Saturday, July 24, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #12: Making Headway

This morning I score 92% on my project management applications final. Completing my third class gives me a project management citation increasing my promotional potential. Furthermore, I have just learned that I have received another interview to display my newly acquired knowledge. Having this kind of good fortune makes me happy that I have enrolled in supervision II because now I can use all of this knowledge to ace my upcoming interview.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Proactivity Blog #11: My Actions are Receiving positive feedback!

After the interviewer mentions my project management coursework, I start realizing that I am going in the right direction. This is a good feeling especially since I have been enrolled in project management courses since April. Currently, I am wrapping up my third class this week giving me a citation! In addition, I will enroll in my second supervision class. The interviewer's feedback is a huge motivator for me since I am seeking a promotion! Hopefully, it will materialize soon!

The NBA Hall of Famers are Right to Call Out LeBron!

Michael Jordan and Ervin 'Magic' Johnson are absolutely right for calling out LeBron James as a follower who does not have the heart to compete against his other NBA rivals! One, LeBron will not win a ring in Miami for three reasons: 1) he is no longer the leader who cannot make 100% of the decisions, 2) in between him, D. Wade and Chris Bosh there are too many egos on this team and 3) friends and business do not mix. Unlike Yahoo! Sports blogger Trey Kerby who has neither won a literary award nor won a championship, Jordan and Magic are not complaining. These two men have 10 championship rings to LeBron's 0 rings! Furthermore, when MJ arrived in Chicago, the Bulls were not contenders. He made them one by winning 6 titles! Moreover, both MJ and Magic are astute businessmen. This commonality directly derives from them not quitting when things go bad! Magic Johnson has amassed a $500 million dollar business empire. Michael Jordan's staying in Chicago has taught him to stick it out in the hypercompetitive business world. This is the reason why Jordan now owns his own NBA franchise the Charlotte Bobcats! This translates into money or in James' case the loss of money. This week it has been reported that James is no longer a top-3 endorser slipping to #4. This is crucial because companies will not pay as much for him as a follower versus LeBron as a leader. Dwayne will get all of the money! I doubt that LeBron will ever make it to this MJ's and Magic's sports and business levels because he has bailed out of a tough situation. This character trait reappears in business. Finally, what MJ and Magic think about LeBron matters because it leads to my third point: NBA Hall of Fame entry. Current Hall of Famers determine future Hall of Famers. If MJ and Magic words are any indication, LeBron James will not receive enough votes for entry. In between, the loss of respect, money and Hall of Fame status, there is no way LeBron will ever win a championship or recapture the credibility everyone once had in him!

Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron's Cowardice Will Never Win a Championship in Miami

LeBron has made a very, very bad career decision by going to the Miami Heat that will have career implications for four reasons. First, is the Shaq factor. Dwayne Wade has not won a championship without Shaquille O'Neal; whereas, Kobe has won two NBA championships. Wade is the catalyst for the Miami Heat so if he cannot get over the hump, how will LeBron James and Chris Bosh? Second, LeBron James will never be considered a first-round NBA Hall of Famer because he jumped shipped. Look at Kobe Bryant. Even when things were bad, he stayed in LA helping the Lakers win two more championships. The same with Tim Duncan staying with San Antonio winning 4 championships. From a historical point, look at Michael Jordan staying with Chicago winning 6 championships; Larry Bird staying with Boston winning 4 championships; and. Magic Johnson staying with the Los Angeles Lakers staying winning 4 championships. There is no way that the voters would send LeBron to the Hall of Fame after pulling this stunt. Third, I knew that when Chris Bosh was interviewing for ESPN instead of Wade, that there would be problems in paradise because now he thought that he was at the level as Dwayne and LeBron. Chris was never an All-Star starter. Now he thinks that he is at their level and going to get plays drawn up for them? That's three directionless prima donnas in Miami versus a cohesive Los Angeles Lakers team? I reside in Washington, DC and have seen how Gilbert Areans, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison have fizzled going up against Cleveland. I am taking Kobe over Dwayne, LeBron and Chris. Finally, LeBron cannot function well in a subordinate position. He is used to being the 'King' for seven years and celebrated as this generation's Michael Jordan. Now he has relegated himself to the Scottie Pippen role. This is not going to work. It is a train wreck waiting to happen!