Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Bad Do I Want It?

Tomorrow is my GRE test and scoring 700 on the quantitative exam because I want to get into an Ivy League doctoral program. Though I possess significant economist experience, am an ALDP program participant, and in the honor society, but acing the GRE exam increases the probability of being accepted. I want this so bad that I have solved every problem in the official GRE book and have completed both PowerPrep practice exams.

Static on TV during the 2008 NBA Draft

I totally disagree with Dick Vitale's opinion that certain players should be able to bypass college and enter the NBA draft because they must look at their contracts as lump sums that must be astutely managed throughout their lives. Obtaining a colleges; and, look no education has its benefit than college football which requires three years. Furthermore, look at the quality of endorsements and its impact upon lifetime income. Even in the age of LeBron James it is no coincidence that no NBA players has received an American Express endorsement. Why? Because the majority of its clientele is college educated. Mr Vitale should have just stuck to the 2008 draft!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Barack Obama's the Presumptive Democratic Nominee and Why Hillary Should Not Vice-President

After winning the Montana and capturing 2132 delegates, Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee. He is the first black person to receive a major party nomination. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton has announced via email that she will end her campaign Saturday in Washington, DC (Though there is no word yet as to if she would release her delegates). Though there are many petitions circulating to have Clinton as the vice-presidential nominee, Hillary would not be a good fit for Obama’s campaign for several reasons:

1) She is polarizing and has too much negative history: See Watergate, Monica Lewinsky and the failed healthcare bill

2) She is a sore loser who cannot admit defeat: the votes have already been counted Tuesday night but Clinton refuses to concede until Saturday, four days later. If someone cannot admit defeat then surely she cannot say that she is wrong which will hamper Obama’s presidential bid.

3) John Edwards’ endorsement put Barack Obama over the top after Hillary regained momentum with wins in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. Moreover, Hillary cannot win the South, something that this primary has shown. Edwards, a North Carolinian, would be a better guarantee to secure votes in that region and Appalachia.

4) She cannot muscle Barack into receiving the VP slot: You only have pull when you win and already many voters are comfortable voting for Barack over John McCain. This whole “I’m holding onto my marbles” is very childish and will return to haunt her as a Senator and if she decides to run for the presidency in 2012.

Many reporters posit that Barack’s three-person VP panel does not have her on the short-list anyway. For instance, Caroline Kennedy along with her uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, are early Obama endorsers. I totally agree with them because Hillary should not expect to receive a seat at the table just because she has come in second. You do not see Mike Huckabee openly campaigning for McCain's VP slot!