Sunday, May 15, 2016

10 Years Strong

Today is my 10th work anniversary. I started working at the Bureau of Economic Analysis as an Economist on May 15, 2006. I have made significant amount of personal and professional progress in a decade. I worked there for 6 years. BEA has moved from DC to Maryland. I have moved on from BEA but since live in DC. When I walked back from seeing my officemates, I felt like it was survivor of the fittest because DC had undergone a lot of changes but I survived them. After 4 promotions in 9 years, a couple of discrimination complaints and fighting off eviction due to a new company wanting to raise the rent and push out poor people, I was still there!

Now I am at the beginning of the new 10-year phase. I am an entrepreneur who is on the cusp of releasing my first book entitled Expand Your Personal Brand. If the first 10 years here in DC is any indication, I am onto bigger and better things! These first 10 years were just the warm-up!

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Gratitude List - Day 17

                Today is Mothers’ Day. I am grateful that my 67-year-old mother is still living and am great health. Here is my gratitude list:

Gratitude List – Day 17
  1. Happy that my mother is alive on Mothers’ Day
  2. I have a place to rest my head since I am tired and need a nap (rare I know).
  3. I can be open to generating ideas
  4. Writing 2 blog articles
  5. Be happy for experiencing today. I am able to take it in.
  6. I am grateful for another week to become better. I am grateful towards becoming an author.
  7. To keep being worthy of financial abundance to receive and manifest my $20,000 this month.

I have listened to Constance Arnold interviewing Louise Presley-Turner. This broadcast confirms that I am on the right track regarding my gratitude challenge. This challenge has shifted my energy but it also forces me to confront negative people, thoughts and things. I mean as soon as I have started the uglies start popping up. Like I have said – the Devil is busy! I have dealt and continue to deal with them now because I am going positive.
                I have written a new blog article for both of my sites. I feel extremely productive. It feels good to return back to regularly scheduled programming. I have copied my PositivityChange blog post onto LinkedIn and Medium. In my PositivityChange post, I write about how to become an expert. Most importantly, stop fearing new college graduates because you have skills and experience. You need to communicate that. Besides, everyone starts out as an amateur. I have received 2 shares and 6 likes on my post. Another post has come out this one. I will write about how to move your low and medium skills proficiencies to high level skills when you want to be in another field.
                I have stopped paralysis of analysis and submitted my workbook to the printer via Fiverr. I am grateful that I have the credit so that it is technically free. I must diversify my products. Here is the updated gratitude list:

Updated gratitude list

  1. Grateful to have the Fiverr credit. I have used it for my workbook and increase traffic.
  2. Happy to get a free cab ride since the driver forgets to turn on the meter!
  3. Have the credit to dine at Bourbon Steak to clear my mind.
  4. I am open to the possibility of having two revenue-generating websites. If I grateful if the customer buys from my personal website or the book website. I cannot constrict abundance. 

Having unlimited revision attached to my order is a blessing. I need to work on creating the best product. In addition, I have outsourced my site traffic to a professional company. Yes, I am seeing traction gained from my Facebook Ad but I need conversion (sales). I have to try this out. I cannot afford a what if.

Gratitude List - Day 16

I am happy that I am willing to listen and learn from people. This entire self-publishing makes me a novice again. I am not the expert. I have to rely on others whom have more knowledge than I do right now. Every day I am learning something new about the book profession and about myself. I have learned today that I am getting better at the do-it-yourself (DIY) computer stuff. Today I have activated my WordPress’ RSS generator plug-in to get the RSS feed link and copy it to my Goodreads author page. I have learned this a couple of days ago when I have to link my blogs to my Amazon author page. I have downloaded that RSS Generator plug-in to all three blogs and boom- all of my posts are uploaded. I feel like I can work at the help desk! Here is today’s gratitude list:

Gratitude List – Day 16

  1. To live in a neighborhood where I can walk to passport DC embassy events.
  2. To receive good counsel from people who care about my success.
  3. To have good wi-fi and Internet to conduct research for my book.
  4. Have money for food.
  5. A roof over my head.
  6. A bed to sleep on.
  7. I am open to learning more from people every single day.
  8. To have the money to fund my dream.
  9. Have my Goodreads author profile approved. 

