Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year End 2017 : Stop Discrediting and Discounting My Experiences

I view 2017 as underwhelming. I have not received the full-time position that I wanted after one year. Even with the ITIL certification and landing the second training request money, 2017 hadn’t lived up to my high expectations. I did not want to live this kind of year again. I like grow but with some sort of tangible results.

I spoke with someone this past Friday and she told me to stop discounting and discrediting my experiences. I wasn’t simply an Amazon bestseller but a bestselling author. She was right. I had accomplished a whole lot of things which I didn’t deem extraordinary;, but if I was still receiving book royalties after Expand Your Personal Brand was published in May 2017 then that meant that it was a success. There were many books which weren’t being published.

With eBay, I didn’t sell as much as I did in 2016 but I sold over $2600. In 2018 I will still sell on eBay but will look at private label and drop shipping. I liked selling physical products and was thinking about doing Merch by Amazon. What I learned this year with eBay (well, everything) was not to over-rely on one income stream. When I started seeing something decline, find another income stream.

Rise is my 2018 because next year will be a way than 2017. Although I am going through some trial and tribulations during this first week of 2018, I am at a point where I feel that I will not only rise from the ashes like the sphinx but I will soar like an eagle personally, professionally, and financially.
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Friday, December 08, 2017

Shop the Most Chic Tall Fashion Christmas Party Outfits Out There!

‘Tis the season for trendy tall fashionistas to do Christmas partying right! My motto is giving you Neiman Marcus merchandise at rock bottom prices. I am carrying the absolute best in luxury resale! I am talking about Gucci and Valentino. Don’t take my word for it. Watch my livestream below then shop my store:

Thursday, December 07, 2017

3 Reasons Why I Cater to Tall Fashionistas

A lot of people ask me why does my eBay store cater to tall fashionistas. Well, here are my three reasons why:

I Am A Tall Woman And Know The Struggle
I know. The struggle is REAL when you are a tall woman looking for fashionable clothing. I have decided to cater to tall women to help them find the right item.

I Want to Provide More Choices
Lack of choices is another VERY BIG PROBLEM when you are a tall fashionista. The first hurdle to find the right item. The second hurdle is to NOT look like everyone else. That’s why I am big on exclusivity. You won’t find the same woman wearing what I am wearing.

I Don’t Want Tall Women Getting Ripped Off
Society seems to want to charge us more than every other woman. Price discrimination is REAL. My store’s motto is ‘giving you Neiman Marcus merchandise at rock bottom prices’ . Being tall should not leave you broke!

Shop my eBay store here for the best in tall luxury fashion

Receiving the Learn How to Sell Anything Udemy Certificate

Hey everyone! I am starting my morning off right by receiving my Learn to Sell Anything Udemy course! I highly recommend this course because Grant Cardone teaches you new ways how to sell. I have paused the videos numerous times to take notes. I have also started implementing some of these ideas and started seeing results. Moreover, what I have learned from this course is the mentality shift that you must have in order to be a successful saleswoman. Even though I have finished Learn to Sell Anything, I am going to retake it to get even more jewels. I highly recommend it!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Shop My eBay Cyber Sale for the Best in Tall Women’s Fashion

Shop my Cyber sale for the best in tall women’s fashion. I have stocked the best in luxury fashion. Currently I am carrying Gucci and Valentino Roma. The Cyber sale is good from now until Sunday, December 3rd

Watch my Cyber Sale fashion livestream here:

Friday, November 03, 2017

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Those Black Friday Deals!

I know that this is early November but Christmas is right around the corner! I am letting everyone know that I have BIG Black Friday deals on the horizon in my eBay store. I carry Gucci, Theory, Stuart Weitzman and all of the top luxury labels. My motto is giving you ‘Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices’.

  Keep your eyes peeled on my store for the best in tall women’s fashion coming this Christmas!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Shop My Veterans Day Sale Now!

In honor of Veterans Day, I am throwing a Veterans Day sale.

As the proud daughter of a Vietnam vet, granddaughter of a Korean Conflict and World War II veterans, Veterans Day holds a lot of importance for me. From now until Saturday, November 11th, shop my store and get all of the discounts. I am carrying Theory, Gucci Stuart Weitzman. I give you Neiman Marcus merchandise at rock bottom prices!

