Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perfect Chemistry

Yippee!  Ed2Go has an Introduction to Chemistry course!  Even with total quality applications and managing customer service, I will enroll in this because I’ve always wanted to take chemistry.  I made the mistake of skipping it to take physics in high school because I wanted to sit my senior class instead of juniors.  I ended up failing physics miserably.  However, since then I have taken linear algebra and three calculus classes adequately preparing me for chemistry.  I will supplement the online class with Chemistry Essentials for Dummies and reviewing all of the course’s links because I will absorb everything like a sponge!  The Dummies series have a lot of chemistry books which I will pour over.  I don’t want to simply learn the basics.  I want to be able to return to UDC and take a couple of courses.  Right now I want to expand my career opportunities.  Science and technology offer a wide array of quality jobs.  Besides, with the high start-up businesses, mastering science gives me a working knowledge of their products.  I am very big on conducting due diligence and knowing that I can proficiently read the science materials will help the agency.  However, I will not stop at chemistry but continue onto physics and statistics.
I might even weave in some physics because it is closely connected to calculus and statistics.  I think that taking the online chemistry serves as the launching pad towards returning to physics because I am in science.  This entire year I’ve been thinking about jumping back into science because I’ve been away too long.  2010 was the last time that I took a math class; and, since, I am working in quality metrics so beefing up my math and science are necessary.  Thus far, I’ve enrolled in total quality fundamentals to relearn statistical tools.  This new analyst job is fertile ground to delve deeper into these two disciplines.  These science classes will not compete with my filmmaking and project management because science intersects with these two fields.  I know that it is nerdy to be giddy over an introductory chemistry class but hey I love learning more. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wishing Derrick Rose Well

            Though I am sadden by Derrick Rose tearing his ACL during game 1 of the NBA playoffs, I agree with a blogger that David Stern and the greedy owners creating this abbreviated schedule are at fault!  First, no one knows whether it is a partial or a whole ACL tear.  Second, many NBA players had torn ACL and rebounded.  Dirk tore his in 2009 and three years later won the championship with Dallas! Finally, Derrick will listen to his doctors, fully healing from both his ACL.  Instead of returning to the NBA in January 2013, Rose should go to the developmental league for the remainder of the 2012-2013 season.  This move lets me regain his contact play.  Chicago and the Bench Mob can get the Bulls back into the playoffs.  Derrick must care about himself and his future.  Though it is hard to take ego out of the situation, Derrick must do this for survival else meet Brandon Roy’s fate.  Roy suffered an injury, returned too soon, won a playoff game for the Portland Trailblazers but was forced to retire because of said injury.  Rose is far too smart for that.  Playing in the D-League from January to April will get him back into game shape.  It isn’t as if the Bulls or Adidas will say no.  

In It for the Long Haul

Yippee!  I have finished PMBOK chapter 4 and after watching the 76ers versus the Bulls, I will solve RMC chapter 4 then continue onto PMBOK chapter 5.  I do feel that I will be finished with chapter 5 leaving me with RMC and PMBOK chapters 7 and 8 tomorrow.
More yippee!  I’ve finished outlining PMBOK chapter 5.  Sunday morning I will complete RMC chapters 4 and 5.  At least I don’t have to outline them.  Later next afternoon I will outline PMBOK chapter 7.  It is shorter than 4 and 5.  I might even squeeze in RMC chapter 7.  I am happy to keep my schedule because I will have PMBOK chapters 8 and 9 read by Thursday.  That’s ¾ done with PMBOK. I know that it is realistic outlining one chapter per day allowing me to completely outline the manual 2 weeks ahead of schedule!  I will reread the PMBOK again to review anything that I’ve overlooked this time.  In addition, I will solve the 460-problem handout, RMC study guide, PMP prep study guide and other practice exams that my instructor has given me.  Even though I have the money, I don’t see myself purchasing the $299 1400-question data set when there are cheaper alternatives.  I would literally have to fail in order to consider this item!  And, I refuse to go there knowing that failure isn’t an option! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mentality Change

Talking to former officemate is the best thing to happen to my day because she has gotten the job and I get to process my legal situation.  Originally, I am disappointed that it’ll take more than $8000 to get a down payment; however, I realize that SBA has increased my salary substantially.  I will save this amount in one year with a whole lot remaining.  I just want to leave here before of all the crap that has happened.  Also I must pay the lawyer and a settlement (maybe!).  I am just getting my feet underneath me by starting at SBA and this black cloud still hovers over me.  Yuck!  I hate this; plus, I still need to square away money for bills and starting my business.  I will build my company one brick at a time.  The hardest thing is completing the summary, therefore, I will pay $109 to enroll in the Writers Store screenwriting punctuation course starting May 21st.  I might also buy the Screenwriter’s Bible for cheap because it is $90 cheaper than $109.  I have done just that because 1) it is cheaper and 2) I will finish reading it way before May 21st. Doing this I no longer feel trapped and stuck and like a victim of circumtances.  Now I'm empowered to submit my TV script to the channel I want it aired.

Finalnically, purchasing this book  has saved $90 which is nearly equal to the $99 Ed2Go total quality fundamentals course which will advance my career.  This extra $90 amount will go towards total quality applications because this will improve my job performance.  I cannot wait to receive the book and start my class because it empowers me focus my personal and professional lives.  I cannot wait until I see my officemate again because I know that I will have more progress to relay to her and more money in my pocket.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Start: (verb) 1) to begin or set out, as on a journey or activity.

