Tuesday, May 29, 2012


            A colleague of mine emails me his stepdaughter’s CV today.  She’s a political science PhD.  Though I have a Master’s degree, the fact that he has thought of me, is an honor!  This being a presidential election year, she should have no problem snagging a job!  It also makes me consider returning to school for my doctoral degree. I refuse to let one bad experience hinder me from receiving mine!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bourbon Steak Saves the Day!

I truly need this Friday off because this week has been a wreck!  There’s a bad salon experience, monsoon weather and work snafus galore.  This morning all of these things have been rectified.  I’ve dropped off five white dresses for dry cleaning, gotten my hair re-pressed and celebrated these two events at Bourbon Steak.  During the last week of National Burger Month the restaurant is highlighting the Forager burger containing an egg, relish, dried aged beef and onions.  I remove the egg because it causes the burger to slide.  The burger is immense mandating that I use utensils to cut it in half.  The medium well-done burger’s juices ooze out of the patty.  I savor every morsel even using my fork and knife to scrap the sweet relish from the plate.  I finish my meal with a West Indian Limeade.  This lunch has given my day new life reinvigorating me.  If I weren’t so full, I’d have seconds!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now that PMP Exam Class is Over

I have skipped that last (make-up) PMP exam prep course because I am not feeling it and have another exemplary Project Management Professional (PMP) book helping me a lot. Last Saturday, I bought PMP Practice Makes Perfect and it exposes my knowledge gaps. The book highlights concepts that I haven’t thought about but must now. Friday I will answer Practice test A. Every day I will do a new test. There are four practice tests. I will decide by Memorial Day whether or not I am ready to take the PMP exam. In addition, I complete reading my Rita Mulachy study guide chapters 4-6 and 9. Clearing this study guide enables me to focus on the second one and taking the five other practice PMP exams. I will complete all of the practice exams before taking the PMP exam because I must have as many looks as possible.

Writing My Ticket to the Top!

Today while perusing the Ed2Go site, I see Introduction to Screenwriting course.  Two weeks ago I asked the company if it would offer one since I took Sitcom TV Writing.  I paid the money, printed the past three assignments and thank Ed2Go.  The Writer Center isn’t offering anything decent until June.  By then I will be on the 10th out of 12 lessons.  The upstart cable channel that I dream of writing for will start airing in June, less than one week from now.  I really need a kick in the rear.  Though I have written 12 outlines, I haven’t written an episode. Enrolling in the Introduction to Screenwriting accomplishes this.  The class instructor is the author of Writing the Pilot book that I bought off of Amazon.  I will read this in tandem with the class asking questions.  Besides taking Introduction to Screenwriting, I am taking five more courses before the Writer Center class .  First is the Artomatic’s workshop.  Second is the BlueCat Screenplay workshop.  I’m auditing this class. Third is the second Artomatic evening workshop.  Fourth is the Hill Center DC Food Writing Master Class.  As soon as I saw this I had to enroll because I am contending for the restaurant writer job.  I must upgrade my skills and prepare for the opportunity.  Finally, is third Artomatic workshop.  I am taking all of these three classes because I possess Women in Film & Video membership.  It has given me carte blanche into all of the media-related events.  Come the Writer Center class, I will be ready.

            Writer Center will offer How to Produce a Play.  I email the organization about applying my outstanding credit. I need to know how to stage a TV show and evaluate the fluidity of my episodes.  By the class, I will have written three episodes.  The organization says that I owe only $52.10 due to my credit which is a bargain.  Also I will check out Capital Fringe Festival to see how plays are done.  I might be able to write one myself.  The biggest thing that I will do is network because I might have to start writing plays to get noticed, but, I’m ready to put forth the effort.  I will keep you informed regarding my progress and if the network calls.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Passport DC

            Passport DC is the annual open house for all embassies.  Though I come out late for the festivities, I still manage to get my Cultural DC pamphlet stamp with four countries’ passports.  Even though I live right across the circle from the Australian embassy, that round-the-corner line deters me annually.  I opt for Mozambique Embassy off of New Hampshire avenue.  Later I cross DuPont Circle continuing down Massachusetts Avenue to the Bahamas Embassy where I take a photo of a man in carnival costume. Walking up Florida Avenue to Connecticut Avenue, I cut back to New Hampshire for Rwanda Embassy scoring a pamphlet.  I return back to Massachusetts Avenue. Seeing that the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy’s line has dwindled, I enter the building. After getting the stamp, I take a photo of the steel band and fellow Trinidadians. Then I bypass a man in a carnival insect costume crosses 17th street. Taking his photo, I go withdraw money to purchase Peruvian food.  Ordering pollo and causa rellena for $10, I return home satisfied that I have a ball at Passport DC!