I am seriously considering more publicity for my book. Yes, I am on two (well, 1 ½) virtual book tours but I want all of my bases covered. I have visited past blog tours on my book promotions company and I like how much activity I get over the two-month period. Every other day there is something. However, I dislike having only 4-5 interviews over a two-month period. I am inclined to get more interviews because I need to tell me side of the story and how this book will solve problems. Yesterday, I secured my first radio show. I need to have more lined up.

Gratitude List - Day 15

This is the halfway mark for my 30—day gratitude challenge. I must admit that I have received more job inquiries through gratitude. I have also conjured up a lot of negative thoughts because the Devil is busy. My federal complaint has popped up during this time. Dealing with the negativity head on eliminates it.
                I have received my finished ebook files and have successfully uploaded it to Amazon. I have also accelerated my pre-order date. I am happy because Tuesday is the traditional book release date. I get to be a part of this. May 17th is my date and it finally official. Here is the gratitude list:

Gratitude List -Day 15

  1. Someone is interested in me for a full-time position
  2. I have finished my book
  3. Amazon KDP has approved my final draft and accelerating my pre-order date
  4. Add more info to the publishing company’s website.
  5. Learn from the publishing company’s rep that I should not click on the Amazon box because it would override what’s in Amazon. This advice saves me time, money and agony. I would be in a tizzy if I mess this up.
  6. Broadcast on Periscope (and remember to #save).
  7. To have the technology and strong enough wi-fi connection to do my videos
  8. That my mother is alive and healthy
  9. I have the proper business formation to accept payments
  10. To receive and activate my bank’s mobile widget application.
  11. To learn more from others every single day.
  12. To be able to afford the money for the publishing company’s IngramSpark submission guidelines.

I am happy that employers are interested in me and that I have something that the marketplace wants. I have kept up with my financial affirmation and below are the things that I have done every morning, afternoon and night. Here are the things that I have done to ensure that my $20,000/month have had.

Reply to the recommended social media banner lady
Aced my phone interview

Receiving my ebook file in multiple formats
Uploading my file to Amazon KDP
Email the publishing company for submission assistance
Add more information to IngramSpark
Get in contact with the publishing company’s president

Amazon KDP has approved my final draft and my accelerating my pre-order date from July 28th to May 17th.
Broadcast on Periscope and YouTube
Create a new PM.Expert blog article
Land my first radio

Conclusion: Yes, I admit that I have experienced a whole lot of progress as a businesswoman but I would still like a contract or some corp to corp. I am grateful that emotionally and am in a better place now because I have worked on my demons and the negativity associated with them. I don’t truly have demons but the Devil is busy bringing up old stuff. More importantly, I have stayed true towards working on my financial affirmation because I know that I am good enough to earn $20,000/month. Finally, I do see things turning around for the better. I envision this way before my May 17th publication date because I am grateful for every opportunity and I have been working on myself.

Gratitude List - Day 14

                I am sore from walking to the career luncheon and the post office yesterday (I needed stamps to mail my thank you letters). I summoned up the strength to mail some of those letters today. My morning is devoted towards preparing for my Friday interview. I am happy that someone is interested in me.
                I have registered for a 90-day manifestation challenge. I am on day 19 and its message is to be a good receiver. This is hard for me because I am the one with all of the answers. I will work on this because being a good receiver means that I will receive a new job opportunity. When I look at it from this perspective, I can work on being a good receiver. Here is today’s gratitude list:
Gratitude List – Day 14

  1. I have a peaceful slumber from a full day of running around.
  2. To learn a new lesson today which is how to be a good receiver
  3. Since I am done with my book to focus on the next phase : book promotion.
  4. To have a radio show where I spread positivity.
  5. The opportunity to speak truth to power in my federal complaint case.
  6. To create new products and generate new ideas.
  7. To live in my financial affirmation that each day I do something to position myself towards earning $20,000/month.

