Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Better to Give Than Receive

            This past week I gave two people money so that they could have decent Christmases for their families.  Whenever I did open my wallet, I was thankful that God blessed me with the means to help them.
As I age, I take particular pride in being a giver instead a receiver.  It brings joy to my heart. Besides, I never want people to spend an astronomical amount of money on me. That’s quite embarrassing.  What I do love is mailing and receiving Christmas cards because I collect them.  Seeing the different kinds is awesome. Sometimes I write down the company because I might buying from it next year.  Of course, there are the cookies and candy; but, most importantly, family.  I will make it a priority to see mine in 2013 because snow or not family never gets old. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Never Ever Being Mediocre!

            Pastor Joel Osteen preaches about mediocrity running rampant. I’m not that all, I’m an overachiever. It has taken me until that sermon to understand that receiving promotion, testifying in two trials, traveling to four different states and enrolling in two statistics classes mean that I’m not going to take the PMP exam this year.  It’ll be on top of my list in 2013. USDA Graduate School has a $375 PMP preparation course.  In between now and January 23rd, I’ll complete statistics 2 and intro to statistical modeling classes, finish reading operations management and square away all of my work projects. By March 15th, I’ll reread the new PMBOK twice, taken 5 practice exams and registered for the exam. I’ll have my PMP before May 1st. After PMP is the statistical process control on March 18th and acceptance sampling on April 19th. With PMP, I’m focusing only on that. Next year I’m pacing myself. I’m only doing 2 things at a time. Spacing them out lets me devote time towards it. Come June I’ll pass the certified quality engineer test making me a sure shot for GS-15. There’s no way I’m not getting promoted with PMP and CQE. Personally, I’ll be happy to utter the words; engineer!  That’s pretty big coming from a woman who never thought about becoming one!
            The US Department of Education constantly stresses the importance of Americans studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees. I have an economics degree which is social science.  Though I study statistics and have taken several higher-level math courses, obtaining the certified quality engineer distinction puts me in the STEM category.  I’ve always been hypercompetitive Type A personality who never backs down from competition.  Becoming an engineer after arriving in 2006 as an economist, is a big achievement. I only had an algebra. It took me dropping out of American University to take precalculus at Northern Virginia Community College-Alexandria campus, calculus at USDA Graduate School and calculus II at the University of the District of Columbia.  I took calculus III at UDC to finish the sequence. While taking the class, the physics student was there.  I looked up the university’s physics major prerequisites.  You only needed calculus II.  No wonder it was hard.  I received a D, the first time and a C the second time. Finally, I took linear algebra and advanced statistics. Now I’m taking statistics 1 and 2. By the certified quality engineer (CQE) exam, I’ll complete three more advanced statistics classes (I might read Differential Equations for Dummies to learn more math [engineering probably requires this] and I’ll earn my fourth higher level math course qualifying me for the fed government mathematician classification).            Obtaining the CQE certification opens up doors for me. One I’ll qualify for GS-15 quality manager jobs. Also I’ll qualify for IEEE. Furthermore, since a native-born American armed with an engineering certification, I’ll demand top-dollar!  The one thing I won’t be is mediocre!  I don’t know how much time I have remaining on this earth but I refuse to waste is doing the minimum!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

LivingSocial Gingerbread House Making course

This past Tuesday I went to LivingSocial’s headquarters off of 918 F Street NW for my gingerbread house making course. I decided to purchase this deal because my job was stressing me out.  Initially, I thought that there would be an instructor…but, no, the lady told us to use the icing to create a base and start making our own gingerbread houses from the kit.  I didn’t know what she meant by creating a base so I assembled my house without putting icing at the bottom to hold it still.  Towards the end, one of the sides caved in but regardless I accomplished a craft project.  Here is my photo:

