Saturday, July 01, 2017

XD30 - Day 30 - Crossing the Finish Line

I have done it! I have written a consecutive 30 days as a part of this XD30 June challenge! I am very proud that through warts and all, I have written. Some days, money has been funny, while others they haven’t; but, I will say that right now, I am in the best space ever and will keep this ball rolling. Furthermore, I will NOT act as if my receiving my fourth certification is not the singular reasonperson why I am happy. June has ended much better than it started. I am grateful for this.
I am better not  just personally but professionally. Now I have my entire July editorial calendar written, will promote my certification and keep pushing well into July. I do think that July being the third quarter and second half of 2017 will get a lot more traction. I do think that a whole lot of great things await me.
One thing I will do is to keep writing every day because it is a great way to document my journey but also blow some steam. I do feel another book coming after participating in this daily writing challenge. Of course, I will keep everyone posted.

Until next time….

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