Friday, September 26, 2008


This is my reaction to receiving a lower quantitative score than expected (Actually it was lower than last June's score)

All of the strength that I have mustered
Only to become flustered
By a sub-par score
Yet I return for more
How bad do I want it you say?
No amount of money can sway
Me from upward mobility
No exercise in futility
See my humility
Coupled with agility
Tempered by reality
Therefore now I am flustered

Sunday, September 07, 2008

How Bad Do I Want It? Update # 2

Yippee! I have scored a 26/30 on GR90-16 section 3. Multiplying this by two equals 52/60 which is 700! This is a breakthrough motivating me to push harder. Two or my four wrong answers are preventable. These correct answers would have yielded a 28/30. Multiplying this by two equals 56/60 or a 760. This is Brown University's GRE minimum score which serves as my benchmark. Monday morning I will solve the Princeton Review easy math and verbal problems (I am doing this to readjust me eyes since I am awaking at 6am in the morning). Later this afternoon, I will do the electronic math drill to gage my computer performance. Though math is my primary focus, I need to present a well-round GRE exam which includes high verbal and writing scores. That's why I am studying the verbal section.

Tomorrow I will read chapters 4 and half of 5. By Friday, September 12th , I will finish reading the Princeton Review and have scored a 760 on the quantitative section by correcting my mistake and being patient. By September 19th the online tests will be completed and I will have earned my 760 on the quantitative. My ALDP mentor, Jed, says that he has practiced every day to boost his score; and, I will do the same because I am thisclose towards clearing the quantitative hurdle.