Being Open to Change

This month I will have been on my new job for 8 months; and, in 4 more months I will receive my next promotion.  This realization motivates me to purchase the Be Your Own Boss book because I need to manage my money and opportunity.  Last night I attended the DC Black MBA Christmas party.  I observed that most members were only 5-10 years older than I was but earning less than I did.  Right then I sat still analyzing peoples’ conversations.  Being still sharpened my intuition.  Mentally I saw myself 5-10 years older as a corporate executive armed with my MBA/PMP/CPA/CQE certifications not stuck in middle management.  Obtaining my CAPM certification resulted in my receiving this job.  It took me 3 years to land this job but I didn’t quit and didn’t resign myself to the fate that I’d always be stuck in the middle. Securing the PMP/CPA/CQE certifications guaranteed at least two more promotions. 
            Returning to purchasing the book, even though I am not starting a business yet, I equate my professional career as a business.  Since I know that I will receive another promotion in 4 more months, I must position myself to be successful.  I will earn $16,000 more money and might even exceed the payroll tax maximum.  Next year I will travel more.  I will attend the NBA All-Star weekend in Houston.  If I like Houston, I will return for the Black MBA annual conference next September. Personally, I want to read this book as mental preparation for the new year.  I am already using my own money to enroll in statistics classes and read quality engineering books for my job.  This change is heaped on me without notice.  Learning how to effectively manage unforeseen changes in a business context will help me personally and professionally in 2013.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Doing Work Even When I'm Off

            Today I pledge not to do any work. I’ve outlined 8 pages of quality engineering statistics for one week and enrolled in statistics 2 for another 4 weeks.  Nothing will interrupt my day; and, I’ve succeeded until tonight when I join a Google Hangout.  Kristi of Women CEO is brilliant bringing out ideas that help me become a better professional such as creating a brag sheet and finding workers on  This year, I’ve received a promotion and attended three White House Tweetup sessions.  These are brag-worthy. Furthermore, she tells the group that we should have our goals done for 2014 and not just 2013. I don’t think that far.  Then it hits me that my agency wants me to stay on for 2 years after completing the leadership development program. Well, that’s 2014.  I might as well have a plan to accomplish some important milestones. Even though I don’t aspire to do any work today, I’m glad to hang out with Kristi because she’s gotten me ready for not just 2013 but also 2014.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Proud of My Brownies!

            The Cleveland Browns soundly defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7! They are on a 3-game winning streak.  It’s the first time since 2007 that this has happened.  As a proud Clevelander, I am happy that our wins have come from beating our archenemies, the Steelers, the Raiders and now the Chiefs.  We’re hitting our stride at the right time because next week Cleveland is playing Washington DC.  Though the starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, is having his knee examined, I still want my Brownies to play him. Make no mistake, I love Kirk Cousins because I am from Big Ten country and he’s a former Michigan State Spartan QB. What’s the point saying that we’ve won when we haven’t faced the real starter?  Regardless, I am a Brownie for life!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Four Seasons Turnaround

            My morning started out raggedy!  I awoke, showered and left my warm bed all before 8am to see my beautician but he stood me up ‘because he left something on the stove at hom.  Hey, this was my off day plus it was damp from early morning rain.  I made my way to my office to pay my bills, enroll in the new statistics class and outline ½ of quality engineering statistics chapter 7. While there I made a Four Seasons lunch reservation.  Arriving early I never say so many police in my life at the hotel.  I sat in the lobby observing all of the coppers.  When 11:45 am rolled around, I walked downstairs to Seasons restaurant. The maître d escorted me to my seat.  The manager told me about the new Kobe pastrami Reuben sandwich that the restaurant added last week.  Originally, I was dead set on ordering the Angus burger but what the heck I tried the Kobe sandwich.  I was glad I did because it was filling.  Its portion size looked like the Four Seasons got my lunch from a corner deli.  I could only eat ½ asking that the rest be boxed for later.  This lunch date right set my day allowing me to return to normalcy carrying out the rest of today’s tasks which were watching college basketball and outlining my book.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Buckeyes Rule Even without Beilema at Wisconsin

I learned that Wisconsin Badgers football coach Brent Beilema was going to the Arkansas Razorbacks and received my Nike Ohio State University Buckeyes undefeated t-shirt today.  His departure truly didn't matter because we beat Wisconsin plus Urban Meyer will get the Buckeyes back to 12-0 and a BCS Bowl next year.  We own the Big Ten conference.  Buckeyes until I die!

