Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Observations

Today on Black Friday I have bought five Ann Taylor cable-knit sweaters for $106 and an Acer computer for $450 (it includes anti-viral software subscription!). I am so thankful that I have the money to buy another computer because now I can schedule the Monday Comcast appointment tomorrow. Right now I am tired because Black Friday has consumed an abundance of my energy.

Earlier this morning I had to walk to Ann Taylor Loft twice because when I originally arrived at 9:05am, the store was closed forcing me to return home and call the store to verify. As soon as the saleswoman said that the DuPont location was open, albeit late, I returned to the store. That took a lot out of me. After watching Matlock I went to Farragut North and boarded the red line for Tenleytown metro. After climbing those escalators, I arrived at Best Buy where the small netbook screen saddened me. Immediately I looked for a laptop and after talking with two employees I bought the $349 Acer with anti-viral protection for another $79.99. Since the software was not installed I had to sit in the Geek Squad lounge for 15 minutes. Though stores were usually packed on Black Friday, this was not the case at Best Buy and it was not because I arrived at 11:15am. The recession took a very huge bit out of Christmas spending. Though many of my friends comment that Wal-Mart and JC Penney are crowded, when you are scared about keeping your job, a new computer is not high on your list! This situation is another realization that I am lucky to have a high-paying job to allow me to replace my computer. Later, I walked to Chipotle where I ordered the usual chicken burrito. I used cash and it was only returning home when I realized that the company mailed me two free burrito coupons. Rats! Speaking of returning home, this man who resided in my apartment was moving real fast through traffic. If I did not have my computer I would had secretly raced him home.