Saturday, February 06, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #7: Helping Others Helping Myself

My friend and I are discussing the latest workplace shake-ups on Facebook. I relay to her how everyone is getting moved and how these dynamics will affect us. Personally I am happy with my new branch chief because he is creditable and does not play favorites. My friend is less excited with her new boss because she is not trustworthy. During the conversation I mention that she should pursue the Management Analyst and Contract Specialist jobs because I hate her always being miserable. Immediately I forward her the Contract Specialist and Program and Management Analyst OPM qualifications. Though she has thanked me for motivating her secretly she has helped me understand that I, too, qualify for the Management Analyst position. My economist job, MBA, management courses taken during undergrad and ALDP participation supply more than enough experiences to snag these positions. Furthermore, the Management Analyst earns the same amount of money as other mission-critical occupations. My personal fave is that they are centrally-located at the department headquarters, thereby, shortening my commute. Starting today I will create a template of standard questions to apply for all of these vacancies and apply for them. When the federal government reopens either Monday or Tuesday, I will fax my supplemental documentation. It is so amazing that in the midst of helping my friend, I manage to help myself broaden my career horizons!