Thursday, January 22, 2015

Certification Networking Has Paid Off

Today a fellow test taker has told the LinkedIn study group that the business analysis practice guide is the basis of the PMI-PBA certification exam. Although it is 1 ½ months later, I am glad to have confirmation about this because now I am not wasting my time. Friday morning I will start outlining chapter 4 and purchase another notebook for this endeavor. Since I have 2 ½ weeks left before starting work, I will devote time towards outlining this entire practice guide because this will prepare me for my job. Technically, for the next month, I will work solely on business analysis. This is now my livelihood. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

Moving in the Right Direction

I have scored 64% on the Watermark Learning 50-problem drill. My body isn’t cooperating enough for me to do a full 200-problem test, however, I must do something productive. Besides I have renewed my subscription so I might as well do something productive At least I am no longer scoring 52%. Thus far, I have answered 487 questions. Answering at least 1000 is my goal. I know that this is a very big goal but I know that I am more than good enough

Today I will type my third practice exam covering all of the BABOK Chapter 9 techniques’ definitions. I will also add the advantage and disadvantage because Watermark is asking this question. Monday I will take this third PMI-PBA practice exam and write down all of the 18 wrong answers. Tuesday I will take another 50-problem practice exam.