Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Let a Brain Fart Upset the Shopping Cart

My eBay sales were coming in at a very fast clip. It was unbelievable. I did think it the increase was attributed to my blogging, the return of eBay Adventure and embedding my eBay YouTube livestream into every post. More people were watching my livestream and learning about my store translating into sales. In the midst of all of this I mislabeled a dress. While in the process of preparing it for shipment, I saw that the label was something different. After conferring with Mommy, I did the right thing which was tell the buyer my mental brain fart. She was okay with it and I kept the money. I was just happy that I didn’t let my brain fart upset my shopping cart. What I did start doing was take better inventory and didn’t commit everything to memory.

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