Thursday, January 22, 2015

Certification Networking Has Paid Off

Today a fellow test taker has told the LinkedIn study group that the business analysis practice guide is the basis of the PMI-PBA certification exam. Although it is 1 ½ months later, I am glad to have confirmation about this because now I am not wasting my time. Friday morning I will start outlining chapter 4 and purchase another notebook for this endeavor. Since I have 2 ½ weeks left before starting work, I will devote time towards outlining this entire practice guide because this will prepare me for my job. Technically, for the next month, I will work solely on business analysis. This is now my livelihood. 

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Moving in the Right Direction

I have scored 64% on the Watermark Learning 50-problem drill. My body isn’t cooperating enough for me to do a full 200-problem test, however, I must do something productive. Besides I have renewed my subscription so I might as well do something productive At least I am no longer scoring 52%. Thus far, I have answered 487 questions. Answering at least 1000 is my goal. I know that this is a very big goal but I know that I am more than good enough

Today I will type my third practice exam covering all of the BABOK Chapter 9 techniques’ definitions. I will also add the advantage and disadvantage because Watermark is asking this question. Monday I will take this third PMI-PBA practice exam and write down all of the 18 wrong answers. Tuesday I will take another 50-problem practice exam.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review 2014

This year has seen the greatest change since arriving in Washington, DC. I have transitioned from the public to private sector and am studying for my third project management certification. In addition, I have applied for more prestigious fellowships and positions testing me. Even through the adversity, I refuse to remain stagnant else I would die personally and professionally. Although the change has been great, I have matured emotionally to handle everything coming my way. In 2015, I see myself earning my PMI-PBA certification and most importantly, experiencing the biggest and brightest future ever!

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Keeping At It Through and Through

I am thankful for enrolling in the Udemy Learn to Become a Professional Business Analyst course because it has explained all of the business concepts to me. This course perfectly follows the BABOK. Though I have read the BABOK by myself, this is the first time that everything has clicked for me.  I am 50% done and after completing the two lessons and two quizzes, I’ll be 75% done.  I make it a practice to watch the lesson video twice before taking the quiz to absorb everything that I have been learning. 

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Decision-making Time

I have returned to studying PMI-PBA by outlining the BA practice guide chapter 3. Immediately afterward, I retake the Izenbridge PMI-PBA practice exam scoring 16 out of 30, 1 point less than last month. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to stop reading the practice guide and restart reading BABOK chapter 9 (technique). I need to retain the business analysis words. Although PMI has created the PMI-PBA exam, the practice guide isn’t the basis for the test yet. It may be the right or wrong decision, but it is a decision.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Benefits of Having Like Minds

                 I am thankful for joining the PMI-PBA certification LinkedIn groups because I’ve received a wealth of resources and study tips. Today while reading a string, I’ve learned about the January 2014 PMI Pulse on Requirements Management. Requirements are huge for business analysis so reading this 20-page booklet would increase my chances of passing the PMI-PBA. Furthermore, on the same string a person who has sit for the exam opines that the business analysis practice guide will overtake the PMI reference list (I believe this too since it is a practice guide and authored by PMI.). What has astounded me is that it has only taken this commenter 2 days to read through the entire practice guide. May I should do the same dry run and just skim through it the first time to see how much I can comprehend. I have an extra week to work with so why not? At least I can say that I have gotten through it. Who knows? If I score over 75% on my second PMI-PBA online practice exam, I just might take the PMI-PBA next week instead of early January.

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Back at Studying for My PMI-PBA

                Tuesday I learned that Prometric only scheduled PMI-PBA proctored test next week and the first week of the New Year but not the week of December 29th. That meant that I would have to delay my certification until January 2015. Normally I would be disappointed that I haven’t completed it this year but given all of the things delaying me for over one week I am happy to be given an extra week. This gives me the chance to outline the PMI’s business analysis practice guide for an additional week. It’s like I have gotten this time back. Also I have learned about the January 2014 PMI’S Pulse on Requirements Management booklet which I will read because requirements are fundamental towards business analysis. I am intent on using this weekend to restart my PMI-PBA studies because earning my certification is essential towards enhancing my competitive advantage. 

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

PMI-PBA: Upholding the Impeccability of My Word

After scoring only 55% November 18th, I promised myself that I would improve my performance by addressing my weaknesses and taking a full 200-problem practice exam by November 30, 2014 to decide if I am good enough to pass the PMI-PBA exam. This promise stems from reading the Four Agreements book. Ensuring the impeccability of your word is the book’s first agreement. Regardless of what is going on in my life, I will take the full practice exam by November 30th and see where I am at. I need a 61% to pass the PMI-PBA exam. My personal goal is to score above 75% before test date to give me sufficient wiggle room.

Well, I have scored 67% on my first PMI-PBA 200-problem practice test. This is a 12% improvement from the November 18th 55% 100-problem drill.  Outlining PMBOK chapter 5, 8 and BABOK chapter 9 have helped me immensely. I know that I am on the right track and will now reread BABOK chapter 9 writing down every technique’s definitions and outline BABOK chapter 3 (elicitation) because there are so many problems on it. Therefore, I will do this Tuesday since Monday PMI is releasing the practice guide. I am just happy to get over the hump and face my fears. Now I know that I will pass the PMI-PBA certification exam fulfilling my 2014 end-of-year goals. 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PMI-PBA Recalibrated Studies

In my first practice exam in over one month, I have scored 55% on the 100-problem PMI-PBA quiz. This is the first time that I have taken 100 problems in one sitting. I have to increase the number to get accustomed to the standard 200-problem certification test. Even though I am still having problems with analysis and traceability & monitoring domains and am disappointed that reading the requirements management book hasn’t helped, I am proud to have written down problem 1-40 wrong answers. My schedule starts tomorrow but it is too important to start working on it tomorrow. 

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