Grace Part II

I am grateful that I am farther along today than I was 7 months or even 1 year ago.  I have received a promotion, not scrapping for money, have enough savings and am enjoying myself a whole lot more!  Even with this curveball thrown at me, I will overcome it and 1 year from now I will be better off.  I can sense it!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Completing Statistics 1

            I have submitted my final assignment for my online statistics 1 class this evening.  It is a big step in the right direction.  Having been on the job for 7+ months, I’ve been spinning my reels trying to discover what my job duties were.  Once they were finalized, I saved my money enrolling in this class. The new fiscal year dried up education funds but I had enough money from my new promotion to pay for it.  Taking this statistics course was the best decision I made that November because then I got hit with a whammy: they wanted me to perform quality engineer duties!  Hello!  My job title was statistician not quality engineer; however, reading the American Society for Quality and the quality engineer description aligned with what they wanted. 
I thanked God that I had the math and one operations management class that I took at Cleveland State to give me a background about this newfound territory else I’d be lost and gave up.  I learned about acceptance sampling and creating sample plans.  I downloaded some sample chapters and discovered that the online statistics school offered an acceptable sampling course next spring.  I wasn’t waiting for April when my boss wanted it now!  Therefore, I purchased the quality engineering statistics book and saved my money for statistics 2.  The school had a three-course beginning statistics schedule.  By the time I finish, it’ll be February allowing me to enroll in statistical process control.   When I finish SPC, I’ll take acceptance sampling.  I possess great timing because come New Year’s Day, I’ll be done with statistics 1 and 2.  I’m halfway done by the time the ball drops welcoming in 2013.  I will look back at all of this thinking what a journey.  I’ve started from 0 to this and still managed to be standing.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spending Small Business Saturday at Marvin Restaurant

            Today is Small Business Saturday where Americans are encouraged to patronize small businesses.  Though I know quite a few entrepreneurs, I do this often, I’ve decided to eat dinner at a restaurant I’ve never gone.  Checking the promotion’s website, I find Marvin restaurant in DC.  I’ve heard of it but never known its location until searching for online directions. I come to learn that it is two doors down from Lost Society.  Who knew? Certainly not I!  I enter the establishment meeting with the hostess who takes me to the second floor.  Even with the steep stairs, as a non-drinker, I don’t want to share space with the lushes!  I get there and the music is blasting from four speakers. Immediately my memory goes back to 1905 restaurant where I gotten a headache from being seated right underneath the speaker.  However, this isn’t the case.  My waitress/bartender is very nice and knowledgeable.  I order the shrimp & grits as an appetizer.  It has three shrimp with the heads detached.  This is awesome presentation and the first time I’ve ever seen the heads as part of the dish. 

Marvin Restaurant Shrimp & Grits

Combined with the grits and this deal is filling.  I order the chicken and waffles.  After finishing the waffles and the chicken leg, I ask for the rest of the chicken to be wrapped.  Initially, I ask the waitress for the dessert menu but decide against it since I am stuffed.  I leave Marvin full and confident that I will be frequenting this neighborhood gem beyond Small Business Saturday.  