Also watch my latest eBay fashion livestream highlighting my current inventory:

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Turn Over a New Leaf with All New Tall Women’s Fall Fashion

We are officially in the fall season and you know that you need a new wardrobe. Where else would you shop but here? I am give you Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices! Shop here:

Watch the latest eBay fashion livestream for the latest in tall fashion fall fashion!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

5 Reasons Why Face-to-Face Communication Still Wins First Place

We are living in an Internet of Things (IoT) society where technology is seamlessly interwoven in our society. We use our phones to make videos, schedule appointment, conduct teleconferences and instant message people. However, none of these functions will ever supplant face-to-face communication. Here are 5 reasons why face-to-face communication still wins first place.

You get an immediate answer
                When you are looking at the person face-to-face, you get an answer. There’s no lag in between when you say something and when the people reads and responds to it. I took a meeting with a potential employer and immediately received an answer about my situation. We are living in a microwave society where we want answers like yesterday. Face-to-face communication satisfies this whole ‘need to know now’ culture.

You get to judge the nonverbal communication
                Nonverbals are bigger than what is being said. Does the person look uncomfortable? Tight, happy, free, etc? Face-to-face communication brings you the complete picture. During my in-person meeting, I notice that the person is just as frustrated as I am about a certain contract. You can’t communicate nonverbals over email.

You build trust faster
                Building upon the nonverbal communication, face-to-face communication accelerates the ‘know, like and trust’ factor a whole lot faster. You either bond or don’t. This is great because as a society we value our time. Face-to-face communication helps you quickly decide whether or not this is a relationship or person to invest in.

You can ask more questions (and help)
                Getting an in-person meeting means that the person has taken time out of his busy schedule to accommodate you. Why not use this to your advantage? Going back to my in-person meeting with a potential employer, I ask her about the current contract and if there are any other federal contracting opportunities. Out of nowhere she gets the office’s federal liaison. I have been to this office on numerous occasions, and don’t know about the federal liaison. The information doesn’t stop there.
                The federal liaison then tells me that the company has an on-site office at a federal agency hiring white-collared professionals. My one meeting showcases the power of face-to-face communication. I have learned two new job leads just over one sit-down meeting.

You can fully showcase your communication skills
                Pro tip: treat every in-person meeting as an interview. You don’t know who might be looking. I have received emails from people in the same office or profession who reference my coming to their company and I haven’t met them. A face-to-face meeting is a great place to display your communication skills. Can you work with people? What are your soft skills? Are you presentable? All of these things are factors during a face-to-face meeting. You can’t dazzle people in emails the way you do in-person. You can outsource your emails, phone calls, videos but not yourself. Use you face-to-face meeting to stay memorable. That whenever someone in that office asks for an expert, he automatically thinks of you.

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Monday, October 02, 2017

4 Ways to Social Media Success

Everyone is on social media but very few are successful. And, if they are that success is confined to one platform. I have am not one of them. I have received over 1,000 followers on multiple social media platforms. Now I want to share my knowledge with you, the reader.

Have a specific social media strategy for each platform.

Generic doesn’t work. I have used LinkedIn’s direct video upload and LinkedIn Pulse to increase my profile. I use LinkedIn’s specific feature. This means everything that I say is specific to that platform. As appealing as dropping the Facebook Live or YouTube link or your blog link, LinkedIn doesn’t prioritize this. LinkedIn’s culture is different from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You get the point

Be genuine

Authenticity is prized. For me, I landed on LinkedIn Pulse promising no fluff and to always write about how to avoid certain situations. Be you because everyone else is taken.

Devote Time to Engage

As much as I love HootSuite, I do get on social media and type posts. I respond to comments because people are taking time out of their lives to read and react.

Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar creates consistency. I have to string together some cohesiveness. However, don’t feel constricted by your content calendar. You can update it at any time. 

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shop the New Fall Fashion Video! |

I am debuting my all-new fashion livestream showcasing the new fall merchandise. I am a tall women’s luxury consignment store. My motto is giving you Neiman Marcus merchandise at nearly rock bottom prices. This season I am adding Alice + Olivia and Ann Taylor Loft. This new fashion livestream video showcases these labels and more!

Shop for the best in tall women’s fashion luxury! 

Watch the latest fashion livestream below! Shop

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shop the New Fall Fashion Merchandise Here!

Fall is finally here and so is all of the new merchandise! I have added the newest Alice + Olivia and Ann Taylor plus Catherine Malandrino. These labels are a fashionista dreams. As the motto says ‘Don’t DREAM about it, BE about it!’ Be able Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices this fall! 

