Friday, September 16, 2016

Depop Diaries - Closing My DePop Store

                Sometimes as businesspeople you have to make decisions. I have decided to close my DePop store after not selling anything in my store. I have been here for 6 weeks and haven’t made one sale; not, even with a Labor Day sale and extensive promotion. Below is my email to DePop to close my store. Now I have the task of finding another place to sell my clothing because I have a substantial backlog. I will try ThreadUp and some other places. I may even have to return to eBay (gasp!).

Sunday, September 11, 2016

eBay Adventure – Increasing my Feedback Score

                Expedited shipping is paying dividends with my customer feedback store. I am officially at 90% (10 positive, 1 negative). I am totally surprised at the last 2 responses because they have come out of nowhere; however, I am extremely grateful for them. All I promise to do is to ship the same day that I receive payment. As I approach my 90th day on eBay, I have centered my mission on ensuring the best shipping ever.
                As a relatively new eBay seller, I like customer feedback because I learn so much from it. During these past 90 days, customer feedback has taught me that I need more photos, priority shipping is great and to stand my ground against fraud and my return policy.

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eBay Adventure - Keeping My Store Full

                I have promised myself to keep my online store full at all times. Honestly, there are days when there is nothing in there. Starting this week, there is always something in my store. It is very important to do this because some of my customers are looking for items. Today I will add more items into my store. I am coming onto the 90-day mark and although I have not sold over much over this 30-day period, I am very happy that I have become more consistent in keeping my store full. This week’s goals are:
  • Keep my store full
  • Ensure that I have over $1000 worth of item in my store
  • Have at least 2 sales this week
  • Seeing how to reintegrate my clothes since they are not selling on Depop

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

eBay Adventure – Making Money on Labor Day

                Labor Day is a federal holiday where I have done absolutely nothing (and I am proud of it!). I know that I am an entrepreneur but I am all about having days off! Labor Day is Labor Day! So you can imagine my surprise when I receive a bid for one of my shoes. Immediately I accept the bid and this being a repeat customer pays the same day. I ship the item Tuesday morning (Income generating activity always come first in the morning!). This is the very first time that I have made money on a holiday. In addition, I am very thankful that PayPal has released last week’s money on Labor Day because I need all of my money no just some of it!

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eBay Adventure - Tracking Global Shipping Program Like Santa Claus

                I admit that I am intrigued with the global shipping program. I have always shipped my own packages. I like being in control and have read horror stories about eBay sellers using the program but receiving bad feedback due to mismanagement. This is how eBay’s global shipping program works. First, I mail the package to the Kentucky warehouse. Second, eBay warehouse’s confirms receipt reissuing you a new tracking number. Third, the customer receives the package. I am happy to announce that my first global shipping program package has arrived at its destination!

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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Depop Diaries – Labor Day Sale

                From today, September 3, 2016 to Friday, September 9, 2016, I am running a Depop Labor Day sales on select items. Below is a photo collage with the select items that are on sale.  PayPal ONLY!

First row (left-right)
Alice + Olivia blue sequined dress $125
Alice + Olivia melon ruched dress $30
LaRok sequined leggings $20
Second row (left-right)
Silver Michael by Michael Kors dress $50
Vince sequined dress $25
Enzo Angiolini slingback shoes $50
Third row (left-right)
Black Michael by Michael Kors dress $30
Black & Silver Michael by Michael Kors dress $30
Alice + Olivia silk floral maxi dress $200
PayPal email:

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