            Today I start my first day in my newly-promoted position.  I am happy to defend myself against telework.  My work and personal lives don’t intersect.  Moreover, I’m not spending my money to purchase office supplies and use my computer and Internet to do my employer’s job; when I can go to the work site and my employer pays for all of this? Hey, if I’m spending my own money then I’m starting my own business!  Plain and simple.  I’m glad that I possess an economist’s mentality because the opportunity cost is too high to take a self-inflicted pay cut to ‘improve my efficiency and flexibility.’ This doesn’t make any sense!

            On a much happier note, I’ve created my own personal schedule where I will take at least 5 quality management Ed2Go courses, ace my quarterly review and pass my PMP exam by August.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My final day at the old place

The only constant is change and my life is freer because I’ve accepted it.  I remembered being okay with passing the CAPM because it meant the very real possibility or not being here at my (now) former employer.  Well, today’s the day.  Monday morning I will work at the new agency, armed with my CAPM and working towards my PMP. I’m taking the same approach towards PMP.  I am very much okay with the reality that I will qualify for Lead Management Analyst next April.  My job is to keep pushing forward capturing all available opportunities. Since I’m starting at the new agency and view myself one year in advance, I do see myself getting my TV show aired by the Aspire TV by next April. Currently, I am taking classes, joined an organization and am writing my TV summaries (plus participating in ScriptFrenzy). I just know that I’ll be farther along.  That’s embracing change; and, really isn’t this what life is truly about?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Four Seasons Washington Send Off

            At the Four Seasons Washington, I tell Flora that I have received my promotion and will start working at another agency, she commissions the chef to bake me celebratory chocolate cake.  In one week, I will be finished working as an Economist and start working as a Program Analyst position.  I am so happy that I am that I will get to use my project management certification because it has been two years in the making.  When I felt that I was stuck, I asked my other friend, she said that she detailed as a Management Analyst during the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act project.  I took online project management courses through the community college since UDC doesn’t have any ones.  In 2011 I enrolled in the Graduate School PMP exam preparation.  I passed the Certificate in Associate Project Management (CAPM) on August 23rd.  Eight months later I will start working as a Program Analyst exactly 8 months later. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Change and Transition

Change: 1a) to make different in some particular; alter; 1b) to make radically different; 1c) to give a different position, course, or direction to
            When I studied for my CAPM certification, I accepted that my life would change and been okay with it.  Well, in two weeks I will start working at my new job directly resulting in a promotion.  Now that I’ll reenroll in my PMP exam prep class, I am open towards receiving a step increase accelerating my promotion.  This promotion puts me in the stratosphere.  The added bonus is that I am doing what I love.  I’m using SAS and working in project management.  What better combination? I get to grow personally and professionally in my new position.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Personal Enrichment Is a Must

            Watching these student videos make me want to hand them a copy of Story  by Robert McKee!  Their pictures would be so much better!  Oftentimes, you read on the required textbooks instead of those on the strongly recommended list.  I admit when I was a student I only read from the former. Now as an adult, I understand the personal enrichment concept.  Though I attend Writer Center workshops, I read as many books from the recommended list as possible to learn more tips.  I’ve learned more from these books than the lectures.  I like Story because even though it was written 15 years ago in 1997, it is eye-opening. 
            After I complete Story, I’ll start reading The Screenwriter’s Bible.  Forget the fact that the USDA Graduate School has cancelled its screenwriting class, I’m still reading its assigned textbook.  As I age, I’ve claimed responsibility for my own education.  Monday, I’ll call USDA asking about the class’ status. Still I’ll order the book to prepare me for ScriptFrenzy and April’s volunteer film role.  I must know what I’m talking about.  Moreover, the Writer Center won’t offer filmmaking until mid-May.  That 1 ½ months later.  Besides, I’m on my personal timetable where I must write no less than three 20-minute TV episodes during ScriptFrenzy in order to pitch my concept to Aspire TV.  I have been looking into learning about filming and cinematography.  I am adamant about creating my own sizzle reel to accompany my TV pitch.  Of course, I’ll have all of my newly acquired film friends.  I have the money so I’ll attend in April as many workshops as possible to absorb as much knowledge.  Remember, this is a business and possessing working knowledge of cinematography helps me establish expectations.
            My business mentality has helped me find creative opportunities.  Combine this with my MBA, project management certification and professional film membership, and I’ll blow up the industry!  I am ready to hit the ground running.  I’ve just joined the film organization today and will research area film schools for workshops because I will become the full package.  I haven’t ignored my online Ed2Go courses that hold me over whenever the Writer Center or UDC doesn’t offer the classes that I need.  I’ve just scored 86% on my Breaking into Sitcom TV writing final and scored 100% on Descriptive Settings quizzes 1 and 2.  This week I might pay $99 to enroll in Ed2Go’s Pleasures of Poetry because I must expand my creativity and vocabulary.  In addition, I might rollover my $87 to attend the Writer Center’s Syntax seminar to improve my wordplay.  These classes are personal investment ensuring that I keep learn and honing my craft to get picked up by the network.