Friday, February 14, 2014


Things are moving fast. Today while working on applying for jobs and enjoying my snow day, I receive an email congratulating me on becoming a Small Business Book Awards judge.  I am honored because there will probably a whole lot of applicants. It just feels good to be acknowledged. I’ve submitted my two topics (economics and technology). Possessing economics work experience, I am well-versed in the topics. Furthermore, I have over 10 years’ data mining experience and am a Trekker so technology is right up my alley. Most importantly, I love reading books because I can always learn something from them. With the Small Business Book Awards, I intend to read all of the cutting edge business topics to stay on top of my game.
                This announcement comes on the heels of receiving Chaz’s Careeranista book and being mentioned in the acknowledgements. I will build upon this momentum by considering freelance writing. I might even restart my page to earn more income. $5 is better than nothing. I think it’s even my 1% cost of living adjustment (COLA) from the federal government.  And it doesn’t just stop with this new book judge announcement. It gets better.

                While reading my graduate school’s alumni newsletter, the university says that it is looking for bloggers. Since the alumni department follows me on Twitter, I know that I am a frontrunner. Furthermore, I have stayed in the alumni notes page with my promotions and project management certification accomplishments. I will use my writing as my ticket to get out of this predicament.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Moves

                I helped proofread a friend’s book and she quoted me and wrote me in her acknowledgements. She also debuted a career website along with her book. I asked her about writing articles for the site and if freelancers wrote the majority of the material. She responded that though most freelancers wrote the website material, they did it for free. Well, I knew that I could at least get something since I helped her with the book.  Furthermore, I wanted to expand my career opportunity and writing is right up the alley.

                Writing will be my ticket out of a toxic workplace. With the government shut down, Friday being my off day and Monday being Presidents’ Day, I have 5 days towards working on my craft. Immediately I wrote her my biography (BA, MBA and PMP) and a photo to her copy editor to get started. Even in the midst of a snowstorm, I am making career moves.  I am using my pen to get out of this raggedy mess.