Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Redeeming Qualities

Rats! I have bombed two questions on the math economics final. All I want to do is score 80% but now I will be happy with a 70%. What is so disappointing is that I have studied and read the material. This is the second time that I have taken this course which is incredibly discouraging. It would be one thing if I haven’t put any effort into this thing. However, I have done just that which is why I am hurt right now because math economics is like day and night versus econometrics. At least I have econometrics where I can redeem myself. I have been earning 96% on my research report. This week I am looking forward towards submitting my final econometrics assignment and other homework because I will receive an A. Having scored an A at the USDA Graduate School, I want to keep my A here. I can still redeem myself. In the meantime, I will focus on econometrics and project management.

I know the reason why I am not fretting as much over math economics is because of project management. This is one event. Earning my CAPM certification redeems my spring and summer. Now I can devote myself towards project management. The CAPM is straightforward. There is no professor using me as a guinea pig to publish his new textbook. Manny is trying to get me ready for acing the certification test the first time. Now I can reread my PMBOK and doing my brain dump. Even with econometrics right around the corner, I will reread the first four chapters of PMBOK by next week. This Friday is my off day so I will dedicate myself towards project management. I still feel that another employer will call me in for an interview before May 19th so it is essential that I get everything read before May 12th. This extra week lets me review the material before taking the CAPM. Possessing the CAPM certification before entering the interview puts my resume on top! I really want to work at the Bureau where I can help people. This is one of the reasons for pursuing my CAPM certification. I get be of service helping people. I remember what it was like dealing with a shady creditor without any government help. Now I will be in a position to help others suffering in silence. After finishing the CAPM, I will write down a lessons learned then submit my PMP application to sit for the exam. I will finish way before August 1st because I envision myself attaining both licensures before my birthday. I want to have some kind of metrics because I feel as if I am running in place for the past two years. Receiving my CAPM and PMP guarantee that I am farther along in my professional progress and measly math economics cannot deter me from this!

Monday, April 25, 2011

WMATA has the worst customer service

Wmata has the worst customer service forcing me to file two complaints: one going to school and another coming from school. I arrive at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue NW promptly at 7:40pm knowing that the bus will arrive there at 7:45pm; but, it didn’t show forcing me to wait with two others until the 8:08pm bus. If this were Tuesday’s econometrics class, I would had been late for my finals. This tardiness compelled me to complain because this was the beginning of my university’s two-week finals exam. If that wasn’t bad enough, I arrived at the corner for the bus at 9:01pm but that bus didn’t show. Never in my life did I ever have to wait two hours to go down the same street. That’s crap! However, the one good thing about my bad fortune was that WMATA didn’t have to worry about me using its buses on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rush-hour surcharge or not, I am hailing a cab because acing my finals are too important to depend upon WMATA.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday I dropped off my evening dress to a friend who worked at a high school. The school took these dresses for needy girls who couldn’t afford a prom dress. Even though I could had asked for a receipt, I didn’t because seeing a girl happy at her prom was payment enough. Later I learned from my friend that another undergraduate alumna lived here but after her residency will return to Ohio. I told her that I was thinking the same thing. I wanted to start by funding a scholarship. I didn’t just want to return with more money and experience but with more meaning. What was the use of spending five years here returning the same way as I came? I envisioned endowing two book scholarships one per university. I even knew how much money I would need to bring my dream to fruition. She then notified me that every month she ate brunch up in upper Northwest DC. I told her to provide me with the details and I would attend. This drop-off opportunity was a wonderful way of reconnecting with old friends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Management Brain Dump Assignment Forces Reassessment

Doing the project management brain dump forces me to change my studying approach. Now I will start from the beginning by outlining chapter 1. I will do this later today since my PMBOK is at home. I am happy to discover this now instead of later because I can make-up for lost time. I can finish rereading chapters 1 through 4 by Thursday and finishing chapters 5 and 6 by Sunday even with the final review sessions. I will not be stopped! Completing ½ of the PMBOK this week is realistic given that I have already read 1/3 of the book. Furthermore, Manny says that I should read the PMBOK three times. The first time I’ve read it, I haven’t picked up on the definitions. Now that I will be rereading the material, I can do this. I want to be just like that old man in class who remembers every single definition. Memorization is indispensable since I feel that I must read ahead in order to sit for the exam. For some reason, I feel that a potential employer will interview me either this week or next. In two weeks having ¾ of the PMBOK read positions me to ace the certification exams. I don’t know why my intuition is telling me this. I guess it is the rapidity of the Bureau’s response to my Policy Analyst fellowship application. I am ready to go for it because I am a winner! I just pray that I don’t have to take it the same week as my AU finals else there will be some problems. However, if so then I think that I can manage this.