Shop my store for the best in tall women’s fall fashion luxury:

Watch my newest fashion livestream to see all of the latest additions to my store!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fancy a New Fall Wardrobe? Shop Here!

With a new season comes new clothing. I have restocked new fall items guaranteeing that you make a fashionable transition from summer to fall effortlessly. I am carrying the best in Ann Taylor and Alice + Olivia to keep you looking great throughout this fall season. Below are the new items.

Shop my store for the best in tall women’s fall wardrobe:

Prices and Availability May Change at Any Time

Alice + Olivia Red Ruched Dress Size Large $30

Alice + Olivia Blue Stretch Ribbed Jersey Dress Size 12 $40

Catherine Malandrino Stretch Draped Dress Size Large $25

Ann Taylor Lace Dress Size 12 $35

Shop my store for the best in tall women’s fall wardrobe:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

5 Steps to Creating an Organic LinkedIn Video Strategy

LinkedIn now lets users directly upload videos (up to 10 minutes) on its platform. This is great news but you must have a strategy to capitalize upon this new feature and promote your brand and business.

Here are my 5 steps towards creating an organic LinkedIn video strategy!

Decide what you want to accomplish

Do you want to land a job, land a 1099 contract, land a business deal, or keep your put position yourself as an expert in your niche. Once you answer this create a metric/key performance indicator so that you can measure the effectiveness of your goal. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Do a current and future projection

In business analysis, you talk about as-is and to-be analyses. As-is is where you’re at currently. To-be is where you want to be in the future. In order to achieve your goal, you have document where you’re currently are. This means being honest about your successes and failures. If you have blind spots or things that you need to work on now, document them because honesty will help you remove the ego and emotion from jotting down your future projection.

Determine which videos you want to upload

LinkedIn like every other social media platform has its own ecosystem. This means that your videos must align itself with business. I would recommend creating a separate LinkedIn Pulse blog article to accompany your standalone video. Your audience consumes content differently. The FB Live, YouTube, Periscope or Instagram Live video may not accurately communicate your strategy. Keep this in mind when you decide to repurpose your videos on LinkedIn.

Do A/B testing to evaluate your organic video’s performance

Although I do believe that LinkedIn would prioritize direct uploads over links, your video’s performance also relies on what time your audience is on LinkedIn. For instance, if the US is your market and you’re in the Eastern Time zone, then 9am, 12pm and 3pm would be peak times where people would view LinkedIn.

Create an editorial calendar

You just cannot have your video strategy dangling out there. An editorial calendar gives your strategy coherence and the ability to measure its performance. You will know how effective your video strategy, how many people are watching and at what times.
LinkedIn allowing direct video uploads is a game changer for the platform. Incorporating these five tips will help you maximize your reach in whatever goal you set.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

3 Reasons Why Uploading Videos Directly onto LinkedIn Is Great for Engagement!

Every day video is getting bigger and bigger for content marketing. The medium is the biggest converter for sales, email subscription, you name it, video is a part of it.     The social media platforms have taken notice. From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to YouTube, each has its own livestream platform. They’ve also prioritized videos. Now LinkedIn has done the same. This week, LinkedIn now allows user to directly upload videos up to 10 minutes onto its platform. 

This is a big development for social media engagement three reasons:
  • ·         More organic reach
  • ·         Prioritized over dropping a Facebook Live/YouTube video link
  • ·         Increased Social Selling Index (SSI) Ranking

More Organic Reach

                The platform lets you upload any video up to 10 minutes. This favoritism means more organic reach to your followers and throughout LinkedIn.

Prioritized over dropping a Facebook Live/YouTube video link
LinkedIn is favoring direct video uploads versus video links. This means that your video will be seen by more people.

Increased Social Selling Index (SSI) Ranking
The Social Selling Index is LinkedIn’s way of measuring your social influence. Since LinkedIn is prioritizing direct video uploads over links, this will also increase your social selling index.

Video is becoming a mainstay in business. This is why LinkedIn has introduced its direct video upload feature. These three reasons listed are more than enough to use this feature but add the direct video upload into your LinkedIn social media strategy.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blog to Brand Part 2: Just Get Started

I am back with the second installment of going from blogging to personal brand. Last week ( ), I have written about why you should consider blogging to elevate your personal brand. Now is the best time to create separation. People have returned from summer vacation and the fourth quarter is two weeks away. You are in a sweet spot to lower the boom on your competition. 

