Friday, March 30, 2012

Lights, Camera, Business! Day One at the Hill Center's Workshop

             As a Writer Center member, I subscribe to the Hill Center’s newsletter.  On Wednesday I saw An Insider’s Guide to the Business of Media class.  Immediately I wanted to attend.  I emailed the staff about receiving a Writer Center discount.  The staff responded that it was independent of the Hill Center.  I paid the money because learning about the business was what was needed to get my TV pilot launched. 

            This is the best money I’ve ever spent thus far on a class!  As soon as the first seminar starts, I learn something new. This film workshop makes me proud to have an MBA, because I understand the bottom line. It’s amazing how creativity types don’t value LinkedIn. It’s only the go-to business networking site! I know that even MGM, Miramax and Warner Brothers have LinkedIn profiles. Remember, it’s a business. I’m glad the professional at our table drives home this point. ‘You want something working for you when you are asleep!’ He also stresses 1-page resumes because it shows your editing skills.  As a science/business type with a 2-pager, this is news to me.  I’ll get on that immediately!  Also joining TV professional organizations help expand your network enabling you to get jobs.  Furthermore, during the break, I meet with a lady who sits on an organizational board that interests me.  I’m unclear about which membership category I fit since I’m not in the industry.  When I mention professional, she concurs.  I get to save $20 off because I’ve attended today’s workshop.  That’s money in the bank!  This is proof positive that even with the plethora of Skype, online chats and instant messaging, face-to-face still dominates.  There’s no pretense.  You get the answer ASAP!
My business background has aided me during the afternoon session.  When attendees ask about how much creative control they have when pitching their show ideas, I wholeheartedly understand one of the executive’s responses that she has a budget and viewership metrics to meet.  I think that so many of the students and other participants are so busy creating, they aren’t quantifying.  Everything costs money.  Afterward, we exchange business cards and I head home knowing that I have so work to do because I want to feedback on my TV pilot show.  Better get it tomorrow during the pitch session. 
This first day has given me so many ideas and goals to set allowing me to build my resume.  The announcement has a resume workshop flummoxing me because I am in the industry.  Throughout this first day, I learn that I can volunteer and network to create one.  This motivates me to join the women’s professional organization and look to joining some more.  In addition, there are an abundance of project management jobs.  The fact that I have project management certification and writing experience, I know that I can get jobs in film.  Today and tomorrow I will evaluate my transferable skills to land me a film job. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating Win-Win Situations

            Friday I had the hiring agency’s HR lady tell me that I didn’t qualify for the position.  I was disappointed because I was also nursing a nasty cold taking a ½ day off to recuperate.  I truly didn’t need that dismal news upon returning home.  She then asked me for my agency’s contact.  I told her that mine was out until Monday.  Crazed I called my mentor who advised me to reach out to the hiring official.  He might had some pull to hire me.  My officemate told me that my federal status was the sole thing holding me back.  If I wasn’t working for the feds, the hiring agency would had approved me.  Her words calmed me bringing my blood pressure down for the entire weekend.
            Fast forward to Monday.  My agency’s HR responds to my email.  I answer that it has gotten a whole lot more complicated since Thursday night.  Making a follow-up call to see if she’s in her office.  When she confirms, I walk to the second floor telling her everything.  I have taken my finger prints and eQip 85.  Also how originally the site says that I am not selected.  I ask the interviewer this before getting started.  He tells me that the certificate is still good.  Agency HR is astounded that I’ve gotten through the entire process undetected.  In disbelief, I mention that I have the announcement.  She tells me to get them.  Returning to my office, I am disappointed that the higher grade announcement has merit attached.  Printing the USAJOBS account, the lower grade one is for everyone.  I go back down to HR’s office armed with both.  Seeing these two, my HR is flabbergasted.  I guess HR has picked me for the wrong announcement.  I ask her if it is possible to switch me from the higher grade to the lower grade.  This saves me time and HR money.  No one loses face for a paper mistake.  Mine agrees telling me that she anticipates a call from the other HR to smooth it over for me.  Creating a win-win situation speaks of personal maturity.  Why make someone look stupid?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharing the Load

Today I walk out realizing the reason why I have so many options is because I am putting in the work.  Many people wait for God to do the work when in fact He’s telling you that you must share some of the load.  I’ve seen this today at landlord and tenant court with people falling on the mercy of the court.  That’s why I’ve filed all of the necessary paperwork, and spoken with the necessary people .  Now I am in a position to be stable through this spring through my CSU 10th year reunion.  I’m doing all that I can so now God will help me out. 
Yippee!  Later this evening I received an email for a very important position.  Immediately I completed the form because I wanted to get this job.  It was in project management and that was the direction I wanted to go.  I obtained my CAPM certification last year for that very reason.  Now the seeds had been sown, it is only a matter of time because I reap the harvest!  Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week

This week will be awesome! I’m sure of it because the sun is shining and so am I! Nothing will get in my way! There are so many wonderful things that will happen that I must keep them top secret!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Getting to Happy

Though I’m disappointed that no one at the charity organization tells me about the buzz in procedures for tonight’s leadership volunteer training session, I am happy that it is $2 Taco night at El Centro D.F.  I might go after the hectic day I’ve had.  If not, I will sit pretty watching all of the interesting Discovery channel programming and read The Start-up of You.  This book has helped me crystallize the skills I must acquire in order to get to the next level.