Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Not Me?

I have been daring to do more.  This month I have applied for a high-profile fellowship. I have asked myself ‘Why not me?’ Looking at the previous participants, I have the same education and experience. The only difference is that they have applied and I have not; therefore, I’ve asked myself ‘Why not me?’ Applying is great because it removes the boundary that only certain people can become fellowships. Why not me and why not be the first? I have transferred this same mentality while preparing for my TEDx talk.  My graduate school alma mater is cosponsoring a Tedx talk. Immediately I watch YouTube videos of previous Tedx talks to see what they are looking for. It is essential to do some research to improve my chances of being selected. I know that I have an in because of my education, experience and securing external distinction. Since I am a Small Business Book Award judge on the first try, I know that I can land a TEDx talk spot.  I have the education, skills and the life story that connects with the audience. Why not me? Who else if not I? 

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Breaking Out of My PMI-ACP Certification Inertia

I have received my second Rita Mulachy PMI-ACP Exam Prep study guide today because I cannot find my first one.  I have completed the first chapter. This is a big step in the right direction towards earning my PMI-ACP certification, and, more importantly eradicating inertia. I have sit on the PMI-ACP certification for two years. My Program Analyst job and PMP certification consume these two years so this time is productively spent; however, clearing this hurdle liberates my time and gives me another marketing tool.  Getting the first chapter out of the way helps me off of my duff.  Chapter 2 is over 40 pages so it will take a week.  It will also be the first chapter test and exercises that I take.  I am ready for this opportunity because it will create my baseline. I think that I can complete one chapter per week so I will finish the study guide by mid-June.  Even though right now, I am fretting that it might take so long and the 2 months might obliterate my timeline, at least I have gotten started so I will be farther along than procrastinating. The one thing is for certain: Now that I have started, I am on my way!