Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not Waiting for Destiny to Intervene

            I’ve just purchased the COR/COTR Answer book today using my credit card because I couldn’t wait until next Saturday in order to start working on my dream. Using Amazon Prime, it’ll arrive on Monday. In between now and Monday, I will read my ebook and write down some notes. Furthermore, I’ll ask my boss about COTR training but am prepared to foot the bill myself.  I know that by next Saturday I will have read at least 140 pages. I will earn my COTR certification the first time.

            I’ve never been someone who waits for an opportunity especially when there’s a clear pathway to getting it.  Most GS-15s manage contracts and COTR lets me do it.  There’s also managerial encouragement. The deputy director said ‘there was always a need for another COTR’. Well, all the more reason to go for it. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Countdown to DC Fashion Week

            Even though DC Fashion Week starts next Monday, there are some fashion-related events this week which I will take advantage. This Friday is the International Couture Fashion show which I’ll attend instead of a trunk show. Fashion shows are all about looking for trends. Next week are the official fashion shows which I’ll attend. I will take a copious amount of photos posting them online. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting My COTR

            I am happy that I have helped my coworker pass her COTR exam. When I return to the office, I will ask management about taking the training because I want this certification.  As a GS-14 I see GS-15 managing contracts so earning my COTR is the pathway towards that reality. I’ve already purchased the ebook and will read 20 pages per day until next pay when I buy the paper book. My goals are to finish reading the COTR prep book by November and earn my certification before year’s end. Regarding her COTR, I hope that she receives her GS-14 promotion especially since all of the COTR in our office are that grade.  I just want her to get her fair share.

Returning to My Old Lunch Stomping Grounds at the Downtown DC Palm Steakhouse

            I’ve returned to my old stomping grounds eating lunch at the Palm.  Working in SW instead of NW reduces how much I can frequent my old haunt. Even the maĆ®tre’s mention this saying that he usually sees me for dinner; but welcomes me anyway. For lunch I order the business lunch menu (mixed green salad, Atlantic salmon [with tartar sauce], linguine marinara, and NY cheesecake). I am so full from the salad and salmon that I have the marinara and cheesecake to go. Here’s a pic:

Palm Steakhouse lunch

Friday, September 13, 2013


Presage- n. foretelling
                Even with everything that is going on in my life I have a presage that it’ll work itself out for the better.  I have too many irons in the fire for something bad to happen to me. Yesterday I spoke with my father and he asked me if I maintained my social life during this turbulent time. I replied yes because work wouldn’t get me down.

In the midst of all of these problems, I am still keeping my fashion dream alive by attending all the major DC fashion week events (front row of course!). I will also expand my professional network and keep in touch with everyone from the DC Fashion Foundation. Today I’ll do what Elizabeth Taylor has done whenever facing adversity: pour a glass of wine, put on some lipstick and pull it together!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adapt III

            No sooner than I settle with my former landlord and move into a new apartment, does my work life fall out. There is so more jealousy regarding my getting a GS-14 that people are trying to take it away.  I thank God for earning my PMP certification because now I can find work somewhere else.  Also while helping a colleague earn her Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) certification, has motivated me to pursue this. All of the other GS-14 possess COTR except for me; and, although I have only received my GS-14 for one month, I am adamant about receiving my COTR. It’s makes me equal and increases my overall competitive advantage.  If the government doesn’t have money then I will pay for it out of my pocket. I have done it with my CAPM and PMP surely I will do it with my COTR. I am all about self-investing. That how I’ve gone from GS-09 to GS-14 in seven years. I’m intent on going further than this in the next seven. Remember, it is all about adapting.

Never Too Far From Home

Tuesday I went to the downtown DC Barnes & Noble to pick up my book. While perusing the magazine stacks, I saw the Cleveland magazine.  I was so happy because even after working in this town for 7 years, I was still homesick. Purchasing this magazine was my way of always staying connected.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Saving Money Where I Can Through Ideeli!

            My Ideeli Escada wool trench coat arrived this past weekend and I was giddy because I only spent $249.99 on a $1175 coat. That’s 21% and saving $926.  This was only the beginning because I also ordered an Escada that should be shipping this week for only $99.  Cumulatively, I saved over $1000 on these two purchases. My closet and wallet thank!

Escada Wool Coat

Escada Original Price Tag