Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spending Small Business Saturday at Marvin Restaurant

            Today is Small Business Saturday where Americans are encouraged to patronize small businesses.  Though I know quite a few entrepreneurs, I do this often, I’ve decided to eat dinner at a restaurant I’ve never gone.  Checking the promotion’s website, I find Marvin restaurant in DC.  I’ve heard of it but never known its location until searching for online directions. I come to learn that it is two doors down from Lost Society.  Who knew? Certainly not I!  I enter the establishment meeting with the hostess who takes me to the second floor.  Even with the steep stairs, as a non-drinker, I don’t want to share space with the lushes!  I get there and the music is blasting from four speakers. Immediately my memory goes back to 1905 restaurant where I gotten a headache from being seated right underneath the speaker.  However, this isn’t the case.  My waitress/bartender is very nice and knowledgeable.  I order the shrimp & grits as an appetizer.  It has three shrimp with the heads detached.  This is awesome presentation and the first time I’ve ever seen the heads as part of the dish. 

Marvin Restaurant Shrimp & Grits

Combined with the grits and this deal is filling.  I order the chicken and waffles.  After finishing the waffles and the chicken leg, I ask for the rest of the chicken to be wrapped.  Initially, I ask the waitress for the dessert menu but decide against it since I am stuffed.  I leave Marvin full and confident that I will be frequenting this neighborhood gem beyond Small Business Saturday.  

Marvin Restaurant Chicken and Waffles

Participating in Small Business Saturday has given me new options that I wouldn’t have tried with the promotion.  I think that American Express and the Small Business Administration should do this promotion on a quarterly especially since small business is the cornerstone of the American economy.