Sunday, October 26, 2014

PMI-PBA and Self-Investment

                I am happy to have purchased my Watermark Learning requirements management book because I have learned so much from just two chapters. I know that I will pass the PMI-PBA exam immediately after finishing this book. It should take no longer than one week. Afterward I will retake my traceability & monitoring drill and another 50-question practice exam. In addition, today I will outline BABOK chapter 3: elicitation because I will master all of the business analysis concepts. Furthermore, I guess I am happier that I am investing in myself and my future. I will not only be able to earn my PMI-PBA certification but increase my income. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Week in PMI-PBA Studies

                This week I will be doing something every day towards working closer towards my PMI-PBA certification. I will continue outlining PMBOK chapter 5 and BABOK chapter 6, take the RMC chapter 5 knowledge area quiz, another Watermark Learning PMI-PBA traceability & monitoring drill after outlining BABOK chapter 6, and a 100-question practice PMI-PBA exam. Furthermore, I will look at what the PMI-PBA LinkedIn study group feedback is once PMI makes the test scores available. I will learn from their mistakes and recalibrate my studies in order to better prepare. Moreover, this is the week before PMI publishes its own Business Analysis Practice Guide which will be available online October 28th. I am working this week on positioning myself towards improving my PMI-PBA traceability knowledge and overall score by the time this PMI publication gets released. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Okay So I Piss Someone Off

                 A week ago I went to a graduate economics info session. I was interested in returning to earn my graduate Applied Economics program. I was disrupted twice in my pursuit and now that things were stabilizing, I decided to try it again. During the info session, I asked about transferring my credits from another school. I caught the program director off guard because he was never asked that question. The graduate economics program was founded in 2012; however, I was going to ask because it was an accredited school so it should accept transfer credit. Okay so I annoyed him. Whatever because it let me score a private telephone discussion. I submitted my graduate transcript. Although the director said that I had to retake the courses because they were Bs instead of As, I felt great to ask about transfer credit especially as a woman because society told us not to be confrontational; but, if getting out of 2 courses and saving $5500 were the end results then I’d rather piss people off to save money. It is my life and my money!

Friday, October 17, 2014

This Week in PMI-PBA Certification Study

                 I have made significant PMI-PBA progress. I have outlined BABOK chapter 4 and taken my first traceability & monitoring drill. I am glad that I have done this because the drill has forced me review BABOK chapter 4 and pay more attention to BABOK chapter 6 and PMBOK chapter 11. Having earned my PMP certification using PMBOK fourth edition instead of the fifth edition, I am unfamiliar with the new edition. I must master this PMBOK fifth edition to pass the exam. I will write down PMBOK page 61 twice a day plus write down all of the chapter 11 risk management processes.
                The next week is essential towards preparing the October 28th Business Analysis Practice Guide publication. I will finish outlining BABOK chapter 6, PMBOK chapter 11 and take another traceability & monitoring drill plus another practice exam. When October 28th rolls around, I will be well-positioned to incorporate the practice guide and pass the PMI-PBA exam the first time.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pushing Ahead with my PMI-PBA Studies

                Yesterday I completely outlining my Business Analyst’s Mentor Book that I purchased from Amazon last Monday. It was a milestone because before then I would stop and start reading BABOK and my other business analysis book; however, I stuck with it. During this past week I learned more concepts and vocabulary words that would help me pass the PMI-PBA exam the first time. I also wrote down entire BABOK definitions to ensure that I fully understood everything I read. Rewriting some of these definitions down multiple times helped absorb their meanings. It wasn’t just okay that was a requirement but I understood which sequence that requirement was in. Throughout this process I developed the requisite endurance to spend 3-4 hours daily towards highlighting BABOK chapters 4 and 6 this week. Once I completely highlight them, I will take another Watermark Learning requirements traceability and monitoring practice drill and another PMI-PBA 50-question practice exam. I do feel that by the end of this week my online practice drill and exam scores will increase by 15 points and I will start reading my other business analysis book. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

