Saturday, May 30, 2015

Countdown to Taking the PMI-PBA Exam

I have made significant progress during my 1-week window by typing the PMI BA Practice Guide chapters 1-2 and 4-6. I truly want to be earn my PMI-PBA certification because it has been nearly 1 year since submitting my application. Furthermore, I am now working as a Business Analyst so obtaining certification is a huge competitive advantage. This week I have scheduled my exam for June 23rd. Since the exam is based on the practice guide, I now what’s required and will reread it twice to pass the test the first time.

Strolling Down the Street in My Stuart Weitzman Gladiators!

Some lady saw my Stuart Weitzman​ Gladiator sandals and said 'very few people could pull that look off' Very true. I chose the gold over the black because the former was a showstopper! I had garnered a whole lot of attention with these!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Managing Positive Change

                I am experiencing a whole lot of (positive) change yet it is still change so I must effectively manage it. This morning I have downloaded like three change management books to adequately prepare for it. Though I have been in DC for 9 years and have experienced a lot of change (both good and bad), right now I’ve learned to do a better job and dealing with change. Having renewed my PMP certification, I approach the latest change as a project. Hey, I’ve mastered project management why not apply my transferable skills towards change management? Once thing is for certain, I will have a process in place instead of trying to figure it out all willy-nilly.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Renewing My PMP Certification

Yesterday I renewed my PMP certification by scoring 94% on my Ed2Go High Speed Project Management final and 97% on my Ed2Go Introduction to Business Analysis and Achieving Success with Difficult People finals. Once I obtained my certificates of completion, I got Ed2Go’s REP number and entered all of my personal development units (24 apiece) and viola my PMP certification was renewed until June 2019. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Step-by-Step Inch-by-Inch

I have completely typed PMI BA Practice Guide’s chapter. This is the biggest chapter and I am happy that I have overcome this obstacle. Tomorrow I will start typing chapter 5. My original goal is to complete chapter 5 by Saturday but starting tomorrow is even better because I’ll have a head start and will be able to take the Rita Mulachy PBA online domain exam on Saturday instead of Sunday. The online simulator is based on the BA Practice Guide so I know that my test results will mirror my actual performance. Scoring at least 75% on the simulations is my goal because it gives me significant wiggle room (61% is the minimum passage rate. The PMI-PBA exam has 200 questions just like the PMP. I know that I am more than capable of answering 150 questions correctly.). I have one month and I know that with Rita, I will pass the exam.

                I have also caught up on my Ed2Go Intro to Business Analysis course by finishing quiz 11. Quiz 12 and the final exam will be posted Friday. I will print them completing quiz 12 then highlighting the final exam. I will complete the final Saturday. Next I have completed Achieving Success with Difficult People quizzes 6 and 7. Tomorrow I will complete quizzes 8 through 12 and highlight the final. During Memorial Day weekend, I will finish these two finals putting me 2 steps closer towards renewing my PMP certification. PMI requires 60 personal development units (PDUs). Each Ed2Go course gives me 24 PDUs so when I complete these two courses, I will have 48 PDUs. High-Speed Project Management will be my only outstanding course. I will work on it after Saturday’s two finals completing my final exam on Sunday. When Memorial Day rolls around, I will have 72 PDUs completed and be able to use my PMP all the way until June 2019!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Making Inroads towards My PMP Certification Renewal

                Today I’ve made a dent into my Ed2Go Introduction to Business Analysis course completing lessons 1, 3-10. Tomorrow lesson 11 will debut and I will complete it along with my High-Speed Project Management courses. Since I’ve last written, I’ve learned that Project Management Institute will change its certification renewal process December 1st and I want to get my renewal out of the way. PMI requires 60 personal development units over a 3-year period. I am enrolled in 3 courses at 24 personal development units apiece which squares my renewal away before June. Although I have done well academically and professionally, completing my PMP certification renewal in May is a very big accomplishment. I would have ended my first five months on a high note!