Marvin Restaurant Chicken and Waffles

Participating in Small Business Saturday has given me new options that I wouldn’t have tried with the promotion.  I think that American Express and the Small Business Administration should do this promotion on a quarterly especially since small business is the cornerstone of the American economy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Survival Day One

Hurricane Sandy is here in full force and I brave the winds to get my PJ Clarke’s burger and Parmesan tater tots (My chest has just healed at 10pm.). Dammit! I’m glad that some restaurants are closed. Well, hurricane Sandy has mailed its way up to Cleveland forcing schools to close I hope that my Mommy is off of work Tuesday too as well as my father because no one is receiving mail.  I think that given the NYC flooding, even when Sandy leaves the area, WMATA can’t run trains.  It looks like I’m not returning to work until Thursday. Well, at least I have my lights on and money in my pocket. What more can I ask for with a hurricane?

Monday, October 15, 2012

All in A Day's Work

            I awake early on my final day of vacation because I have to give my Mommy the final First Lady Michelle Obama Cuyahoga Community College visit.  I would’ve given it to her yesterday but my father said that he would get back to me.  Since I have to pack and request a late check-in, getting up early isn’t the worst thing in the world.    
I scheduled my downtown Cleveland Obama volunteering gig before leaving DC.  I arrived in Cleveland on Thursday and entered data promptly at Friday noon.  Though I was too sick to volunteer Saturday, the field organizer reserved two Michelle Obama tickets for me for Sunday pick-up.  I went to the office and met a man returning from Cleveland after living in DC.  We bonded immediately.  Speaking to him motivated me to return even part-time regardless of what the haters might say about my hometown! Since I missed the Public Square and knowing that it would be another 15 minutes I walked back to the hotel giddy with excitement!  My Mommy was the first person I called.  She said that she would pick up her ticket this evening.  Afterward I called my father who told me that he’d respond in 30 minutes, the same time that my mother was supposed to arrive.  She got her ticket in the middle of the monsoon returning home.  I called my father who told me that my brother had his car.  I was done because deep down inside I thought about giving both tickets to my mother and avoiding all of this.  When he asked me how I managed to obtain the tickets, I told him that I was a part of Vote Corps, received data entry training in Virginia and signed up for the Cleveland volunteering myself.  Dad said that he was impressed with me.  I beamed with pride!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Cleveland trip even though I was sick the first three days forcing me to miss most of my alumni events.  I did attend the Homecoming tailgate obtaining a Viking towel and two t-shirts (My headache slowed me down.  I missed the last size large t-shirt).

I met up with Stacey, one of my Western Reserve Historical Society former coworkers.  It had been 10 years. I was happy that we made it so far. She worked at the hotel since 2007.  The hospitality industry required a lot of special skills and the hotel I stayed at was a Hilton so it wasn’t bottom of the barrel.  I’ve been here in DC since 2006.  For the first six years I worked as an Economist.  Now I’m a Program Analyst.  It was very good to see that Stacey was doing okay.  Later I ate breakfast at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland.  This was the first time that I dined at Muse, I had the breakfast quesadilla containing turkey sausage.  It was so good that I didn’t need the salsa or sour cream!   
Sunday’s highlight was the Browns recorded their first win a 34-24 defeat of the much-hated Cincy Bengals.  In week 2 when they lost to them in Cincinnati, I knew Cleveland would win at home.  What I didn’t know was that I had to wait until week 5 for a win!  In tribute of the Brownies win, I wear my orange cashmere sweater on board the plane back to DC.
As soon as I exited the plane, I waited eons for my luggage.  It shouldn’t had taken that long especially since it was only an hour flight.  National airport knew we were coming.  I hailed a cab home scheduling a PJ Clarke’s lunch reservation.  I scarfed down a burger with sautéed mushrooms and Vermont cheddar cheese.  I truly needed that meal after all of the travel.  

Upon getting situated, I started emailing DC and VA offices for volunteering positions.  I contacted the VA state Vote Corps office contact.  I told her that I just returned today from volunteering in Cleveland, Ohio. After completing the survey (which she said was mandatory. The Ohio Vote Corps said no such thing!), I received another email.  Luckily, the Arlington field organizer called me.  We chatted and agreed to start tomorrow evening before the second debate.  After finalizing my VA slot, the DC field organizer replied.  I am in heavy demand! And that’s just the way I like it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Cleveland State University Alumni/Homecoming Haul

I missed most of the alumni events due to my illness.  Even with a headache I wore my green cashmere sweater and walked to the Wolstein Center to celebrate Homecoming. Below is the picture of my haul containing a lau, two t-shirts, towel and button!

