Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stupidity on Both Sides of the Miss USA Controversy

I think that I need to layoff Twitter a bit after reading Roland Martin’s commentary. Disclosure: I dislike Roland Martin and his ilk because they present themselves as so-called carriers of the Freedom Movement but have left out some considerable amount of its principles; thus, they are watering down the Movement’s potency. I have to post this on Twitter because I simply hate his hypocrisy! Aah! I feel much better after this! Now I am not letting Perez Hilton off the hook because I really do not understand how the pageant allows him within 1000 feet of Miss USA. The problem I have is not with Miss California’s response that she is against gay marriage but Martin’s assertion that being pro-gay marriage is politically correct. This is a disturbing accusation and I refuse to tolerate it or let those who believe or disbelieve be labeled!