Thursday, December 22, 2016

eBay Adventure - A Dollar Doesn’t Buy What It Use To

                Christmas selling season has been slower than average. I admit that I have not been writing eBay Adventure and going onto Periscope as much. Also I have been a tad bit under the weather stopping my progress. Yesterday night I willed myself to do a late night Periscope detailing how I was not taking New Year’s orders for both US and global buyers. I loaded it into HootSuite and reshared it to Twitter aggregators retiring for the night.
                I awake today and break my ‘no email first thing in the morning’ rule. Whenever I break this, it does not go well; but, something in my spirit tells me so I do it. I check this $1 Stuart Weitzman eBay bid offer. Her letter says ‘$75 shipping is a mistake?’. I decline that offer explaining that the $75 shipping for the global priority because the post office lists gladiator sandals as dim weight items. Dim weight items receive an extra charge. This correspondence gives me a chuckle that will take me throughout my day!
                I am taking New Year’s orders for both domestic and global clients. Shop my store here:

Friday, December 02, 2016

eBay Adventure – Keeper of my Word

                I have noticed as of lately that people are emailing me after the sale. Yesterday is the same. I received an email for my Stuart Weitzman Dunkirk boots saying that she would pay $75. I quickly relisted changing it from auction to fixed price. I gave it $100 fixed price emailing her back then returning to sleep.
                This morning I see 2 bids: 1) for $90 and 2) the other $75. Well, I have kept my word accepting the $75. Although the other bid is $15 more but I am kept my word. Integrity is very important to me as a businesswoman. It is the best way to run my shop.