Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Survival Day One

Hurricane Sandy is here in full force and I brave the winds to get my PJ Clarke’s burger and Parmesan tater tots (My chest has just healed at 10pm.). Dammit! I’m glad that some restaurants are closed. Well, hurricane Sandy has mailed its way up to Cleveland forcing schools to close I hope that my Mommy is off of work Tuesday too as well as my father because no one is receiving mail.  I think that given the NYC flooding, even when Sandy leaves the area, WMATA can’t run trains.  It looks like I’m not returning to work until Thursday. Well, at least I have my lights on and money in my pocket. What more can I ask for with a hurricane?

Monday, October 15, 2012

All in A Day's Work

            I awake early on my final day of vacation because I have to give my Mommy the final First Lady Michelle Obama Cuyahoga Community College visit.  I would’ve given it to her yesterday but my father said that he would get back to me.  Since I have to pack and request a late check-in, getting up early isn’t the worst thing in the world.    
I scheduled my downtown Cleveland Obama volunteering gig before leaving DC.  I arrived in Cleveland on Thursday and entered data promptly at Friday noon.  Though I was too sick to volunteer Saturday, the field organizer reserved two Michelle Obama tickets for me for Sunday pick-up.  I went to the office and met a man returning from Cleveland after living in DC.  We bonded immediately.  Speaking to him motivated me to return even part-time regardless of what the haters might say about my hometown! Since I missed the Public Square and knowing that it would be another 15 minutes I walked back to the hotel giddy with excitement!  My Mommy was the first person I called.  She said that she would pick up her ticket this evening.  Afterward I called my father who told me that he’d respond in 30 minutes, the same time that my mother was supposed to arrive.  She got her ticket in the middle of the monsoon returning home.  I called my father who told me that my brother had his car.  I was done because deep down inside I thought about giving both tickets to my mother and avoiding all of this.  When he asked me how I managed to obtain the tickets, I told him that I was a part of Vote Corps, received data entry training in Virginia and signed up for the Cleveland volunteering myself.  Dad said that he was impressed with me.  I beamed with pride!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Cleveland trip even though I was sick the first three days forcing me to miss most of my alumni events.  I did attend the Homecoming tailgate obtaining a Viking towel and two t-shirts (My headache slowed me down.  I missed the last size large t-shirt).

I met up with Stacey, one of my Western Reserve Historical Society former coworkers.  It had been 10 years. I was happy that we made it so far. She worked at the hotel since 2007.  The hospitality industry required a lot of special skills and the hotel I stayed at was a Hilton so it wasn’t bottom of the barrel.  I’ve been here in DC since 2006.  For the first six years I worked as an Economist.  Now I’m a Program Analyst.  It was very good to see that Stacey was doing okay.  Later I ate breakfast at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland.  This was the first time that I dined at Muse, I had the breakfast quesadilla containing turkey sausage.  It was so good that I didn’t need the salsa or sour cream!   
Sunday’s highlight was the Browns recorded their first win a 34-24 defeat of the much-hated Cincy Bengals.  In week 2 when they lost to them in Cincinnati, I knew Cleveland would win at home.  What I didn’t know was that I had to wait until week 5 for a win!  In tribute of the Brownies win, I wear my orange cashmere sweater on board the plane back to DC.
As soon as I exited the plane, I waited eons for my luggage.  It shouldn’t had taken that long especially since it was only an hour flight.  National airport knew we were coming.  I hailed a cab home scheduling a PJ Clarke’s lunch reservation.  I scarfed down a burger with sautéed mushrooms and Vermont cheddar cheese.  I truly needed that meal after all of the travel.  

Upon getting situated, I started emailing DC and VA offices for volunteering positions.  I contacted the VA state Vote Corps office contact.  I told her that I just returned today from volunteering in Cleveland, Ohio. After completing the survey (which she said was mandatory. The Ohio Vote Corps said no such thing!), I received another email.  Luckily, the Arlington field organizer called me.  We chatted and agreed to start tomorrow evening before the second debate.  After finalizing my VA slot, the DC field organizer replied.  I am in heavy demand! And that’s just the way I like it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Cleveland State University Alumni/Homecoming Haul

I missed most of the alumni events due to my illness.  Even with a headache I wore my green cashmere sweater and walked to the Wolstein Center to celebrate Homecoming. Below is the picture of my haul containing a lau, two t-shirts, towel and button!

Monday, October 08, 2012


            One of my friends posted Good Morning on his Facebook feed and someone gets angry spewing ‘You can’t be that chirpy every morning!’ venom.  You should be happy for every sunrise you see.  Many people don’t because they’re dead. Just being awake is Grace.

Mind you though I operate in Eastern time versus my friend’s Central time, my body is sluggish today.  Even though it is, I am happy to be awake.  Every day is a blessing regardless of how my biology may feel about it.