Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Cronut

            I know that I haven’t been up on food fads (I don’t religiously go to cupcake stores in DC) so I have no idea what a cronut is.  However, yesterday I had breakfast at the Four Seasons where it had a strawberry cronut.  Though I ordered the lemon ricotta pancakes, I told the waiter to keep the menu on the table because I contemplated ordering it. Well, after telling him that I needed new butter because there was a hair in it, I guessed that the restaurant gave me the cronut as ‘complimentary’. The dessert was delicious! I loved all if its gooeyness. It was so scrumptious and perfect that I would be willing to pay $3 for it again. The Four Seasons Washington had just baked one of the best breakfast pastry I ever tasted!

Two-Thirds of the Way Done

            It is amazing that today is September 1st and 2/3 of this year is done.  I am proud to accomplish a lot this year (promotion, move, PMP certification) because most people only do one or two of these things. I’ve managed to do all three but I am officially in grind mode after realizing that there are only four more months left.  I will earn my PMI-ACP certification, rededicate myself to fashion and creating my line, win Nanowrimo in November and keep saving for a house.  I know that by December 31st, I will possess two project management certifications, know how to make a fashion pattern, sewn four clothes for my line, save over $3000 towards my house and have fun doing it.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Wondering Why

            I don’t know why there seems to be so many unnecessary challenges and obstacles in my path.  It is crazy because I haven’t done anything to anyone. All I want to do is live my life. However, the Devil is busy over here.  I have never seen so much micromanaging in my life; yet, I will rise above the madness becoming a better person because I can always count on my performance. 

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Back to Where It All Started

            On the last day I’m 35, I am officially here in Cleveland and cannot be any happier because I’ll celebrate my 36th birthday here. This past year I have received my GS-14 promotion, a new DuPont Circle apartment, and earned my PMP certification. These are major especially the GS-14 because not too many people get to this level at my age.
I will be with my father all day tomorrow but since my Mommy has moved our lunch to Sunday, I am free for my birthday dinner. This means that I will wear my Valentino dress. I bought it at Gilt City warehouse sale this past spring. I will pair it with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals that I broke in for an event but didn’t wear. I love them especially since I bought them 50% off. Speaking of fashion, I’ve bought the fashion Cleveland t-shirt from the Cleveland store off of Euclid & East 4th. I will rock that with jeans on my birthday. It’s only right since I’ve promised myself that 6 months from now, I will showcase my collection for the 10th Fashion Week Cleveland show. I refuse to let my housing situation deter me from success. I breathe creativity plus I possess the business acumen so I will always make a profit!

            I know what I will continue to do in my next year of life: stand on principle. Okay so people hate my drug free stance. They’ll get over it. I am an epileptic who has nerve problems and I’m not resorting to either marijuana, or any other type of drugs or alcohol to ‘cure’ myself. I work on myself and becoming better every single day. That’s all I can do and do it well I will!