Thursday, July 06, 2017

eBay Adventure - Planting the Seeds, Reaping the Harvest

I awake this morning and do my normal routine: morning walk, breakfast, etc, etc. However, my routine is disrupted with an eBay offer. I check my account and see it along with a ‘pay ship now’ alert. I click on it and see that one of my dresses sold last night while I was asleep. I hit the roof because this transaction more than compensated for the open case I had against someone who hasn’t paid (more on that later!). I submit a counteroffer to the low offer. The buyer meets me halfway and because she is a repeat customer, I accept. All of a sudden, that’s two sales; but, it doesn’t stop there. The buyer with the open case buys the shoes making it three; and, there is even more because I have received a fourth sale! It is like the floodgates are open. How has this all happen at the same time?
I have laid the groundwork. This past Monday, after seeing one of my favorite YouTube channels post a video the day before the Fourth of July, I bossed up and did my eBay livestream! I didn’t stop there writing not one but two blog posts which I circulated on Twitter and loaded up onto HootSuite. It didn’t stop there! On the Fourth of July, I wrote 12 Things I Learned During My First Year on eBay on my personal site. Finally, I reduced my prices according to the eBay recommendations, relisted some more inventory and kept resharing my eBay inventory every day at noon and 9pm EST. After diligently planting the seeds, I have reaped the harvest. These three extra sales are due to hard work! I haven’t stopped because I have listed a new item, taken some more photos which I will upload tomorrow and kept resharing my inventory on my Twitter account. I am not stopped because I am having all of these sales. I have hacked my process, double downed and am ready to reload with more new merchandise on the way!
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