Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Response to Bissinger's NYT Opinion

On the eve of Michael Jordan’s 25th anniversary playing his first NBA game, I am disappointed the New York Times would publish Bissinger’s opinion. He is a UNC graduate and ardent age and college supporter. Bissinger is wrong to solely focus on the NBA when the NFL has the same age and college requirements. The fact that no one is disputing weakens Bissinger’s argument. There is a huge difference between high school and college. Colleges prepare these boys to handle publicity, improve teamwork at a higher level and improve their conditioning to avoid injury. These things require college. Ask Carmelo Anthony and Shaquille O’Neal who openly profess that their tenure at Syracuse and Louisiana State University have helped their career development. Just because the focus is athletic as opposed to academic does not mean that college and the age requirement are irrelevant.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Feel So Honored

Yippee! The National Black MBA Association President has accepted my Facebook friend request! This more than compensates for the Ann Taylor incident! Immediately I have suggested two DCMBAA officers. I feel so honored!