Monday, October 08, 2012


            One of my friends posted Good Morning on his Facebook feed and someone gets angry spewing ‘You can’t be that chirpy every morning!’ venom.  You should be happy for every sunrise you see.  Many people don’t because they’re dead. Just being awake is Grace.

Mind you though I operate in Eastern time versus my friend’s Central time, my body is sluggish today.  Even though it is, I am happy to be awake.  Every day is a blessing regardless of how my biology may feel about it.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adventures in Voter Training

I’m here training at an Obama 2012 office and am the only data training participant bringing her own laptop.  This is crazy because I RSVP on and read the instructions.  Though it is an ad-hoc environment but still be prepared! When I tell them that I volunteered for Obama since 2008 they all wooed. I’m learning that the canvassing have daily quotas. I’ve asked our trainer about getting my Votebuilder account transferred to Ohio when I return home in October.  I’m calling the organizer about it because I will be ready!  Also I’ve learned during my first training that the campaign has virtual phone bank allowing me to feed in Excel spreadsheet.

One of the people stays over because I tell the data instructor that I’ve registered online.  Moocher!  Anyway, I am glad that I’m taking this training because I want to do data mining.  Lack of laptops seem to be problematic.  Hello, people how do you register for data training but not bring a laptop? C’mon people get it together!  In addition, I will speak with the organizer and sign up for a weekend event.  I’ll do this to gauge whether or not I want to sign up for Obama’s Vote Corps (It must exclusive because not even our leader knows about it.  When I mention it she gives a blank stare!  Hey, I guess I do get something since I start registering in 2008.  Early adopter status!).  Next is the 201 intermediate data training class.

Seeing the 201 data training sheet, I don’t know what the fuss about taking both classes the same night is all about?  The office must be used to Luddites because I can go through a 14-page brochure. We are learning how to become a data captain.  This position lets me oversee events and people.  I know that I can do this and will email the organizer about using my VA username on my DC and OH campaigns because I don’t want to open three different accounts.  Finally, though I’ve asked a lady for restaurant reviews, I’ve just remembered that Scandal comes on at 10pm and I will be front and center to learn who Quinn really is.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Donating Clothes and Considering Other Charity Alternatives

            Yesterday I donated 10 items (3 pairs of shoes and 7 articles of clothing) to Suited for Change.  Combining this with the 30 articles of clothing that I donated to CUSP Georgetown on behalf of DC Goodwill, 21 items (6 pairs of shoes and 15 articles of clothing) during the first Suited for Change and 2 Homecoming dresses to my friend who works at a DC high school, and I’ve donated 63 items; and, I am not done because I think that I have some more to give away to Suited for Change this Wednesday. Giving away all of these size 12 clothes and sizes 11 and 12 shoes will help so many women dress professionally for jobs.   I am thankful to be in a position to help others and given my size, I know that there aren’t many options for women my size. Size 12 is only one size below plus-size which start at size 14.
On the flip side, I question some of my purchases because they are impulses.  Immediately I start reconsidering every single purchase.  I have more selective criteria.  So far it has been working because I have only bought what I have come to the store.  Next time I’ll donate money to Suited for Change.  Heck, I might even donate my time to helping women revise their resumes and critique their interviewing sessions.  I possess the skills to make a difference so I just might look into it.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Taking a Break