In addition, I will keep a journal chronicling everything that’s happening. This week, I will complete the certification's application Excel spreadsheet submitting it to Manny for him to review it. Since I will reread the first four chapters, filling out the application is will be easy. I will be proactive because you only get in what you put out and my intention from the beginning is to ace both certification exams during my first try. I will email Manny about this because taking the first one is the cheaper, easier route. I want to be able to know what the exam looks like before putting down more money for the second test. I will ask him after the second class because I want this held in confidence. I am thinking about sending it to him Friday, Saturday the latest. Manny says that I must view this endeavor as a project if I am going to pass the test on my first try. I am ready to tackle this and anything else that comes my way!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today I have thrown away two bags of trash containing old shopping bags and clothes that I haven’t worn in over two years. There are some things that I have purchased and never worn. Since I cannot donate them to any charity, they must go. This exercise forces me to take stock in how much space they have taken up all of these years. Also I have found many new pictures and books that are necessary to my receiving a higher grade. Throughout this entire weekend I have been thinking about putting my dresses in the dry cleaning to organize my closet. I need to know what I have because during these next two weeks I will drop off prom dresses and business clothes. There are many size 12 girls and women who need my clothes. Finally, spring cleaning helps me de-clutter mentality sharpening my focus; and, I need this with three weeks remaining before finals.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project Management Class Week 1: Motivation

I leave Thursday’s class tired but knowing that my instructor was capable of having me pass the Certificate Associate Program Manager (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications this spring and summer. He has taught the brain dump exercise where you spend the first 15 minutes writing down all of the formulae and notes that you have remembered. I will apply this to my American University classes since their finals will be in three weeks. Also I learn that having read four chapters of the PMBOK that I am further along than my classmates. Today I have completed my brain drain and will reread my first four chapters before starting chapter five Monday. By Thursday, I have chapter six read. This represents half of the book with this being my second week. Chapters 5 and 6 along with chapters 7, 8 and 11 are the most covered chapters on the CAPM. Getting these out of the way during weeks 2 and 3 will enable me to pass the two exams on my first try. The instructor says that we should read the PMBOK. At this rate, I will accomplish this objective.

Getting ahead will also benefit me because a potential employer is interested in me. Having my CAPM license increases my chances. If this doesn’t pan out then there are other public and private employers interested me. My instructor says that obtaining the PMP certification results in one promotion. This is music to my ears because after five years I am looking for one. However, I like how project management has organized my work because I truly want to do better professionally.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Helping a Friend

A friend of mine has emailed me saying that his university of choice has denied him based on low GRE scores. I recommend him to because it offers free GRE exams. In the middle, I search Spanish and see all of these tests in my results. There are math tests which I will learn because I will obtain my translator license and travel for the US Foreign Service. Also this site has three MS Project 2007 courses which I am thinking about enrolling in as a refresher. They will complement my upcoming project management class because I just don’t want to pass the CAPM certification exam, I want to kill the competition. It is my way of realizing my promotional goals.

I know what it is like to be denied acceptance into my dream university but this motivates me to work harder. I use my work money to finance math courses to pass economics classes. In addition, I have used my money to enroll in several project management courses, join the Project Management Institute and ascend the corporate ladder. Using money out of my own pocket, I know that he will take full advantage of these free resources. Learnatest is the reason why I am at my current school because it has pulled my math grade up from 490 to 600. This site is the reason why I am here and want him to realize his dream of not simply being accepted into the counseling program but also attending debt-free and working on the university staff. I want him to live out his dreams because he is a hard worker.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Let the countdown begin! I enrolled in USDA Graduate School today and in less than two months I will obtain my Certified Associate Program Manager certification. I have gone from inertia to action! Now it is real because next Thursday the 14th I will be sitting in a classroom armed with my PMBOK ready to learn. This transaction has taken me out of my lackadaisical thought because I am starting to get sick of American. I just want it all to be over with allowing me time to enjoy my summer. No more new software learning or spending two nights a week in class. I can reclaim my life! Yesterday’s brilliant 75-degree weather drove home the point for me that I needed to get out more and evening courses weren’t conducive to that! I just remembered that in one more month it will all be over with allowing me to focus on my summer.

Obtaining my CAPM certification and then my PMP project management certification later this summer or early fall is essential to my career because I feel as if I am stuck in a rut. For over three years I have tried getting a promotion but feel like I am running in place. Last year I enrolled in project management courses and now will complete my final certification preparation course before sitting for the CAPM certification exam. Receiving this license increases my opportunities in both the public and private sectors and armed with five years’ experience, I am a shoo-in for a lot of managerial positions. I am giddy with excitement that my life is about to change for the better in the next 1 ½ weeks that I cannot hide and it has been a very long time since I have felt this way!