Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back for More at the Four Seasons Washington DC

            Free from running errands and running for my life, I sit down for breakfast at the Four Seasons for the first time in two weeks. I ask Maricris, my waitress, about the Belgian waffles. She replies that this is one of the bestsellers. Immediately I order it. Then she tells me that it comes with whipped cream. Add it on please! Whipped cream for breakfast? Most definitely! I move the strawberries away from my plate. When Maricris asks me why, I tell her that my paternal grandmother has always broken out when eating them. It’s genetic. She says that she’ll record that so that the restaurant won’t serve me any. Now that’s customer service! Here is the photo:

Four Seasons Washington DC Belgian Waffles with Whipped Cream, Mixed Berries, Syrup and Butter

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adapt II

            A lot has transpired since my first Adapt posting. I have been challenged numerous times personally and professionally. I am happy that since then I’ve earned my PMP certification because I’ll be putting it to work to get me out of all of these jams. I want to do more project management and earn more money. I like to write songs, TV shows and scripts. Surely, I can apply project management to punch my own ticket. I came here in DC seven years ago with nothing and managed to quintuple my money. Now it’s time to do it again. I will ask more questions and I’ll be fine. I’ll just be more persistent and pointed because it’s either adapt or die! It’s that simple!

Happy to Have Real Friends

            Though I have been hit with the okie doke this weekend, I am glad to have my real friends surrounding me when everything hits the fan. I truly need them in times like these. I do feel that I will rebound and come out better than before this has even happened. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Something New Comes This Way

            I have learned that I can leave my apartment for another one if I have a good reason. For a time, I’ve been in escrow. Here I’m thinking that I need to go straight to homeownership but there are other available options. I love it because I will move out by Labor Day. I’ve been here for six years. I’ve arrived as a GS-09 and will leave as a GS-14. Not too many people can say that he or she has received a grade increase every year.

            My goal is to manage my money better especially since I’m earning more than the DC median income. After everything that has transpired, I am better off than most. At least I have some options versus others. Since I am making more money, I know that I can save an enormous down payment and stay in midtown DC. However, having earned my PMP I know that I’m capable of making more money so I’ll start looking for consultancy work. I know that I can earn more money. If I can go from GS-09 to GS-14 then certainly I can move up the same. If I truly want something, I just assemble a plan and execute it.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


            On Independence Day, I receive an email from one of my LinkedIn recruiter connections saying that she’ll check out some PMP-related opportunities. With my current situation in limbo, I must adapt. That means submitting my resume on holidays. Independence Day isn’t Christmas, Easter or Good Friday.

            In the spirit of Independence Day which gives me the freedom to choose how I want to live and where I want to work, I’ve used my free will to earn my PMP. This certification has opened many doors for me and I’m taking full advantage. Presently, I’m one grade below the federal government’s maximum grade. I’ll max out before age 50. Why stay stagnant when inflation doesn’t? Moreover, I feel like the ground is shifting under my feet and seeking out new opportunities attached to my PMP. Remember, at the end of the day. I’m responsible for my career; and, it’s adapt or die!