Saturday, July 08, 2017

eBay Adventure - Lessons Learned, Cash Earned

The sales keep rolling in and I am NOT complaining one bit! I have thankful that I got off my duff this past Monday and have done the livestream else I would be sitting here flummoxed as to why things aren’t selling. I have done much more since the livestream but doing this YouTube Live is the starting point. I have written blog posts, done Facebook Live broadcasts (must cross-promote and go where the customers are!), shared my merchandise on Twitter at least twice per day, priced according to the eBay recommendations and shared my blog posts to some Twitter re-share accounts every day since Monday. The result is 5 sales this week. I have just made a sale and completed a payment today. It feels great when I keep going, being diligent and thinking of new ways to promote my store every single day because I reap the rewards.

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