            I ate lunch at Bourbon Steak for the first time in over two months.  Due to traveling and subsequent jet lag, I either wasn’t in DC or were too tired to summon the strength.  It also helped that the weather was cooperating.  In July it was 100+ degrees.  Now it was a breathable 80 degrees enabling me to wear a lined silk dress.  The menu had a new addition: Pad Thai.  I asked the waiter about it and he said that it replaced the Singapore street noodles.  When I received it, some of the ingredients (eggs, and jalapenos) were reused for the Pad Thai.  Though it tasted okay, Bourbon Steak should had dropped the Singapore street noodles.  I would like the option to choose.  Below is the photo.
Pad Thai

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Thank God for Resiliency and Foresight

Getting out and speaking to others are a godsend.  Sometimes my tunnel vision is so bad that I don’t see other people. While talking with the male volunteer, I see how much resiliency and foresight I possess.  He works at a movie theatre and is a substitute teacher.  He complains about failing the Praxis by 2 points.  This section contains algebra, geometry and word problems…Let me repeat this again. Algebra, geometry and word problems.  Not linear algebra or calculus I through III. His rant makes me realize that I scored 660 on the GMAT quantitative section.  He would had score 440 or something.  I recommend Math Word Problems for Dummies because this book has helped me studying GRE.  Don’t complain!  Get better.  Find a way.  If one isn’t available, create a way; just don’t sit there and say ‘Woe is me!’  I’ve applied this to my life.  I’ve failed calculus before but kept on going.  There is no quit in me!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My First Production Assistant Gig

            I have just finished my first production assistant gig this morning!  Though it entails crumpling brown paper to create a cave, I’ll receive a credit and a premiere party invitation. Dressed in a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Ann Taylor shorts, I’ve noticed that I don’t have enough grunt-work clothes.  I attribute this to being a highly ranked Program Analyst.  There are people who do this for me; however, I am at the bottom rung of the film industry so I might have to hit a couple of Labor Day sales to have a decent collection.  I will email the executive director thanking her for giving me my first shot and telling her that I am available for future opportunities.  Building my resume is my goal. While enrolled in the studio production class, I will book 2-3 more production assistant jobs.  I will have a solid resume.  This job is my first step.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Louisville Slugger Museum

Though work has run me rugged (I got sick when the proposed, quant, intimate gathering of 4 blew up to a rambunctious group of 14.  My body wasn’t prepared for that kind of shock. When there was 4 people you sit there for an hour not 2.5 hours with 14.  My body shut down giving me a massive headache and upsetting my digestive track!). Once it subsided a day later, I made my way to the Louisville Slugger Museum. I pay $11 for the tour and it doesn’t disappoint because we get to see the actual Major League Baseball players being made. The guide tells us that many MLB players sign contracts. Also it is an added bonus as a Clevelander to see Jim Thome’s and Grady Sizemore’s bats! Finally, there is a new guide who has been working for 3 days.  The crowd applauds at the end then we receive our mini-bats. The guide tells us that if we are flying out at the airport we must either check the bats in our luggage or ship them. I decide to ship mine because I don’t have any more space in my bag. After buying my postcard, I leave knowing that my bat is safe and I’ve made the right decision.

Louisville Slugger Museum

A Tree's Journey

Jackie Robinson

Joe DiMaggio

Hank Aaron's bat

'Reading' a Bat

Ted Williams

Lou Brock

Jackie Robinson Signing with Louisville Slugger

Henry Aaron Signing with Louisville Slugger

Louisville View from the Ohio River

            As an Ohioan and a native Clevelander, I’ve never seen the Ohio River.  I’ve been living off of Lake Erie. When my job takes me to Louisville, I get the chance to see it while dining at Joe’s Crab Shack.  Where the city is situated, I can see Jeffersonville, Indiana, from across the river.

Ohio River View from Louisville Joe's Crab Shack

Jeffersonville, Indiana across from the Ohio River

Joe's Crab Shack Louisville Cherry Limeade

Joe's Crab Shack Louisville Crabmeat on top of Shrimp with Dirty Rice and Vegetables

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tonight I used my Palm Steakhouse's complimentary 3-lb. lobster coupon for my birthday.  I decided that this would be a great time to use since tomorrow I am out of town until Friday.  I might not have the energy when I return.  Besides this has been a very good time for me.  This year I've received my promotion and gotten accepted into my second leadership development program.  Along with the potato au gratin, the original bill was $94.  I was unfazed because this year I could afford it.  Last year I was struggling; and, next year I will receive another promotion.  With everything going my way, I am very happy right now!

