Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week One in Econometrics

The instructor overdid it by lecturing the entire three hours straight! We had to beg him for a break. Also it was totally unnecessary to start the course with calculus II-III and linear algebra overview. That made me glad that I took all of those requisite math classes and AU graduate school courses else I would had dropped econometrics immediately! Actually, while others scrambled I was thankful for the opportunity to refresh my math and statistical knowledge because this semester I am studying advanced statistics and next semester I will return take another econometrics course. If I could survive the math review certainly I can thrive next week's simple regression lesson!

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Relationships Everyone Makes Deposits

I responded to a blogger's love versus security question. Knowing that I would piss her off because I take love, I answer love is secure. She snaps Love is not secure-wtf. Oh well, I am not the only one because she then replies that many of her respondents would pick love over security, too. There are too many people especially women in relationships for money. These become abusive because they cannot leave once they sour. Having your own money enables women to exit. When someone loves you, you always feel secure. Finally, good relationships occur when every one makes deposits. Bringing something into this relationship ensures its longevity.