Sunday, March 30, 2014


I can breathe freely now
No more labored breaths
Inhaling and exhaling fear

I know that  I am in a far better place

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Profoundness in Unexpected Places

                 Yesterday my life coach said something profound about my situation. She said that some people viewed my intelligence as a form of maliciousness. They thought since I climbed to the top that I exhibited some kind of Machiavellian trait of winning at all costs in order to be where they are at. However, once they discovered that I did not possess that character trait, they tried undermining me. I never understood how embodying negativity was healthy for me; and, this was before all of the biochemistry findings from think tanks. Whenever I got angry, it always felt like my body was eating itself. I didn’t need that cannibalism in my life and certainly I wasn’t going to perpetrate this externally. Her words made me reevaluate my situation and realize that I never wanted to ever be a part of that group in order to be accepted. I was perfectly okay being myself and even willing to fight to for it. I don’t believe in hurting people in order to get ahead because I have gotten this far without having to do it.