?

It’s great talking with a loved one because I get to destress so much. I tell her all about my crazy training center experience and that I have received my ITIL certification. It’s a lot of stress off of my shoulders. However, imagine my surprise upon learning some very detailed information that is disturbing only because I have spoken with this person. Well, at least I have a backup plan else I would feel like a fish out of water!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Keep On Keepin On

Even though the XD30 challenge is done because it’s July, I will continue writing. I have new goals that I want to reach and writing helps me stay on track. I am also feeling like (maybe) another book is on the way because I have been consistently writing and have a pretty good idea that is timely since this is not only the first day of the third quarter but the second half of 2017.

XD30 - Day 30 - Crossing the Finish Line

I have done it! I have written a consecutive 30 days as a part of this XD30 June challenge! I am very proud that through warts and all, I have written. Some days, money has been funny, while others they haven’t; but, I will say that right now, I am in the best space ever and will keep this ball rolling. Furthermore, I will NOT act as if my receiving my fourth certification is not the singular reasonperson why I am happy. June has ended much better than it started. I am grateful for this.
I am better not  just personally but professionally. Now I have my entire July editorial calendar written, will promote my certification and keep pushing well into July. I do think that July being the third quarter and second half of 2017 will get a lot more traction. I do think that a whole lot of great things await me.
One thing I will do is to keep writing every day because it is a great way to document my journey but also blow some steam. I do feel another book coming after participating in this daily writing challenge. Of course, I will keep everyone posted.

Until next time….