PMI-PBA Self-Investment and Learning that PMI Will Publish a Business Analysis Practice Guide

                Buying the Business Analyst’s Mentor Book is my best PMI-PBA investment thus far because it deciphers all of the business analysis jargon into understandable concepts. I have read 41 pages. Even though I am resting my fingers, I do see myself completing another 41 pages tomorrow and finishing the book by Wednesday when my physical book arrives.  When I get the physical book, I will reread the book and write down anything this is new. I might even write down BABOK definitions to incorporate the formal business lexicon that is on the PMI-PBA exam.  I know that this Handbook will increase my PMI-PBA online exam score. This week when I take another 50-question practice exam, I will score over 75%.  I have to because I am working on improving my scores.

                Furthermore, I have learned through my LinkedIn PMI-PBA study group that PMI will publish its Business Analysis Practice Guide online on October 28th.  It’ll be free. In between now and then, I will read Business Analyst’s Mentor Book, BABOK, and PMBOK chapters 5, 6, 8, 10, 13. I am will be well-read and prepared to read the PMI guide. I know that following this plan gives me a very good chance of passing the PMI-PBA exam the first time.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

PMI-PBA Weekly Progress

                This week I will improve my PMI-PBA exam score by reading BABOK chapter 4 and taking two traceability and monitoring drills. I have scored 25% in this domain which is completely unacceptable. By next Sunday, my traceability and monitoring score will move up to 62% (61% is the minimum passage rate). These two drills give me more practice to see more exam-related questions. I know that I am capable of passing the PMI-PBA on the first try. I have passed the PMP the first time. I am happy to have purchased the PMI-PBA online exam simulation instead of cross-referencing the CBAP practice exam because the former has shown me my weak areas. I am no longer walking around blind anymore because I know how to address my weaknesses. That’s the one thing I don’t want to do when I walk into Prometric this fall and take the PMI-PBA exam.

                The PMI-PBA certification affords me more cross-disciplinary opportunities out there. I have received a phone interview for an adjunct position. The college combined its economics and business administration departments. This benefits me because I have economics and business administration degrees. Also the PMI-PBA can fill the void because this is a small private college which does not have anyone who can merge the two disciplines. Obtaining the PMI-PBA certification not only bridges the gap but makes me indispensable. I love teaching because I get to communicate and share ideas and information. This motivates me to earn my PMI-PBA.

My Brownies Are Finally On the Right Side of History!

                I am so happy that the Cleveland Browns have won today especially after starting 28-3. My Brownies have managed to come back from 25 down to win the game 29-28 making history in the process. This is the first time in NFL history that an away team has rallied from 25 down to win a game. Finally, my Brownies are on the right side of NFL history!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Summoning the Strength to Review My First PMI-PBA Online Exam Results

                I have summoned the strength to rise above my muscular soreness to start writing down all of my PMI-PBA online exam wrong answers. Writing them down by hand makes me reread the questions and understand the reasons behind the right answers. I also have discovered that I need to learn more of the business analysis terminology and reread PMBOK fifth edition chapters 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13. In a LinkedIn PMI-PBA preparation group most test takers say that they’ve studied chapters 5 (scope management), 8 (quality management) and 13 (stakeholder management). However, while doing the online test, I’ve noticed the importance of chapters 6 (time management) and 10 (communications management). I will also rewrite PMBOK page 61 every single morning to get back into the habit of remembering each process and their interdependencies. I am intent on scoring above 62% on my next online practice exam and over 80% on my final PMI-PBA exam.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Technical Difficulties

                I awoke hungry and jetted to the DuPont doughnut spot because Google said that it was opened until 2am. Wrong! It closed at 12am because it was Wednesday L. You meant that I walked down N street with crazy people cursing each other out for a closed restaurant? I huffed all the way to the 24-hour CVS got food and returned back home. Sheesh!