Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting Ready for Primetime

I have bought an extension chord to create a personal multimedia center by linking my tv, computer and radio. Having taken off election day because I am on detail in Virginia but my precinct is in Washington, DC, I want to hear the Tom Joyner Morning Show wire-to-wire right after casting my ballot bright and early 7am. Immediately upon returning to my apartment, I am logging onto to share my voting experience and encouraging people to turn out. It's essential to have a three-prong multimedia feed going because there's an abundance of lies and misinformation to combat. And what better way than to create my own news center? Hey I pay the bill then why not?

This newfound blogging fervor results from seeing my 1/10 score and realizing that I have put all of my energy into my Facebook page, thus neglecting blogging on my Barack page. No more because I have already posted two entries! Throughout this campaign I have used my education and connection to advance Barack Obama and believe that many black professionals should bore the brunt of the burden. I have the ability to use my technological savvy to push Obama into the White House and during the next 48 hours!