Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Somethings Are Just Necessities

            I am adding up all of the charges for renovating my space.  I have purchased a new Origami shelf, three Winsome fabric boxes, and carpet.  I am fretting over the amount. Then I realized that I need these things to be up to code. This isn’t about wasting money. When I transfer the $800 from my savings to my checking, I need these things. This isn’t a pair of Stewies. I must de-clutter my space and purchase carpet so that I don’t get fined. Somethings are just necessities.
            I pride myself on self-assembling my fourth Origami shelf. It gets a little sticky but after taking off my sweater, it unsticks. I do think that I don’t need the Winsome fabric boxes because I’ll probably put my shoes on this rack. I will await my carpet to see how much space I have to cover up. I am just happy that everything is coming by tomorrow so that I can go and get my hair done Thursday then pick up the rest at Target on Friday.

It just seems like everything is coming together so when Monday rolls around, I will be A okay. The bogus debt collections thing will be over with since DC Attorney General is handling it. I have scanned my fake bill emailing it to my case worker. I will follow up via email asking him about receiving my email and speaking with the compliance officer. I will reinforce the DC Attorney General retrieving a formal letter from bogus debt collector about not having my file and not selling this fake debt to any other collection agencies. I want to formal letter. If my case worker doesn’t respond by Wednesday mail a letter with copies of the correspondence because I want the DC Attorney General to know that I am on the case monitoring them.  I will not rest until I receive a formal letter from the company that I can mail to the three credit bureaus.  All of my problems are going away and just in time because I need some peace at home. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rededicating Myself to Studying for the PMI-ACP Certification

            I’ve considered rededicating myself to studying for my PMI-ACP certification today. Ever since October 1st, I felt like something was untapped. I needed to adapt to a new situation. Earning my PMI-ACP certification is the answer because there are a lot of IT and agile opportunities out there that I can tap. I already have PMP certification and 3.5 months later it’s high time to start working on earning my second certification. I’ll apply the same schedule of taking one knowledge area practice exam then a full practice exam every week that I implemented while studying for the PMP exam. Furthermore, I am mentally in 2014 mode and earning my PMI-ACP certification is a nice way of ending 2013 and starting 2014. I am thinking bigger and better for next year. I am looking for my GS-15 and armed with two project management certifications, I know that I’ll get one.

            I am all about taking full advantage of opportunities and the PMI-ACP certification is one. I know that employers are starting to demand it and why not position myself? Though many people have the PMP, not too many have the PMI-ACP. Also the PMI-ACP is more rigorous than Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Personally, I am all about the grind. Whenever I see that there’s a pathway leading me to more opportunities, I take it. It’s the reason why I have an MBA, PMP and now a PMI-ACP before December 31st.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally a Free Day to Be Free!

            This is my first off day where I don’t encumbered by responsibility. I can just run errands, do laundry and enjoy a Palm steakhouse fried shrimp, French fries and coleslaw. The waiter tells me about this special because I was going to the business lunch.  I’m glad I try the special because it is filling. I have five shrimp, fries and coleslaw. I couldn’t finish all of it still I order warm doughnuts to go. These doughnuts come with whipped cream, chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces. They are sumptuous! I am still full hours later. Below are the photos:
Clockwise: Coleslaw, Shrimp Sauce, Fried Shrimp, French Fries and Tartar Sauce

Palm Restaurant Doughnut Bag


Clockwise: Raspberry Dipping Sauce, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dipping Sauce