Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review 2014

This year has seen the greatest change since arriving in Washington, DC. I have transitioned from the public to private sector and am studying for my third project management certification. In addition, I have applied for more prestigious fellowships and positions testing me. Even through the adversity, I refuse to remain stagnant else I would die personally and professionally. Although the change has been great, I have matured emotionally to handle everything coming my way. In 2015, I see myself earning my PMI-PBA certification and most importantly, experiencing the biggest and brightest future ever!

Keeping At It Through and Through

I am thankful for enrolling in the Udemy Learn to Become a Professional Business Analyst course because it has explained all of the business concepts to me. This course perfectly follows the BABOK. Though I have read the BABOK by myself, this is the first time that everything has clicked for me.  I am 50% done and after completing the two lessons and two quizzes, I’ll be 75% done.  I make it a practice to watch the lesson video twice before taking the quiz to absorb everything that I have been learning. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Decision-making Time

I have returned to studying PMI-PBA by outlining the BA practice guide chapter 3. Immediately afterward, I retake the Izenbridge PMI-PBA practice exam scoring 16 out of 30, 1 point less than last month. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to stop reading the practice guide and restart reading BABOK chapter 9 (technique). I need to retain the business analysis words. Although PMI has created the PMI-PBA exam, the practice guide isn’t the basis for the test yet. It may be the right or wrong decision, but it is a decision.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Benefits of Having Like Minds

                 I am thankful for joining the PMI-PBA certification LinkedIn groups because I’ve received a wealth of resources and study tips. Today while reading a string, I’ve learned about the January 2014 PMI Pulse on Requirements Management. Requirements are huge for business analysis so reading this 20-page booklet would increase my chances of passing the PMI-PBA. Furthermore, on the same string a person who has sit for the exam opines that the business analysis practice guide will overtake the PMI reference list (I believe this too since it is a practice guide and authored by PMI.). What has astounded me is that it has only taken this commenter 2 days to read through the entire practice guide. May I should do the same dry run and just skim through it the first time to see how much I can comprehend. I have an extra week to work with so why not? At least I can say that I have gotten through it. Who knows? If I score over 75% on my second PMI-PBA online practice exam, I just might take the PMI-PBA next week instead of early January.

Back at Studying for My PMI-PBA

                Tuesday I learned that Prometric only scheduled PMI-PBA proctored test next week and the first week of the New Year but not the week of December 29th. That meant that I would have to delay my certification until January 2015. Normally I would be disappointed that I haven’t completed it this year but given all of the things delaying me for over one week I am happy to be given an extra week. This gives me the chance to outline the PMI’s business analysis practice guide for an additional week. It’s like I have gotten this time back. Also I have learned about the January 2014 PMI’S Pulse on Requirements Management booklet which I will read because requirements are fundamental towards business analysis. I am intent on using this weekend to restart my PMI-PBA studies because earning my certification is essential towards enhancing my competitive advantage.