3-Lb. Lobster with Lemon and Butter plus Potato Au Gratin

My Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberries and Raspberry Sauce

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sea Catch Restaurant

I have tried this Georgetown seafood eatery because as much as I love the Four Seasons, I need a change of pace. The restaurant and scenery haven't disappointed.  This being restaurant week, I can sample the fare without denting my budget.  I enjoy the Caesar salad, mussels and lemon mousse cake.  Furthermore, I enjoy the Georgetown canal.  The Sea Catch restaurant borders it.  Seeing the fish swimming past me, calms me down.  This has been a hectic past week and relaxing outside eating great food are the remedies!
Sea Catch Restaurant Awning

Sea Catch Menu

Mussels with Lemon and Butter

Lemon Mousse Cake with Strawberries

Georgetown Canal

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating my Birthday in Cleveland

            I returned to my hometown Cleveland for my birthday.  I truly needed a break from DC’s breakneck pace and dangerously hot weather.  Off of Lake Erie, the temperature was 75 degrees.  When I returned to Baltimore Washington Airport it was 93 degrees! In between the Wednesday when I landed and this Monday when I returned, I managed to reconnect with family, visit Cleveland State University, my alma mater, celebrate my birthday and 10th year Master of Business Administration anniversary at Mortons Cleveland Steakhouse (after telling the waiter my story, he told another couple who paid for my chocolate mousse dessert!), relax at the Doubletree Cleveland hotel and eat at Mallorca and John Q. Steakhouse.  Enjoy my photos!

Lake Erie and Cleveland coastline 

Celebrating my birthday at Mortons Cleveland Steakhouse

Filet of Salmon with Crabmeat, Asparagus, 2 Shrimps Topped with Crabmeat and 3 Baked Shrimp

Chocolate Mousse with Whipped Cream, Raspberry, Mint Leaf and Birthday Candle

Happy Birthday Greeting on the Menu

Waterfront Line, Great lakes Science Center (Dome) and Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (right)

Cleveland skyscrapers

Cleveland State University Student Center

Cleveland State University Student Center

Cleveland State Campus District

Euclid Commons


Cleveland State University banner

Cleveland State University Art Campus off of East 13th Street

Mallorca Lobster Ravioli and Vegetables and Potato Chips

John Q. Steakhouse Sirloin Steak with Bleu Cheese and Broccoli Au Gratin

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brick Restuarant Fresno Review

I wore my teal Ann Taylor dress and gold Stuart Weitzman Itstybitsy sandals to Brick restaurant. The Fresno employees talked it up so why not go there?  The restaurant was a 2-block walk from the hotel. The green door greeted me.  I entered seeing the hostess and a waitress. I asked for a table for one. When the hostess asked if I wanted a booth, I agreed.  She seated me in the booth with the Ray Charles photo above my head. TCM played on three different movie screens above the sports TV screens showing MLB, ESPN, GOL and Golf channels. Though the booths had lights, the tables on the floor only had candles. I ordered the grilled chicken satays. It took so long that I asked the hostess about it.  The long wait was the only downside.  My satays were delicious.  There were four plus a salad with spicy peanut butter sauce.  I was so full that I skipped the entrees ordering the vanilla crème brulee for dessert.  After taking  a couple of photos, John, Brick’s manager, came over to my table.  I told him that I was from Washington, DC out here on business and that I truly loved his restaurant.  Brick had a nice ambiance and when I return to Fresno on future business I will dine here again.

Grilled Chicken Satays

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Ray Charles Photo on the Wall

                                                         Brick Restaurant Menu