Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being Fashionable

Yesterday my Erin Fetherston lipstick print skinny jeans from CUSP by Neiman Marcus arrived one day early (They were supposed to arrive today). These are the ones which I'll wear to my final fashion design 101 class and put those lame chicks to shame (I entered this class cold, with no sewing or any fashion knowledge.  There are 7 women in my class, 4 are designers and I've run laps around them by employing my MBA business acumen.). Here are my Erin Fetherston pants

Erin Fetherston Lipstick Print Skinny Jeans

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Houston Aquarium

            I’ve taken some time off from NBA All-Star Weekend to take in the sights.  I promise myself that I would go to the aquarium.  It is conveniently located two blocks from my hotel so why not?  The Houston aquarium doesn’t disappoint!  Below are some of my photos:


Coral Reef

Anemones & Seastars


Asian Rainforest Archerfish


Emerald Tree Boa


Electric Eel


Saturday, February 16, 2013

NBA Jam Session, Celebrity Game and BBVA Rising Stars Challenge Game

            Yesterday I attended the NBA Jam Session and Celebrity Game.  The Jam Session was sensory overload!  There were so many events happening simultaneously: autograph signing, hoops action, people in the NBA Store, Hall of Fame wall, everything!  The Jam Session gave people the full-fledged All-Star experience in a family-friendly environment. If I were a kid, I would had never wanted to leave.  45 minutes into the Jam Session, the Celebrity game line started backing up. I decided against getting in line until after security started letting people in.  Viewing the celebrity game map, I wouldn’t be that far from the stage so I was nonplussed.  Once it got closer to 5:30pm, I started looking for the exit.  The volunteers couldn’t tell me how to get from the Jam Session to the Celebrity game so I went through the black curtain. I showed my ticket to the lady and walked into the bleachers.  Section 202 was closer to mid-court which was advantageous for photo-taking.  I had both my camera and Blackberry on hand though I hadn’t used the latter until tonight because it gave better resolution (I will break down and purchase a professional camera that photojournalists use because I am fanatical about taking the BEST photos!).

Me in front of the Basketball Hall of Fame
Center Court End Zone Access

Me in front of the Center Court Wallpaper

Me in the Spacesuit

NBA Banners

NBA Store and Jam Session Sign

When the West team roster was announced, I was confused as to why Common was on it though he lived in Chicago which was in the Eastern conference. Conversely, I was perplexed as to why former San Antonio champion Sam Elliott was on the East though he played for the West.  

Houston Rockets Little Dippers

Houston Rockets Power Dancers

Celebrity Game

Rapper Common on the Foul Line

Usain Bolt being introduced on Jumbotron

Carl Sager and NBA Mascots

Anyhow, I had to skip out to walk to the Toyota Center for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge game.  I was proud that Cleveland had 4 players! I went through security then came to the section 121 club level.  There was every amenity and convenience I needed: gift shop, food court, bathroom. I ordered my pizza and drink in the Amex card lane because using mine to book my trip, it would be rude not too! My seat was in the fourth row right behind Team Shaq where three Cleveland players sit. Someone was sitting in my seat because they decided that it was four of them. Fuming I snapped ‘Well, at least I can get my pop holder!’ He moved his drink.  I ate my pizza and ready to see my Cavaliers in action; and, although Team Shaq got blown out by Team Chuck, I was happy to see Kyrie dominate.  When he broke Brandon’s ankles twice I was there in the front row.  Having this kind of experience, magnified why I didn’t spend $220 for the Saturday Night upper-deck and $519 for the NBA All-Star game upper-deck seat.
Toyota Center All-Star Houston 2013 Sign
Houston Rockets Mascot Clutch
BBVA Rising Stars Game in Action

Player Introductions

Team Shaq Bench

Inside Club Level Suite

Walking to Section 121

Inside Club Level Suite

Air Elite NBA
Air Elite
Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving

Kyrie on Floor

Cleveland Cavalier Tyler Zeller

NBA All-Star Practice

            I snagged these tickets through Amex pre-sale before they were open to the general public January 30th.  My ticket cost $50 and the majority of attendees were seated in my section 202.  Since I arrived 15 minutes later, I sat a couple of risers higher than yesterday’s celebrity game, however, I managed to take pretty good photos.

Western and Eastern Conference All-Stars converge on center court

Eastern Conference All-Stars warming up

NBA All-Star practice stage

Western Conference All-Stars