Monday, May 17, 2010

Letting Go and Letting God

This morning Mary J. Blige has tweeted two very good messages on being your own person. The first is "Try not to run the race that every one else does because there is no leadership or peace in that race." I truly identify with this sentiment because with everything from the right to die to assisted suicide debates to the Tea Party rants becoming overtly political here in DC, I am officially done with it. Once you close the door, it is over and now you must start reclaiming your inner peace. There is a bitterness here when people try to call you stupid and assassinate your character when you disagree. Look no further than Keith Olbermann who rips people's character whenever someone disagrees with him. Though I am a Democrat, this is not the way to respond to someone. Civil discourse has gone the way of the dinosaur. In my own way, I have reached back to get it for myself.
The second is " Things always turn out better when we follow our own intuition not what some me else thinks or believes." Running at my own pace has helps me deal with a lot things here. Actually, intuition is my internal compass guiding me through life. I listened to it when I decided to intern in Washington, DC during my junior year; traveled to London, England during my Cleveland State University Accelerated MBA Program; and relocated here to Washington, DC to work in my major. I can always count on myself so there is no problem with listening to my inner voice.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is the fifth week of my project management classes and in two weeks I will be on the cusp of completing the first leg of my two-step of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification journey. After June 4th, I will enroll in project management applications and in six more weeks I will qualify to sit for the organizational tips that will help me personally and professionally. I can prioritize my tasks in order of importance. This enables me to increase productivity. Furthermore, I learn that the Department has two project management programs. Completing the certification positions me for headquarters promotions. I will reap a lot of benefits. Combining my PMP certification with my Aspiring Leaders Development Program experience, I am thinking of hanging out my own shingle by starting my own business. Possessing the adequate background and experience, I will be a success!