Most people fear spending so much money on something new that’s not guaranteed. However, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to spend any money to get started. You can get started on, Google’s free blogging platform. I have had mine for over 13 years and it’s still up and running. Check it out here . I was on Blogger from 2004 through 2015 when I got my WordPress site. That’s 11 years. During those 11 years, I have relocated from Cleveland to Washington, DC and received 4 promotions. The point is to get started.
                Now I do have a warning for you: DON’T use Wix, Weebly or to get started. The reason why is because you don’t control these free platforms. Also with your site becomes ( instead of ( You don’t want to give any free advertising en route towards building your brand! Moreover, with being owned by Google, you’re instantly getting SEO traction. You’re getting found by people which is great; plus with Blogger you can republish to different platforms namely LinkedIn and Medium.
                LinkedIn and Medium are the two biggest business-related platforms. They can increase your visibility moving you up to expert level. Once you post on, you import your blog article link on Medium or copy and paste your article onto LinkedIn Pulse to increase your reach. Visit my LinkedIn and Medium  profiles to see how I have republished my blog content onto these two platforms.
You still get to keep your publishing rights because you’ve used Blogger over posting directly into Medium and LinkedIn. Whenever, I republish, I always put my original article as the source article so when people are interested in it, they return back to the site. Remember, while you getting started, you have to start training your audience to return your real estate ( even though they’ve found you on either Medium or LinkedIn (or some other social media platform).
                See how easy this is to simply get started because now you know that you can get started for FREE! Try it out and email me at letting me know how you are doing. Next time I will bring to you the final installment where I discuss how to stay consistent once you’ve started. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fall into Fashion |

Fall is here and so is the savings! Come and shop my store for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion. Right now, I am carrying Gucci, Stuart Weitzman and Theory. I am also carrying real fur and will be listing all-new fall weather items. Shop

Watch my latest eBay fashion livestream to see my entire inventory:

*Prices and availability can vary*

Gucci Viscose Stretch Dress Size Large $175

Stuart Weitzman Dunkirk Over-the-Knee Boots size 11M $100

Michael by Michael Kors trench coat size 12 $40

Remember for the very best in tall women’s luxury fashion, shop

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

eBay Adventure - Truth in Advertising |

I have received my 46th gold star. A gold star is a positive customer feedback rating. I truly do this for the gold star because I am all about ensuring that the customer experience is the best! When the lady sales that my dress is as advertised, I am taken aback. I mean, aren’t all people doing truth in advertising. Then I remember my eBay experience where I have to deal with fraud and people trying to get refunds out of thin air. I have always prided myself on telling the truth and providing accurate product descriptions. If there is a hole or a rip, I photograph it and write it in the description (Full disclosure – the item that I have sold her isn’t ripped!). I am all about telling the truth because integrity is big and my buyers love me for it.

Shop my eBay store for the latest in tall women luxury consignment!

Watch my eBay fashion livestream to see my entire inventory: 

Monday, September 11, 2017

You Can Go from Blog to Brand

Whether or not you are new or a longtime reader (thank you by the way!), you know that I always highlight my blogging skills. I firmly believe in using blogging to advance yourself. There are three things that paralyze people: 1) how do I get started; 2) how can I afford to pay for a website? And 3) how do I keep from burning out? I will address each one of these questions in a blogging series.

First: How do I get started? Focus on what you like doing and which blogs you like reading. When I mean blogs, it can be any website. It can be newspapers, magazines. It can even be YouTube or livestream shows. Right now, just focus on what you like seeing currently. That material does something emotionally to you. You want people to feel the same way whenever you write. That’s where you start.
                Next you add your own personality into it. Do not fear being bland or invisible from everyone else. People will flock to you because you have something special to offer. I admit several times in this newsletter that I have horrible tunnel vision. I am still touched whenever someone inboxes me saying that they love my writing. It warms my heart. Someone’s inbox is awaiting your greatness! 

I am giving you this resourcebecause I don’t want YOU to make it hard. No paralysis of analysis! It has taken me 2 years for monetize my blog. Remember, whether or not it is my book or blog, I always want to eliminate the learning curve. Seeing what’s selling in the market will help you advance faster because you are serving an existing market. When people who are already interested in what you’re writing about then you don’t have to work as hard to brand yourself in the marketplace.

