Sunday, November 30, 2014

PMI-PBA: Upholding the Impeccability of My Word

After scoring only 55% November 18th, I promised myself that I would improve my performance by addressing my weaknesses and taking a full 200-problem practice exam by November 30, 2014 to decide if I am good enough to pass the PMI-PBA exam. This promise stems from reading the Four Agreements book. Ensuring the impeccability of your word is the book’s first agreement. Regardless of what is going on in my life, I will take the full practice exam by November 30th and see where I am at. I need a 61% to pass the PMI-PBA exam. My personal goal is to score above 75% before test date to give me sufficient wiggle room.

Well, I have scored 67% on my first PMI-PBA 200-problem practice test. This is a 12% improvement from the November 18th 55% 100-problem drill.  Outlining PMBOK chapter 5, 8 and BABOK chapter 9 have helped me immensely. I know that I am on the right track and will now reread BABOK chapter 9 writing down every technique’s definitions and outline BABOK chapter 3 (elicitation) because there are so many problems on it. Therefore, I will do this Tuesday since Monday PMI is releasing the practice guide. I am just happy to get over the hump and face my fears. Now I know that I will pass the PMI-PBA certification exam fulfilling my 2014 end-of-year goals. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PMI-PBA Recalibrated Studies

In my first practice exam in over one month, I have scored 55% on the 100-problem PMI-PBA quiz. This is the first time that I have taken 100 problems in one sitting. I have to increase the number to get accustomed to the standard 200-problem certification test. Even though I am still having problems with analysis and traceability & monitoring domains and am disappointed that reading the requirements management book hasn’t helped, I am proud to have written down problem 1-40 wrong answers. My schedule starts tomorrow but it is too important to start working on it tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Done Is Better Than Perfect

                I have completely outlined my requirements management book this afternoon. This is the second book that I have read to prepare for the PMI-PBA certification. I will review the appendix’s case study and reread the book with a highlighter. I am very committed to passing the PMI-PBA certification the first time. This’ll be my third certification and a great way to end 2014.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Almost Done

                Earlier this morning I’ve decided to start working on outlining my requirements management book instead of working on my Nanowrimo because I’ve haven’t focused on my PMI-PBA certification in one week. That’s too long. I have managed to finish outlining chapter 7 along with chapters 8 through 10. I have learned new business analysis terminology and the significant amount of overlap between business analysis and project management. I will finish chapter 11 later today and the appendix containing sample plans over this weekend. It’s great to feel like I’m seeing the finish line within sight. This bolsters my motivation to keep persevering until I finish outlining the book and passing the PMI-PBA certification.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Back at It!

                Although my body felt lethargic, I was back at outlining the requirements management book to pass the PMI-PBA exam. I am determined regardless of how I feel at the moment to earn my third certification. I’ve heard uneven routines = uneven results. This has jolted me back into action. Today I am on chapter 7 and by tonight I will be on chapter 9. I will complete the book by Monday which is an accomplishment because this is my second business analysis book that I have read. I have some significant skin in the game regarding this PMI-PBA certification. I have put in some serious work towards this. I have learned so more vocabulary words which will aid me on the exam. After finishing the first read, I will reread the book this time using my highlighter.

This week I will take the drill and the 100-problem practice exam upon completing the book. It is high time that I start regularly doing the online practice tests because the PMI-PBA is online. I have to stop fearing being wrong. I need to get as many looks as possible. I know that the more problems I solve the higher my score will be. There is still a whole lot of time left this month to earn my PMI-PBA certification.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Building PMI-PBA Test Stamina

                Having completed requirements management chapter 6, I am more than halfway done with this book. Finally, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and fully believe that I will finish outlining all eleven chapters. I will devote the weekend towards reviewing the case study and taking a 100-problem practice exam this time. It is all about reclaiming my momentum since I’ve stopped studying during the midterm election. Now that I am back, I am ready to read the material and measure my progress. This measurement includes increasing the number of questions. Since the actual test is 200 problems, it’s time to increase the number of questions. I must build up my stamina to sit for the real exam. Next week I will take my first 200-problem practice exam to evaluate my progress. Regardless of the results (and I am hoping for a minimum score of 70%), it is important that I get started. Furthermore, I will keep taking 200-problem exams the rest of the way because it is all about getting as many looks as possible. I am thinking that the drills and practice exams come from the same test bank so at some point I will see the same question. The bigger issue for me is to see patterns. If I am struggling in a particular domain then I will consider taking a 50-problem drill in addition to the 200-problem practice exam. Starting with the 100-problem practice exam this week and building up to the 200-problem practice exam next week will give me enough ‘looks’ to determine if I am ready to sit for the exam this December. 

Monday, November 03, 2014

Franchise > Certification Studies This Week

                 I have delayed my PMI-PBA certification studies because of this midterm election. Franchise > Certification. Many people have died for my right to vote. I just want Election Day to be over with due to all of this mess going on.