Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Desire Fashionable Attire? Shop here!

You are a tall woman with discerning fashion tastes. You only want the highest quality fabrics. Do you desire fashionable attire? Look no further than my store! I am a tall women’s eBay fashion luxury consignment shop selling Alice + Olivia, Gucci, Theory and Stuart Weitzman to name a few! 

Shop my store for the best in tall women’s high fashion:

*Prices and availability can change at any time.*

Alice + Olivia Melon Stretch Ruched Dress Size Large $25

Gucci Viscose Stretch Dress Size Large $200

Diane von Furstenberg Black and White Striped Wrap Dress Size 12 $75

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Dunkirk Boots Size 11M $100
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

eBay Adventure - Loan Me $5

                I have received an offer for one of my new with tags dresses. It is $5 off the halfway price for the dress. So I make a counteroffer increasing the price by $5. I never hear from the potential buyer and the deal expires. I am quite perplexed. Yes, I understand that money is tight but if you are hard up for a measly extra $5, then don’t bid on items period!
                One of my rules has always been to get at least half of my listed price. I admit that I feel like it is a time waster; however, I have adopted the whole release strategy. Whenever I do a counteroffer, I release the expectation that I would automatically receive a sale. That way I won’t be disappointed if the sale doesn’t go through. Remember, that as a seller, nothing counts until you receive that instant PayPal receipt. 

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s luxury fashion:

Here is a selection of items straight from my store:

*Prices and availability vary.*

New - Diane von Furstenberg white Carpreena mini dress size 12 - $50

Stuart Weitzman OTK Dunkirk Boots size 11M - $100

Diane von Furstenberg black and white striped wrap dress size 12 - $75

 Gucci Black Viscose Stretched Dress Size Large - $200 

You can also watch my latest eBay livestream where I showcase my entire store.

eBay Adventure - A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Although I have been writing eBay Adventures for over one year and doing eBay YouTube Livestreams for over two months, it has never clicked with me until this week that I should include photos in my blogs. I am thinking that people want business knowledge and to watch videos. That may all be true but I do think that my readers want to see the clothes up front. Also maybe they aren’t going to view the entire video. So here are some of the photos from my collection. 

Check them out and shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s luxury fashion:

Prices and availability can change at any times.

Gucci Viscose Stretch Dress Size Large - $200

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Dunkirk Boots Size 11M - $100

Aidan Mattox Brown Sequined Dress Size Large - $65

You can also watch my latest eBay livestream where I showcase my entire store.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Hunting for Haute Couture Bargains? Shop here!

Are you a tall woman hunting for the latest in haute couture bargains? Look no further! My eBay store carries Stuart Weitzman, Alice + Olivia, Gucci and Theory just to name a few. I have received a 100% positive feedback rating. My motto is ‘selling Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices.’ And, Stuart Weitzman, Alice + Olivia, Gucci and Theory are all carried by Neiman Marcus.

Shop for the best in tall women’s luxury consignment:

Here are some of the items my store carries! *Prices and item availability can change at any time!*

Gucci Viscose Dress Size 12 - $200

Erin Fetherston Maxi Dress Size large - $75

Alice + Olivia Melon Stretch Dress Large - $40

New with tags Diane von Furstenberg Carpreena White Mini Dress Size 12 - $50 

Eliza J Green Dress Size Large - $40

Shop for the best in tall women’s luxury consignment:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

eBay Adventure – Tendering Fair Counteroffers

I have received an offer from a customer has already bid on a previous item that I’ve accepted. Counteroffers can be tricky. My rule of thumb has always been get 50% of the listed price. I mean I have to make a profit too. Besides, asking for 50% is not outrageous. The buyer is getting it for half-off. Moreover, in this particular situation, I’ve added combined shipping to this counteroffer. The buyer hasn’t paid for the first item yet; but, by taking my counteroffer, she’ll receive two items for the price of shipping one. I tender very fair counteroffers.

Shop my eBay store for the latest in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion. I carry Theory, DVF and Alice + Olivia.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

eBay Adventure - The Invisible Hand

Most people know that I am an eBay reseller. Most people don’t know that I have studied and once worked as an economist. The invisible hand phrase was coined by economist Adam Smith. I have experienced my invisible hand moment today. I have a lull in my business and decide to photo and upload new merchandise renewed interest. I am thinking that no one is interested in my current inventory so why not add some new pieces. No sooner do I finish adding the final (seventh) piece, does my Kate Spade skirt sells! I am so giddy with excitement over this because it’s from the same bidder! Read about it here: Immediately upon accepting the bid, I recall Adam Smith and the invisible hand statement. Economics strikes once again. This time with eBay!

More information on Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury:

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eBay Adventure - It's the Principle!

My Kate Spade skirt sold today. It came out of nowhere because I thought that the bidder wouldn’t return after I made my counteroffer. Let me back up. Two days ago, the bidder placed a $47 counteroffer on a $125. No Bueno! I counteroffer with $60 (Hey, you had to do at least half!). The bidder never returned. Now I admitted that I could had used that money but it was the principle; and, I was glad that I stuck to my guns because that very same bidder returned with a $55 bid (adding the $10.55 priority shipping and it was $65.). I accepted the order and shipped it immediately. Morale of the store: always stick to your principles because the sales will come!

Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s affordable luxury:

Watch my all-new eBay livestream where I highlight 7 new items! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

eBay Adventure – Keeping It 100!

                OMG! The good news just keeps on coming! You know that I have just written about how I have received my 40th gold star (Read it here: ). However, underneath this eBay tells me that I have received 100% positive feedback! I have nearly died and gone to the heaven. Although I love those 40 gold stars, it always irks me as to how I am wrongfully getting that 1 negative review. Yet, I am extremely happy that I have returned to 100% positive feedback because I am all about the customers.

 My customer mantra is:
  •          Provide good quality merchandise – that’s half the battle.
  •          Fair pricing – the rule of thumb is if the item is pre-owned (worn), price it 50% of what you’ve purchased it. For instance, a $500 pre-owned dress would start at $250.
  •         Expedited shipping – I ship only domestic and global USPS priority mail.
  •          Answer customers’ questions:
  •       Livestream to enhance customer experience – I give my customers behind the scenes looks via Periscope and YouTube Live
  •     Provide lots of photos – eBay is a visual medium. Your customer does not touch the merchandise
  •          Honestly in product descriptions – I tell people where there is a whole, rip or tear in an item. It is all about being honest. Integrity is NOT for sale!

As always, shop my store for the absolute best in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion!

Watch my latest eBay fashion video to see my newest merchandise!

eBay Adventure – Receiving My 40th Gold Star

                I awake this morning with the usual vim and vigor. I go about my day checking my eBay to see if a buyer has responded to my counteroffer (She hasn’t). Lo and behold I see it: my 40th gold star! You don’t know the euphoria I always feel whenever I receive a new one! Below are my two blog posts about receiving my gold stars:

A gold star on eBay means high customer service and that the seller loves my item! I grateful that the customer feel the same love that I display for my store and them.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

eBay Adventure - How Often Should I Livestream?

Promoting your eBay store is a full-time job in itself! You have blogging, livestreams, sharing your merchandise, doing podcasts, etc. Livestream has helped me sell a whole lot of merchandise.

How often should I do store merchandise livestreams?

You should do one at least once a week. I do my eBay YouTube livestreams whenever I get sales. I feel that my customers should see the current inventory. I also do Periscope and YouTube livestreams whenever I add or relist items because the inventory change and I want customers to know about it!

Looking for tall women’s luxury fashion? Shop:

Watch my video as I answer this question: