Friday, September 28, 2012

Adventures in Voter Training

I’m here training at an Obama 2012 office and am the only data training participant bringing her own laptop.  This is crazy because I RSVP on and read the instructions.  Though it is an ad-hoc environment but still be prepared! When I tell them that I volunteered for Obama since 2008 they all wooed. I’m learning that the canvassing have daily quotas. I’ve asked our trainer about getting my Votebuilder account transferred to Ohio when I return home in October.  I’m calling the organizer about it because I will be ready!  Also I’ve learned during my first training that the campaign has virtual phone bank allowing me to feed in Excel spreadsheet.

One of the people stays over because I tell the data instructor that I’ve registered online.  Moocher!  Anyway, I am glad that I’m taking this training because I want to do data mining.  Lack of laptops seem to be problematic.  Hello, people how do you register for data training but not bring a laptop? C’mon people get it together!  In addition, I will speak with the organizer and sign up for a weekend event.  I’ll do this to gauge whether or not I want to sign up for Obama’s Vote Corps (It must exclusive because not even our leader knows about it.  When I mention it she gives a blank stare!  Hey, I guess I do get something since I start registering in 2008.  Early adopter status!).  Next is the 201 intermediate data training class.

Seeing the 201 data training sheet, I don’t know what the fuss about taking both classes the same night is all about?  The office must be used to Luddites because I can go through a 14-page brochure. We are learning how to become a data captain.  This position lets me oversee events and people.  I know that I can do this and will email the organizer about using my VA username on my DC and OH campaigns because I don’t want to open three different accounts.  Finally, though I’ve asked a lady for restaurant reviews, I’ve just remembered that Scandal comes on at 10pm and I will be front and center to learn who Quinn really is.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Donating Clothes and Considering Other Charity Alternatives

            Yesterday I donated 10 items (3 pairs of shoes and 7 articles of clothing) to Suited for Change.  Combining this with the 30 articles of clothing that I donated to CUSP Georgetown on behalf of DC Goodwill, 21 items (6 pairs of shoes and 15 articles of clothing) during the first Suited for Change and 2 Homecoming dresses to my friend who works at a DC high school, and I’ve donated 63 items; and, I am not done because I think that I have some more to give away to Suited for Change this Wednesday. Giving away all of these size 12 clothes and sizes 11 and 12 shoes will help so many women dress professionally for jobs.   I am thankful to be in a position to help others and given my size, I know that there aren’t many options for women my size. Size 12 is only one size below plus-size which start at size 14.
On the flip side, I question some of my purchases because they are impulses.  Immediately I start reconsidering every single purchase.  I have more selective criteria.  So far it has been working because I have only bought what I have come to the store.  Next time I’ll donate money to Suited for Change.  Heck, I might even donate my time to helping women revise their resumes and critique their interviewing sessions.  I possess the skills to make a difference so I just might look into it.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Taking a Break

            I ate lunch at Bourbon Steak for the first time in over two months.  Due to traveling and subsequent jet lag, I either wasn’t in DC or were too tired to summon the strength.  It also helped that the weather was cooperating.  In July it was 100+ degrees.  Now it was a breathable 80 degrees enabling me to wear a lined silk dress.  The menu had a new addition: Pad Thai.  I asked the waiter about it and he said that it replaced the Singapore street noodles.  When I received it, some of the ingredients (eggs, and jalapenos) were reused for the Pad Thai.  Though it tasted okay, Bourbon Steak should had dropped the Singapore street noodles.  I would like the option to choose.  Below is the photo.
Pad Thai

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Thank God for Resiliency and Foresight

Getting out and speaking to others are a godsend.  Sometimes my tunnel vision is so bad that I don’t see other people. While talking with the male volunteer, I see how much resiliency and foresight I possess.  He works at a movie theatre and is a substitute teacher.  He complains about failing the Praxis by 2 points.  This section contains algebra, geometry and word problems…Let me repeat this again. Algebra, geometry and word problems.  Not linear algebra or calculus I through III. His rant makes me realize that I scored 660 on the GMAT quantitative section.  He would had score 440 or something.  I recommend Math Word Problems for Dummies because this book has helped me studying GRE.  Don’t complain!  Get better.  Find a way.  If one isn’t available, create a way; just don’t sit there and say ‘Woe is me!’  I’ve applied this to my life.  I’ve failed calculus before but kept on going.  There is no quit in me!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My First Production Assistant Gig

            I have just finished my first production assistant gig this morning!  Though it entails crumpling brown paper to create a cave, I’ll receive a credit and a premiere party invitation. Dressed in a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Ann Taylor shorts, I’ve noticed that I don’t have enough grunt-work clothes.  I attribute this to being a highly ranked Program Analyst.  There are people who do this for me; however, I am at the bottom rung of the film industry so I might have to hit a couple of Labor Day sales to have a decent collection.  I will email the executive director thanking her for giving me my first shot and telling her that I am available for future opportunities.  Building my resume is my goal. While enrolled in the studio production class, I will book 2-3 more production assistant jobs.  I will have a solid resume.  This job is my first step.