Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunshine at Midnight

Sunscreen in my eyes cannot keep me from attending my apartment building’s rooftop gathering! The first time it was rained out; and, it looked like it would rain again but, alas, it did not. I am glad to breathe the air, venting all of the trivial details of today. I need to do this more often (and next time wear the maxi dress because this one woman wears a Gypsy 05 dress and I know that I can do better than that! OMG I am so sick of these secretarial support chicks thinking that they are styling and profiling!). Anyway I am so happy to meet with other tenants in building and this rooftop event serves as a stress release from thinking about tomorrow's economist interview.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ascending the Ladder

Yesterday I nailed my economist interview by asking two very good questions and possessing very solid economics knowledge. I could see myself working for the hiring manager because I could discover new things without competition. After lunch I returned to my desk where another person asked me about my availability for a brief 20-minute interview for the healthcare economist. I replied saying Tuesday, August 11th since Friday and Monday were my off days. Finally, while printing my announcement, resume and application answers I noticed that the agency forwarded my newest application to the hiring official. Immediately I clicked on QuickHire and my III/IV economist application had been forwarded to the hiring official!

I notified my boss about interviewing. Though he had taken it well, this was the hardest thing that I had to do because I really loved my job! In addition with the recovery transfer payments being implemented I knew that next year there would be so many new components! However, getting accepted into ELDP was my primary career objective so if moving on means moving up then so be it! Ever since my friend who took a detail at Main Commerce became section chief at another agency told me that I qualified for higher grades, I knew that I could realize my goal. Never settle even if I liked my current position!

I Don't Need to Surround Myself By Stupid People Like These

Checking my Facebook page, I saw this crap from an atheist white man questioning Christianity and blacks being brainwashed by slave traders. Knowing that Coptic Christianity existed in Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa, this was so dumb that I de-friend him. I know where my ancestors come from and now that they were not pagans. My friend likes my status. Later tonight I will divulge her my reason behind the post. She is a practicing Christian so she will understand my angst! I cannot be around someone that dumb. The Coptic Christianity is highlighted on Wikipedia not to mention Brittanica!