Sunday, September 27, 2015

NYC Four Seasons Restaurant Pool Room Review

This week I have attended the inaugural Periscope Summit (you can read all about it here on LinkedIn ). During my downtime. I are at the New York City Four Seasons Restaurant – Pool Room. I had to dine there since I was a DC Four Seasons regular. The NYC atmosphere was totally different surprising me. It was 100% businesslike even at 8:15pm. I was astounded because DC was the more conservative town it was NYC where the men wore this standard uniform (blue suit jacket, white shirt and red tie). I was just glad to wear my Roberto Cavalli dress and Rene Caovilla sandals. The highlight was the food of course! The wait staff was wonderful. I got free ravioli and chocolate cake for my first visit. It wouldn’t be my last check out my photos!

NYC Four Seasons Restaurant Dinner Menu

Shrimp Ravioli

Grilled Snapper

Free Chocolate Cake, Apple Cinnamon Cake and Free Cotton Candy

NYC Four Seasons Restaurant Pool Room Table Setting

Saturday, September 26, 2015

What I Learned from Periscope Summit

Check out my new YouTube video discussing my Blogger and LinkedIn What I Learned from Periscope Summit article. Enjoy!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lessons from Attending the First Periscope Community Summit

This week was the inaugural Periscope Community Summit. It was held in New York City. Periscope is a livestreaming application available on iPhone and Android. I managed to score a ticket and a room at the Yotel (the conference hotel) for this event. Below were the lessons learned that I culminated while attending. These 5 tips would help maximize your conference experience.

1.       Develop a personal marketing plan

I drafted mine while on the plan because I wanted to capitalize upon the opportunity of attending the first Periscope Community Summit; and this demands focus. My marketing plan contained the 4ps: product, place, price and promotion. These four constituted the marketing mix. Here was mine for the Periscope Summit:
·         Product: me
·         Place: Periscope Summit in New York City
·         Price: varies depending on product or service
·         Promotion: My Periscope feed and YouTube channel
Periscope is only available for 24 hours so many users either subscribe to Katch or upload their videos onto YouTube. The Katch website is You could also upload your Periscope to YouTube. YouTube would increase your search engine optimization (SEO).
2.       Attend the meetups

I had the benefit of staying at the Summit’s conference hotel where there were many meetups occurring. These allowed me to network with other scopers (people who use Periscope). Sometimes these meetups were more important than the sponsored events because you saw people in their raw element without pretense. These unofficial group settings made networking easier.

3.       Practice your elevator pitch
Your elevator pitch was indispensable towards introducing yourself especially during a livestream event. The Periscope Summit was a livestream event with many broadcasters and someone could film you. You wanted to look professional just in case your video went viral. Be known for the right reason by staying prepared and practicing your elevator pitch!
4.       Have fun and explore

Take advantage of downtime to recharge yourself. Since the conference hotel was in Times Square, I explored the area. I also traveled to Midtown and Fashion Avenue. These excursions gave me a more well-rounded experience by merging the conference with the city.

5.       Have a post-conference action plan

Though it was nice that you’ve attended the conference, created your personal media plan, practiced your elevator pitch and networked all of the events, all of those things would be for naught without implementing a post-conference action plan. Creating one is essential because once the hype and enthusiasm wore off, you don’t want to be disappointed. Follow-up with thank you letters and emails mentioning the event you both attended and you’re interested in establishing a connection in the future. The recipient would remember that simple goodwill gesture. The letter would also establish your brand as one with integrity. The post-conference action plan enabled me to never squander a conference opportunity!

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