Wednesday, June 27, 2012


            I decided to go to Unum for a change of pace instead of Bourbon Steak (Opentable not having a 7pm Bourbon Steak reservation was a contributing factor). The restaurant turned out to be very good. I ate the burger and had the beignets with blueberry sauce for dessert. The atmosphere was welcoming and so was the bill: $5 cheaper than the Four Seasons across the street.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventures in Little Rock

            Now don’t get me wrong, I love Little Rock even with the 90+ degree heat and humidity.  I hate my work experience.   

Oh my goodness!  It was horrible!  I flew into Little Rock during the afternoon to avoid going to the work site; yet, I got conned into arriving there over dinner.  On top of that, I had to sit across from the center director’s husband who 1) went on tangents; 2) interrupted me and 3) had to equate everything to Brooklyn.  What an asshole!  Making matters worse was on Thursday after working 11 hours straight, I was forced to stand up and fix my own plate at a restaurant.  Freaking witch!  That’s not the worse part.  She leans next to me asking ‘Do I hear yummies?’ Don’t get slapped broad!  Though I thought everything bad was behind me, I arrived at Atlanta airport where Delta cancelled dozens of Eastern seaboard flights.  My 5:10pm plane to DC turned into a 8pm flight.  The man at the counter said that I missed my flight which was a lie because the 4:10pm flight was delayed until 6:30pm! Combining my 1:25pm Little Rock departure and 9:45pm DC arrival, I spent 8 hours in transit when I shouldn’t have! Not a good look!  Next time I visit Little Rock, I’m doing it for pleasure. I’ve missed Central High and President Clinton’s library.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recommitting Myself to Project Management

           After returning from El Paso, I’ve recommitted myself to studying project management.  I’ve written down all 42 processes and all of the project management subsidiary plans. Not even two unscheduled meetings popping into my Outlook email can completely zap my energy.  All I’ve done is napped, regained my strength, and soldiered on because earning my PMP and PMI-ACP certifications are on my summer priority list.  Tomorrow I will rejoin PMI saving me money.  I’m ready and back in the saddle to ride again!

Friday, June 08, 2012

El Paso Chronicles

            I started my journey to El Paso by awaking at 5am EDT in Washington, DC. I left my apartment at 6:20am boarding the blue line for national airport.  I boarded United at 7:59am for Houston International.  This is the first of two flights. I arrived at 10:16am CDT laying over for an hour.  I walked to Terminal B but no one told me that B84 was in the basement! I nearly missed my flight fighting with a mobile wireless company over service that wasn’t working only in Terminal B.  Seeing the downward arrow, I unplugged my laptop running downstairs to the commuter plane awaiting me.  The plane flew at 11:28am CDT arriving in El Paso at 12:25 MDT, 2 hours behind Eastern. Peaking out the window, I saw a truck shoveling dust on the road, a sight I never seen in my entire life.  It hit me that this was the desert! There were more surprises to come.  Once I touched down, I saw an army of border patrolmen.  I concluded it was Texas and the state was near the border. Then I saw the mountains and Mexico from across the highway.  I realized that the city was literally on the US-Mexico border.  The whole 7-hour adventure made me thankful that I grew up in Cleveland, a top 40 airport because I could get a direct flight anywhere!

Overall I had a pretty good 3 days here in El Paso.  The atmosphere photos came from right outside my hotel.  I snapped photos of Mexico. You can see the marked prosperity difference between the two countries. When the team returned from Cattleman’s steakhouse at night, the differences were illuminated.  The Mexican side was the dark; whereas, the American was alit in electricity.  Only the green stoplights at the border crossing lit up the Mexican sky.  Speaking of Cattleman’s steakhouse, it housed a zoo replete with a baby buffalo calf. Here are the other photos:

Sunday, June 03, 2012

On the Eve of My First Business Trip

            I am happy about preparing for this El Paso trip.  It’s my first professional one.  I’ve only be here for 6 weeks and out of the blue, the director asks me to join him, the Deputy Director and another employee.  The request is so fast that even with the GSA travel training and credit screening, I have to pay for my own room because it comes less than 10 days needed to process my stuff.  I will be reimbursed as soon as I touch down in DC. The only bad thing is that it’ll be 99 degrees everyday in El Paso versus 75 degrees in DC. 
This is my chance to prove my mettle by showcasing my statistical prowess.  While reviewing my total quality applications lessons, all of the advanced statistics knowledge starts returning.  I mean every tidbit: t-distribution, F-distribution, z-score, null hypothesis.  Everything which is the reason why I call all of the local bookstores seeing if they carry Statistics Essentials for Dummies.  None of them do forcing me to use Google Play.  I will still order the physical copy that I can hold, highlight and write notes in via Amazon that’ll await me upon my return. It lets me flesh out everything that I’ve read during the trip.