Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Passed my Professional Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Today!

            I passed my PMP certification today!  I scored moderately proficient in all processing groups.  It felt great because I want to pass the first time. I never forgot the feeling when I failed my CAPM certification exam in 2011.  I took at least one practice exam per week, wrote down all of the project management process, and keep at it. 

            I will rest for about 2-3 weeks until I decide my PMI-ACP timetable.  I am looking forward to taking the online agile seminar to receive the personal development units to sit for this new exam. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Confessions of an Over-Studied PMP Person

            Confession: Receiving my GS-14 promotion has made me lax about my PMP certification study and logistics regression analysis class.  I have the $100,000. I don’t have to work as hard to get there.  Besides I have a whole year at GS-14 before qualifying for GS-15. I know that I have what it takes to get there. I refuse to be stuck at GS-14 like a whole lot of people.  I know that I am capable of being at the top of the food chain. 

            In 6 more days, I will be PMP-certified.  Saturday I will take my second SuperPMP. This is the harder exam than the regular PMP.  I want the hardest questions available because this means that I will pass the PMP exam. Last time I receive 46% which is the worst that I can do.  My goal is to get to 61%.  When I get to this level, I know that I will pass the PMP.  Tomorrow I will also write down the PMBOK page 43 and write down all of the project management process definitions and the earned value management formulae. After passing my PMP exam, I will go home, shower and rest (maybe order some ice cream!) then rest for a couple of weeks.  It has been nearly 2 years in the making. I just want it over with!

Celebrating the First Day of Summer

Yesterday I celebrated the first day of summer at Bobby Vans steakhouse in downtown DC.  Initially I was going to order the shrimp scampi but my waitress told me about the chicken piccata. I was glad that I listened because the meal was scrumptious!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do It Yourself is Always in Fashion

Today I’ve met with the lady at Bits of Thread for my designer mentoring program informational session. I’ve registered after paying for my working with patterns class.  Since DC Fashion Foundation is in disarray (it has taken me over one month to receive my textile class refund) and showing my inaugural collection in next year’s Cleveland Fashion Week is my goal, why not sign up? Though I possess an MBA and 10 years’ business experience, I need to learn from someone already in the game.  I’ve told her that I’ve already taken beginners one, sewing two, copy your clothes, perfect your skirt and will take working with patterns this June so I’ve farther along than most newbies.  Moreover, I want to debut my collection next May in Cleveland, my hometown. She and I work on my 1-year goal dissecting it. I tell her that I watch All on the Line with Joe Zee, Rachel Zoe Project, Resale Royalty and Betsey Johnson to learn about the fashion business. I know that it’s more than clothes.  That’s the so-called creative get things all messed up. This is business and it’s how you make money and pay your rent.

            Returning from my session motivates me to work on it for the next 2 weeks that Jackie goes on vacation.  The one thing that I’m happy about is that I’m not waiting for DC Fashion Foundation to get its act together. I’m going for dolo! Why get mad when I can read the Business of Fashion blog, learn the fashion business and return to my July meeting ahead of the pack? I’ve already expressed my interest in taking the future perfect your pants class because I’ll add this item to my capsule collection.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Don't Make the Same Mistakes, Make New Ones

            I’ve just returned from meeting an author that I'm helping at Busboys & Poets.  I am motivated more than ever to write my book and contribute to hers.  I know that I can write a book.  I’m think about writing a middle to upper management book because I’m a GS-14.  I can tell you how to sidestep all of the mess!  My motto has always been: don’t make the same mistakes, make new ones!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

26 Days and Counting

            Today is June 1st and in 26 days I will be taking my PMP exam. Thus far, I have scored 56.5% on my first PMP practice exam and 62% on my second PMP practice exam. Furthermore, I have scored 65.5% on my framework knowledge area practice exam and 71.2% on my scope management knowledge area practice exam.  Next week my goals are to outline PMBOK chapters 4 and 5, score 70% on my third PMP practice exam and 75% on my third knowledge area practice exam. I scored 86% on the Ed2Go PMP certification 2 final exam so scoring 70% on the third online PMP practice exam is reasonable. Writing down all of the project management process and project management plan and project baseline definitions have increased my knowledge and score. I don’t just want to skate. I want to actually know what I’m doing and that means learning the mechanics.  

Making the Most of the Memorial Day Shoe Sales

            I have taken full advantage of this week’s Memorial Day sales stocking up on shoes. I need more shoes for the summer and what better than Stuart Weitzman, my favorite brand! Neiman Marcus has both sandals ½ off. I snap up the tan and brown ones. Net-a-Porter sale is a Godsend because I love these Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather sandals. I’ve been waiting for 3 months for them to go on sale. The minute that Net-a-Porter’s summer sale hits the US, I hop on them. It took 2 hours of tweeting Net-a-Porter and refreshing both my desktop and Blackberry to enter my credit card information but I claim victory and the Zanotti sandals! Amazingly, Net-a-Porter ship them the same day arriving to my home on Wednesday. Here is a photo of all of them!

Stuart Weitzman Arriba in Tan and Cocoa and Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals