Monday, August 29, 2016

Depop Diaries – New Inventory = New Money

                Buoyed by my first Depop customer inquiry, I have decided to dedicate more time and energy towards turning a profit. I have uploaded 4 new items: 3 dresses and 1 pair of shoes. I have also kept up with the cocktail dress theme. All three of my dresses are sequined. My shoes are too. I am making sure that my prices are fair but have also entered *no swaps, no returns* in the item descriptions. People have a tendency not to read my bio which also states that. Furthermore, I am considering a Labor Day sale this week starting either Wednesday or Thursday (I am thinking about running one on my eBay site too as to thank the customers for purchasing from my site.).
                Below are the four new items that I have added to my store:

You can buy these items here:

Friday, August 26, 2016

Depop Diaries – My First Customer Inquiry

                Okay so I have not been on Depop because I am not receiving any sales. eBay has been generating money so that’s where my attention has been; however, today, I peruse the app and notice that I receive something in my inbox. Well, what do you know? There is a question about bidding on my dress. I am willing to accept a lower rate (above 50%, of course!) with full shipping. I am very happy about this because my store is starting to make traction; and, my goal is to move as many clothes as possible. Depop is part of my decluttering process. eBay is moving my shoes at a fairly fast clip; but, I still have piles of clothes that I have not worn in a long time that I have not been able to sell on eBay. I hope that the lady returns to Depop because I am anticipating my first sale on this site.

Visit my Depop store here:

eBay Adventure – Fees Don’t Fail Me Now

                I receive my monthly fee statement and nearly have a heart attack because it is higher than last month (Darn fraudsters! See here: ). I have called eBay customer service to remove the $1000 because I am being charged fees. The $1000 in the red is being counted as payments but it is fraud (As of today, eBay still has not removed it so I will call again because the last thing that I need in my life is paying fees due to fraud. Yuck!

Visit my eBay store here:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

eBay Adventure - Expanding Shipping Options

                I have relisted the global shipping item that the customer wanted. She returned and placed a bid which I accepted. Even before she pays me (she has two days), I tweeted eBay’s customer service account to learn more about its global shipping program. What I have learned is that I do the same thing as before: ship it priority but only this time, I ship to the center not the customer. This means that I am relinquishing control of shipping. I am photographing my merchandise in the box as an insurance policy because my customer will not blame me for the middleman especially since she has selected the global shipping program option. However, I am very happy to make my first sale this week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

eBay Adventure – Change the Name, Keep the Game

                This weekend I realized that I needed to view my eBay store as a business. Heck, it generated over $2000 since June. I followed this guy, Raiken Profit, on YouTube and started watching his videos. He sold on eBay and Amazon FBA so why not better educate myself? I was in the sales profession and I needed to become a better seller. That meant because learning new or more ways to improve my online eBay sales. Right now, I had to do some continuous improvement just like I did with project management. I took Raiken’s advice and changed my title and my summaries; I changed my prices; and, changed some of my sales from fixed to auction or auction to fixed. I needed to increase the probability of receiving my sales.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

eBay Adventure – Learning from Earning

                These past two months have been an extreme learning curve for me. I have gone from zero to pro (at least in my own mind). I have handled a disgruntled customer, two fraud complaints and fielded many customer inquiries. Also I have learned the importance of photography and timely shipping. My same-day shipping philosophy is the reason why PayPal releases my money 2 days after the buyer receives his merchandise versus 30 days like in June. I have learned a whole lot from my two months on eBay. Until June, I did not think that I could sell over $2000 in merchandise by myself. I have always had a job so being able to move 2 Gs’ worth of merchandise is very big for me. Now I know how to properly operate an online store, fulfillment, customer service, marketing and eliminating fraud. As always, you can visit my store:

eBay Adventure – Global Shipping Program

                I have listed some new merchandise receiving a brand new order. I have also received a new customer inquiry about the global shipping program. I have never heard about this program before so I tweet @askeBay to inquire. I think that it would be better if I call customer service so that they can walk me through it. I would love to sell the shoes to her so I have called eBay’s customer service line. The representative has been very helpful guiding me through the process. I have learned that I can select eBay Global Shipping for all of my items or just specific items. In addition, I have learned the eBay handles all of the shipping with the global shipping program and the company tries my packages as domestic items even when shipped globally (The customer inquiry comes from Germany). Once I have selected my specific item for the global shipping program. Hopefully, this customer returns and purchases it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

eBay Adventure – Class Act

                I have been writing eBay Adventures for a while and I love sharing my journey with so many people on Instagram and other social media channels. I have discussed with my coach how I have sold over $2000 in 60 days, combat fraud and bad customers trying to soil my reputation, she says that I should create my own eBay course. I think that this would be a great idea pricing it at $37; of course, I will give way more content and behind the scenes of creating a store, linking your PayPal, what to pick and how to accelerate PayPal releasing your funds (I have managed to go from 21-30 days to 5-7 days in less than 2 months!). My goal of this course to kill the learning curve! I don’t want anyone to go through the same mess that I have gone through. I don’t want anyone to un-learn all of the crap that I had to while reading resources. This course will solve all of this.

As always, I will still keep writing eBay Adventures because I love my community so much and am happy that you will continue sharing my journey with you!

eBay Adventure – Sales Solve Everything

                Sunday I uploaded new items and started promoting them all over social media. I also made a $1000/week goal accompanying my new merchandise. I thought that it would take some time to get a sale but, nope, out of nowhere came a sale and payment. Usually, I would have to wait 1-2 days for payment. Buyers would inundate me with ‘please’ give me 1 more day to pay. However, receiving the money is great because now I can prepare the item for shipping. This sale also moved me beyond the whole negative review thing because someone wants to buy from me. The only downside is that I will ship it out Tuesday because DC has a 115 heat index. I am not passing out in that because I will have to also go to Staples and re-up on boxes and tape. Like I have said in the title, ‘sales solve everything!’

Monday, August 15, 2016

eBay Adventure – New Merchandise = New Sales

                Yesterday I added some new merchandise onto my eBay store. I felt that it needed an overhaul and new blood. I added three new Stuart Weitzman shoes including the Saxony sandals. I promoted it on social media (Periscope, Twitter, Blogger and Instagram). This morning out of nowhere, I receive a sale. It also comes from a new repeat customer. I am very happy about it. I will ship the item tomorrow (I have no boxes and it is currently a DC heat index of 115 degrees). The great thing is that PayPal will release my money in one week.
                I am also thinking about relisting my Stuart Weitzman and doing video to highlight my merchandise so that people can see it. I am upping my livestream video game because I think that this is paying off. There is still over $2000 worth of merchandise in my decluttering process. I will move them.

                This new sale has been a learning experience about strategically using social media to generate sales. In addition, I will keep promoting my eBay store on Periscope. I know that I am getting a lot of reach out of it. I am very happy that I am off to a great start to this 30-day cycle.