Monday, July 03, 2017

If She Can Do It, So Can I!

It is the day before Independence Day and I am chilling. I am still putting my brand out there (I know that people will take off by noon EST if they haven’t already) but haven’t looked at actually  doing hard. Yet, when I see somewhere whom I follow on YouTube put out a business video the day before a holiday, then it is high time for me to BOSS up and schedule this eBay YouTube Livestream and get to this money!

Moreover, I have done four Facebook Live videos discussing my July goals which I will upload on YouTube because people are watching them and I have a responsibility to provide my Facebook community to keep them updated. I mean I have written my July goals on July 1st. It is Monday and this is the first business day of July. My Facebook community is conditioned to the weekly Monday livestreams regardless of holiday except Christmas and New Year’s.

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