Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Worst Travel Weekend Ever!

I had the travel experience from hell this past weekend. I was supposed to board American Airlines at National airport to Norfolk to attend the TCE Summit. I was excited in the Uber en route to DC airport when I got this cancellation email. Immediately I called the customer service and that lady was a grade A witch. She told me that she cancelled my entire reservation because I did not want to fly out of Baltimore, layover in Charlotte then fly to Norfolk. That would had taken 5 hours. I hung up on her returning home to book a Sunday American Airline plane ticket then Amtrak business ticket to Newport News. I arrived at Union Station at 5:30pm but the train was late boarding everyone at 6:15pm instead of 5:50pm meaning that I didn’t get into Newport News until 10:50pm. The only thing keeping me calm was talking with my girlfriend. My train ride was the first stop because I had to board a transfer bus from Newport News to Norfolk. Finally, I had to call Uber to my hotel arriving after midnight. What angered me the most was that I was unable to eat dinner with my father. My saving grace was that he was still up when I arrived there (and offered me a piece of chicken because I refused to pay exorbitant food rates on Amtrak).

Newport News Amtrak Station

                I spent all Saturday morning recuperating and overcoming my travel headache which I attributed to downing caffeine. My father said that he would be on the road at 6am so I drug myself out of bed, put on my business slacks and took a photo with my Dad because that was what I initially wanted on Friday night. I posted it on Facebook and Instagram ASAP. My Dad stayed an extra day to see me and that photo represented redemption. American Airlines could not hold me down! After he left, I crashed missing half of the TCE Summit.

Dad and I at the Norfolk Springhill Suites

I made it to the other session.  Then we had lunch. Afterward I was stuck at the Me/Self table which I did not understand because I took time out for myself. What I hated was this woman who complained to us about her being invisible to her husband but when I called her on it she played victim. I did not need that. Furthermore, I noticed that some reason there was always 1 crazy at my conference table. I should attract better. I took my photo, did a Periscope and returned back to my room to await my Ohio State game.

Sunday morning I was ready to fly out to DC. My flight was 10:05am and I left at 8:30am to ensure that I was there on time. Nope! American delayed my first an hour. On top of that, my original return flight ticket was honored. I tweeted the airline immediately because that meant that I bought a duplicate ticket. Things got worse because I ended up waiting 3 hours and 45 minutes for my flight to leave. That was the worst flight experience I ever had. Although I applied for my refund Sunday night, I spent Monday and Tuesday recovering from the hellish travel weekend courtesy of American. I am sticking with United and Delta after this!

Norfolk Airport outside

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I’ve Decided to Grow Up Today

                I have purchased Money  magazine at the CVS this afternoon. After reading it, I buy a 2-year $20 subscription because I need to grow up and manage my money better. Now I do earn 6 figures, save 25% of my non-rent paycheck and max out my retirement savings to receive the corporate match but I just feel stuck; therefore, I have decided to better educate myself financially. I know that I am full capable of not only getting to the $1 million level but surpassing it. I know that I possess the ability to become the first wholly owned black Fortune 500 CEO company. I have grown up over $32 ($12 for 1-year Kiplinger Personal Finance and $20 for a 2-year Money magazine subscriptions). I may also consider buying Worth magazine because my goal is to prepare myself for the stratosphere. I know that my book career will take off and reading financial magazines are the ways that I’ll be prepared for positive change.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Mass Shootings Will Never Make Me Numb EVER!

                Unlike some people, I am not numb to mass shootings. Today is no exception. I can never understand the motive behind them. Like ‘what is it?’ Why shoot up everything over stupid mess. Now I have been teased throughout grade school but killing people is a big no-no. It is just plain grotesque that killing a whole bunch of people is okay. Finally, let’s start re-labeling these mass murderers as evil instead of mentally ill. 99.9% of mentally ill people aren’t blogging manifestos and killing people.  ( Oregon mass shooter article)

When Ed2Go Learning Becomes Your Second Skin: Continuing Education and Improving Myself and My Business

                I have to take stock in my accomplishments and not have tunnel vision all of the time. Today I have completed Ed2Go Creating WordPress Websites I quizzes 1 and 2. In the middle of my class, 2 things hit me: 1) I am amazed at my level of productivity when I am not stressed and 2) taking Ed2go courses constitute as self-investment. Regarding the latter, I have taken Ed2Go classes on and off for 5 years that the practice has become normalized. I have tunnel vision and don’t even consider it as self-investment; however, it is because I am paying money and devoting time and effort towards improving myself. I am now running and I need to acquire as much knowledge as possible. Tonight I have created a WordPress site independent of GoDaddy. That’s a huge accomplishment because now I can update my site independently. In addition, I can go over my site with my social media coach tomorrow afternoon. By tomorrow’s appointment, I will have completed 2 more lessons so that I will have a better grip on WordPress. Continuing education is essential towards my improving my brand and me.