Friday, January 22, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #6: Retraining

President Obama discussing retraining at Lorain Community College in my home state of Ohio and highlighting two factory workers' working full-time jobs while enrolling in a 6-month retraining program resonate with me. After completing my ALDP detail in November 2008, I wanted to become a statistician. The federal government required 15 math credits, 6 of which must be in statistics. Though I had over 15 math credits, I had 0 statistics credits thus last summer I took elementary statistics. During the same time one of my friends received a GS-13 Survey Manager position, I was motivated to complete business statistics last fall semester to qualify. Immediately upon finishing business statistics, I requested a student copy of my transcript to vie for similar statistician positions. Now I am on the cusp of receiving a promotion. My retraining is not limited to mathematics because I am pursuing my BA in Political Science.
While researching the college catalog for my BA in Spanish, I learn that my BA qualifies me for a lot of the political science credits. The university has accepted all 120 undergraduate credits thus allowing me to bypass the major's general requirements. In addition, I think that the department would waive the introductory level courses because of my BA and MBA. Having taken a political science class while enrolled at Hiram College, I am petitioning the university to accept it as an elective; thereby, leaving me with only four classes. However, I want to take the credit by examination to liberate my money. This is manageable especially if I take a position outside of downtown Washington, DC. The majority of statisitcians are outside the District. Today the Arlington Library has notified me that it has placed my poli-sci book on hold for me at its Central location. This weekend I will gather it and begin reading the book because I really want to test out of the classes. The university credit by examination fee is $50 versus $350 for actually enrollining in the class so why not go for it?
Earning my BA in political science is my way of expanding my career opportunities. Here in DC there are an abundance of job positions. Even though I possess a BA in International Economics and an MBA, having the poli-sci degree is equivalent to having my passport stamped. I can secure political appointments and foreign service positions. One of the department's elective is US foreign policy. Obtaining it along with two degrees and five years' economist experience enable me to lay the foundation for passing the Department of State's foreign service officer exam. Attaining important assignments allow me to fully use all of my skills and as a Type A personality I love it!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Financially Empowered Fashionista

Last Friday after saving the money and placing my name on the waitlist four months ago, I purchased the yellow Jimmy Choo Hunter boots from the Chevy Chase store. I truly loved them for their originality. My reason for buying the yellow was that everyone else had the red and the black. The store manager confirmed that I was the sole size 42 yellow boot pre-order which was wonderful because I did not want anyone esle to have it! Upon exiting the store, I asked the manager if I had to put my name on the red and the black waitlist since I wanted the other colors. She said that it sold out of the red but still had the black; but, I should contact headquarters. Immediately I emailed the company about the procedure because I wanted them in red, my favorite color.
I am going to pair them with each a white or navy blue raincoat because these colors complement my yellow rainboots. In the meantime, I will continue saving my money and rocking my yellow pair!

Proactivity Blog Entry #5: Following Through with my Commitment

My commitment to rebuilding Haiti is unwavering as I continue using my Twitter page to inform my audience. Today I have retweeted non-profit organizations CARE and UNICEF USA. These are reputable organizations which will use donors' money for Haitian relief. Furthermore, I am retweeting Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti $5 cellular phone charity donation because the singer is in Haiti now. Moreover as a native he has always helped his homeland and I respect that. The rebuilding process will take at least 5 years. The first year is about stabilization because a 7.0 earthquake will dismantle any infrastructure be here or in Haiti. The second and third years will be about reestablishing the Haitian economy and encouraging foreign direct investment. The fourth and fifth years will be about returning to any kind of normalcy, if I can call it that, because really how do you accomplish that in the face of astronomical loss? This week I will continue giving money to Yele online (It will reach Haiti faster than my cell phone donation) and notifying my audience about progress.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #4: Helping Haiti and Myself

Yesterday I donated $50 to Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti organization online, $5 to Yele via text message and $10 to the American Red Cross via text message. Two days ago on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, I started my Twitter advocacy. It continues today because the relief supplies will start arriving today. Furthermore, it will take at least 36 months to get over this hump because a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti. When one of my Twitter friend asked what if everybody gave money everyday to crisis. I promptly responded that people give money everyday but the earthquake put people on alert. Ironically, this was when I realized that I did donate to Dress for Success and other non-profits to eliminate daily suffering. Now it is time to plug-in and donate even more money to ensure that people can eat, cloth, and start rebuilding.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Senator Harry Reid's Hypocrisy

It is amazing that some people deem Reid's words regarding Obama being a light-skinned black man who speaks without an urban dialect as 'candor' but if he is so honest why does he not examine his ranking within his own race? Senator Reid is neither blond hair nor blue eyes so he is not the fairest of them all? So when a certain MSNBC commentator exclaims that "people who says racist things are not racist" then this is hypocritical. As a dark-skinned black woman, I see President Obama constantly parade his dark-skinned wife and children around constantly. Finally, to the black people saying that Reid is telling the truth, ask yourself this: can you speak for yourself?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #3: Eradicating the Negativity in My Life

As much as I like this particular liberal blogger, I must subscribe from her newsletter because of her continued marijuana legislation advocacy. Marijuana is an illegal drug and should remain illegal because of its potency. Ask any crack addict how they have become hooked on this drug and he or she would answer marijuana. First, they lace their marijuana cigarettes with crack cocaine. Second, they become addicted. However, I will use current social policy regarding cigarettes to make my point. Nearly every restaurant and office building have banned smoking. Eliminating an activity reduces the number of smokers; thereby, reducing tobacco company revenue. Therefore, why legalize a drug when there is no real break-even point? That's just plain stupid and you do not need to be an economist to understand that when your costs outweigh your revenue, you shut down! Finally, if the public contends that it does not want to smell cigarette smoke, why should they want to smell marijuana smoke?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Proactivity Blog Entry #2: Following Through

This morning I have revised my resume and applied for seven positions because I really want the promotion. Instead of watching college football bowl games all day long, I have decided to sacrifice by investing time and energy in my pursuit towards ascending the corporate ladder. Completing the six statistics credits required to become a statistician have given me a real mental boost because now I can apply for more than one mission-critical occupation. Becoming a Senior Executive Service professional is my career objective; and, this demands GS-14 status. Securing the promotion ensures that I am one step closer towards bringing my dream to fruition. More importantly, I am looking for additional growth opportunities to broaden my reach. Working as a statistician on my Aspiring Leaders Development Program detail has given me insight into another occupation; and, this is something that I want to pursue. Furthermore, I am majoring in statistics so this job perfectly complements my studies. I receive graduate from the University of the District of Columbia in 2012. Hopefully, I will be a GS-14 by then.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Proactive Blog Entry #1: Creating My Own Luck

Today is the first day of this year and this decade. I have decided since I am unhappy with my current career trajectory that I will create my own luck. Right now I am revising my knowledge, skills and abilities for economist and statistician announcements. Saturday I will apply for these jobs. Make no mistake: I will receive a promotion this year by employing my newly acquired statistician abilities and Aspiring Leaders Development Program capabilities.