If you still feel that you are still unsure about taking on blog, that’s okay. Here’s another story. I was initially fearful of republishing my blog content on LinkedIn because I thought that people would ridicule me and I saw so many stupid things being posted on LinkedIn Pulse. However, that mentality kept me away from my core audience and expanding my brand.

Need more insight and encouragement? Sure! That’s what this newsletter is all about. Here is my new video discussing why you need a blog. I discuss five reasons why inserting my own entrepreneurial expertise as running two online stores. 

5 Reasons Why Your Online Store Should Have a Blog

Running an online store is a job in itself so I completely understand why a seller would be hesitant in adding a blog on top of all of that. However, having your own store blog is the best advertising that you can get.

Here are my reasons why you should have a Blog?
·         24-Hour Promotion: It’s up when you’re not. People buy online 24 hours. Your blog generates site traffic and leads. Although I am an eBay seller, I have my own sales blog.
·         It’s your online real estate which you control – you don’t control social media
·         Free advertising – A blog is a form of advertisement. You have to pay for Facebook Ads.
·         Customer Education, Engagement and Experience All in One: I post all of my tips, customer responses and livestreams on my blog. It is the one-stop shop. On mine, I have eBay Adventures chronicling my sales experience; my weekly eBay inventory livestreams, photos and eBay sales tips.
·         You can run special exclusively for your blog readers – membership has privileges.
These are my 5 reasons why your online store should have a blog. Blogging increases site traffic. Increased traffic = increased conversions.

As always shop my eBay store for the best in tall women luxury consignment

Watch my latest eBay livestream to view all of my store’s merchandise!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

3 Ways to Prepare Your Store for a Holiday Sale

Sellers have a love/hate relationship with the phrase holiday sale. They love the extra shoppers and money but hate planning for and converting that deluge into sales. Well, fear no because  here are my three ways to prepare your online store for a holiday sale.

Have a sales target

                Remember this is a business. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You have to know what you expect to make. Having a sales target accomplishes this.

Create a holiday-specific marketing campaign

                Don’t be lazy by creating generic holiday marketing campaign! You cannot recycle holidays even when they are in the same season. Even though Memorial Day and Labor Day are both in the summertime, they are at different points in the season. What works for Memorial Day (the start of summer) does not work for Labor Day (the end of summer); and, vice versa.

Discount all out-of-season clothes and start introducing some of the in-season clothing

                I have added introducing the next season’s clothing because it is often overlook; but, it is important. Holidays mean heavier traffic than normal with a lot of random non-customers. Well, this holiday sales weekend is your opportunity to convert them. Having select clothing for the upcoming season, gives your customers a sneak peek into what’s next for your store. Customers love behind the scenes. Showing the upcoming season also plays upon the whole fear of missing out (FOMO) emotion. If you don’t buy it now while it is not in-season, this item may not be around post-holiday sale when it is in season.

As an online seller is important to have a sales target, specific target marketing campaign and a seamless seasonal inventory strategy to adequately prepare your store for this upcoming holiday season.

Watch my latest eBay livestream to view all of my store’s merchandise!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Desire Fashionable Attire? Shop here!

You are a tall woman with discerning fashion tastes. You only want the highest quality fabrics. Do you desire fashionable attire? Look no further than my store! I am a tall women’s eBay fashion luxury consignment shop selling Alice + Olivia, Gucci, Theory and Stuart Weitzman to name a few! 

Shop my store for the best in tall women’s high fashion:

*Prices and availability can change at any time.*

Alice + Olivia Melon Stretch Ruched Dress Size Large $25

Gucci Viscose Stretch Dress Size Large $200

Diane von Furstenberg Black and White Striped Wrap Dress Size 12 $75

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Dunkirk Boots Size 11M $100
Watch my newest eBay livestream showcasing all of my merchandise:

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

eBay Adventure - Loan Me $5

                I have received an offer for one of my new with tags dresses. It is $5 off the halfway price for the dress. So I make a counteroffer increasing the price by $5. I never hear from the potential buyer and the deal expires. I am quite perplexed. Yes, I understand that money is tight but if you are hard up for a measly extra $5, then don’t bid on items period!
                One of my rules has always been to get at least half of my listed price. I admit that I feel like it is a time waster; however, I have adopted the whole release strategy. Whenever I do a counteroffer, I release the expectation that I would automatically receive a sale. That way I won’t be disappointed if the sale doesn’t go through. Remember, that as a seller, nothing counts until you receive that instant PayPal receipt. 

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s luxury fashion:

Here is a selection of items straight from my store:

*Prices and availability vary.*

New - Diane von Furstenberg white Carpreena mini dress size 12 - $50

Stuart Weitzman OTK Dunkirk Boots size 11M - $100

Diane von Furstenberg black and white striped wrap dress size 12 - $75

 Gucci Black Viscose Stretched Dress Size Large - $200 

You can also watch my latest eBay livestream where I showcase my entire store.

eBay Adventure - A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Although I have been writing eBay Adventures for over one year and doing eBay YouTube Livestreams for over two months, it has never clicked with me until this week that I should include photos in my blogs. I am thinking that people want business knowledge and to watch videos. That may all be true but I do think that my readers want to see the clothes up front. Also maybe they aren’t going to view the entire video. So here are some of the photos from my collection. 

Check them out and shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s luxury fashion:

Prices and availability can change at any times.

Gucci Viscose Stretch Dress Size Large - $200

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Dunkirk Boots Size 11M - $100

Aidan Mattox Brown Sequined Dress Size Large - $65

You can also watch my latest eBay livestream where I showcase my entire store.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Hunting for Haute Couture Bargains? Shop here!

Are you a tall woman hunting for the latest in haute couture bargains? Look no further! My eBay store carries Stuart Weitzman, Alice + Olivia, Gucci and Theory just to name a few. I have received a 100% positive feedback rating. My motto is ‘selling Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices.’ And, Stuart Weitzman, Alice + Olivia, Gucci and Theory are all carried by Neiman Marcus.

Shop for the best in tall women’s luxury consignment:

Here are some of the items my store carries! *Prices and item availability can change at any time!*

Gucci Viscose Dress Size 12 - $200

Erin Fetherston Maxi Dress Size large - $75

Alice + Olivia Melon Stretch Dress Large - $40

New with tags Diane von Furstenberg Carpreena White Mini Dress Size 12 - $50 

Eliza J Green Dress Size Large - $40

Shop for the best in tall women’s luxury consignment:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

eBay Adventure – Tendering Fair Counteroffers

I have received an offer from a customer has already bid on a previous item that I’ve accepted. Counteroffers can be tricky. My rule of thumb has always been get 50% of the listed price. I mean I have to make a profit too. Besides, asking for 50% is not outrageous. The buyer is getting it for half-off. Moreover, in this particular situation, I’ve added combined shipping to this counteroffer. The buyer hasn’t paid for the first item yet; but, by taking my counteroffer, she’ll receive two items for the price of shipping one. I tender very fair counteroffers.

Shop my eBay store for the latest in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion. I carry Theory, DVF and Alice + Olivia.

Watch my most recent eBay livestream where I showcase my newest additions to my store!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

eBay Adventure - The Invisible Hand

Most people know that I am an eBay reseller. Most people don’t know that I have studied and once worked as an economist. The invisible hand phrase was coined by economist Adam Smith. I have experienced my invisible hand moment today. I have a lull in my business and decide to photo and upload new merchandise renewed interest. I am thinking that no one is interested in my current inventory so why not add some new pieces. No sooner do I finish adding the final (seventh) piece, does my Kate Spade skirt sells! I am so giddy with excitement over this because it’s from the same bidder! Read about it here: Immediately upon accepting the bid, I recall Adam Smith and the invisible hand statement. Economics strikes once again. This time with eBay!

More information on Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury:

Watch my all-new eBay livestream where I highlight 7 new items! 

eBay Adventure - It's the Principle!

My Kate Spade skirt sold today. It came out of nowhere because I thought that the bidder wouldn’t return after I made my counteroffer. Let me back up. Two days ago, the bidder placed a $47 counteroffer on a $125. No Bueno! I counteroffer with $60 (Hey, you had to do at least half!). The bidder never returned. Now I admitted that I could had used that money but it was the principle; and, I was glad that I stuck to my guns because that very same bidder returned with a $55 bid (adding the $10.55 priority shipping and it was $65.). I accepted the order and shipped it immediately. Morale of the store: always stick to your principles because the sales will come!

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury:

Watch my all-new eBay livestream where I highlight 7 new items!