I must put my friend’s daughter on the prayer list because she has been in a car accident. Her car is totaled. Also one of the drivers is in the hospital. Here I am thinking that my friend is okay but she is not. I just want everyone to be well because they have their whole lives ahead of them. I am caught off guard when my friend mentions that the secretary would give her some money for her case. Now this was the same secretary whom did not have $20 to withdrawal from the CVS cash back machine the day after the 2015 federal government furlough ended and laughed at me for telling her to file unemployment. Messy!
                I have paid the $20 to finalize my publishing work. They will start working on it today. This means that I should get it by tomorrow. This also means that I’ll be able to upload my book to KDP and move up my pre-order publication date. I am giddy with my technical skills because I have successfully downloaded the WordPress RSS generator plug-in, obtained my RSS feed and copied them onto my Amazon author page. I feel like I can work at a computer helpdesk. Now I will broadcast a new Positive Change with Carla radio show. The topic is keeping the momentum going. I truly need to hear this message now with my job search and book countdown. Finally, I have done my YouTube countdown video blog (vlog). It is starting to get easier the more I do it.

Gratitude List - Day 13


 I am still riding high from securing my book PR lady yesterday. My life is going in the right direction. I am grateful for being able to sit and be still. I will listen and learn. I know my limits which is why I have hired her. I have a clear pathway towards becoming a bestseller. My PR lady is a 4-time international Amazon bestseller. She has given me homework such as emailing the business conference for half-page ad and vending prices.
                Another note: It is Star Wars’ ‘May the Fourth’ and I will tap into my Inner Trekker because I love math, science and space. Star Wars came out the same year I was born. People don’t understand the importance of space exploration and discovery. Star Trek and Star Wars show that anything is possible. Here is today’s gratitude list:

Gratitude List - Day 13

  1. To be open to learning more opportunities
  2. My phone interview company has emailed me its health benefits. That’s a good omen.

It is limited because my energy is limited at 2am. I have a career luncheon to attend and must be out of the door to Kinko’s by 10:45am to copy my resumes and board the silver line for Tysons Corner.
                I am happy to go because so many people have taken my resume and thought I have given a strong elevator pitch. I have emailed recruiters interested in me. My goal is to obtain a Senior Project Manager or Senior Scrum Master position. I would love to have a full-time consulting opportunity especially with my LLC because I can now do corp to corp.
                Finally, I have submitted my bibliography and thank you page to my publisher for my book. It is like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders. Now I can focus on promoting my book. The publisher says that I should receive it by tomorrow.  This file will allow me to upload it to Amazon KDP. Here is my updated gratitude list:

Updated Gratitude List

  1. I have the health and energy to travel to the career luncheon
  2. I have met people whom are interested in me.
  3. I’ve finished my book by submitting my bibliography and thank you page.
  4. I have the money to get my clothes out of dry clean
  5. I have people taking my resumes.
  6. I am chronicling my self-publishing so that I can help others.
  7. Creating another radio episode.
  8. I have the money to afford the career luncheon.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Gratitude List - Day 12

                I am very grateful for this day. I am at Cove on an all-day pass working on finding a job and pushing my brand. I am extremely fortunate that someone is interested in me. Moreover, I have removed my ego and asked someone about citing my blog in my bibliography. Stoking my ego and not asking = delaying my book. I don’t need this with 2 more weeks to go. I have also forgiven myself for beating myself up about the lack of promotion. My book is not done so there is nothing for the reviewers to read (yet). This will all change by Friday because my book publisher will be done with the conversion and I can send it to the book promoters who will then send it out to the reviewers. What I will do in the meantime is to receive the feedback, complete the bibliography, prepare my social media and notify the promotions company ahead of its release. Below is my gratitude list for today:

Gratitude List – Day 12

  1. That my condo will get cleaned today
  2. I will be productive
  3. That I am experiencing a very big bounce from yesterday’s financial affirmation
  4. I get to keep learning and interacting with people
  5. I am one step closer towards finishing my book
  6. I will put the knowledge that I accumulated last night into action
  7. Be healthy with high mobility. Health is wealth.
  8. I am awake and alert to thoroughly enjoy today.
  9. That my career coach is feeling much better and is able to function

I am happiest that my career coach is on the rebound because she has been in the hospital. I don’t wish this on anyone. I need her well. In addition, I am happy to be healthy. I have to carry my laptop with me when I walk to Cove. If I am in bad health, then I cannot do this. Speaking of Cove, I get the most done there. I need to get out of the house in order to increase my productivity. Cove is the place where it is controlled and there are no crazies. The same cannot be said about certain people on public transportation. Once again the black male Georgetown circulator asks me ‘if I am going to Georgetown?’. Dude get me home. I notice he doesn’t ask the black woman with the Merry Maid uniform shirt because she is just like him -servicing white people.
Morning Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month in Phenomena LLC. I am doing this going to Cove, scheduling job interviews, emailing the publishing company regarding my bibliography and revising my workbook because I know that I am worthy of this amount. I will say this affirmation every morning, noon and night.
                My day has turned around by my business bank has enrolled me in merchant services. Receiving these emails puts me closer towards my $20,000/month goals.
Here is my updated gratitude list:

Gratitude List

  1. I have kept my cool
  2. I have a redress method to file a complaint
  3. That I live here and they are temporary individuals
  4. I have decided to be happy, file my complaint and let it go
  5. My merchant services account has been processed and I am starting to receive access.
  6. The business bank’s payroll services representative has contacted me.

I have released all of the ill will that this one incident has happened. And I am glad that I have done just that because there are way more positive things in my life. I have completely rebounded from this by listening to Ricky Smiley’s video confession. I know what it is like to move up the ladder and people ridicule you. I look at the first federal agency I worked at. I have moved on and they are moving from DC to Maryland. Every time you get to a new level, there is a new Devil. Ricky says that God will replace everything and everyone whom we lose when we advance. This is so true. I have lost so many people along the way but have gained so much.
Afternoon Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month in Phenomena LLC. I am doing this receiving my business banking merchant services and working on my bibliography because I know that I am worthy of this amount. I will say this affirmation every morning, noon and night. 

Tonight I have decided to follow up with a book person whom I want to work with. I ask her if she does non-Christian books (mine is business book). She says that she does everything but erotica (me neither!). There is fortune in the follow-up because this woman not only does business books but will ensure that my branding and social media are on point, I become an Amazon international bestseller, and get placed on radio, TV and speaking engagements. Also she wants a reasonable rate ( I have given her partial payment.). We will reconvene Thursday after my radio show. I just thank God that I have (finally!) found someone who shares my vision for success and will guide me through the wilderness.  This is my second updated gratitude list:

Updated Gratitude List

  1. I have finally found someone who will guide me through this book publishing and promotion process.
  2. I feel much better know that I am on track and am willing to do the work necessary to make this a reality. 

Evening Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month in Phenomena LLC. I am doing this creating my own YouTube expand your personal brand Vlog series, retain a book and media promoter and apply for more jobs because I know that I am worthy of this amount. I will say this affirmation every morning, noon and night. 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Gratitude List - Day 11


I have awakened with purpose reciting my prosperity affirmation. I have recited this affirmation every morning, noon and night recounting the actions that I have done to realize my $20,000/month goal. Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month in Phenomena LLC. I am doing this (and action) because I know that I am worthy of this amount. I will say this affirmation every morning, noon and night. Here is my gratitude list:

Gratitude List – Day 11

  1. That I will start off May with a bang.
  2. I will recite my affirmation every morning, noon and night and diligently work towards it.
  3. I will be happy and inquisitive.
  4. My new author journey begins and I am in a space where I can receive it.
  5. To keep learning more every day and every moment.
  6. Have the money to be able to finance my dream.
  7. That I have stepped out on faith and paid for a Facebook Ad to promote my book.

                Morning Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month. I am submitting my third and final edits because I know that I am worthy of this amount.
                I have transferred my IRA money to my savings account only to learn that there is no savings account so I have to open a regular savings account. Normally, I would be bummed but I enter the bank with 2 accounts and left the bank with three. That is abundance. Furthermore, I have used my business email address to open up my PayPal business account. I have also linked my PayPal to my business banking account.
                I have recited my affirmation that I am worthy of amassing $20,000/month. I have written down all of the products that I have created in order to achieve this amount. After watching a Periscope last night, it hit me that I was farther along than I thought. I had to shift my mentality because I know that I was good enough to get it done. So why not do it? This is why I have paid the US Copyright Office to register my workbook because I must protect my intellectual property. Having the book copyright is the reason why Amazon KDP has accepted my book. Furthermore, protecting my intellectual property is protecting my business’ competitive advantage. My timetable is sending my workbook off to the printer by this Friday because it will be ready by May 17th.
Noon Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month. I am submitting my $35 US Copyright Office Expand Your Personal Brand workbook application and enrolling in the PayPal business account because I know that I am worthy of this amount.
                Moreover, I have continued my learning quest by enrolling an online branding and virtual book seminar. I have to learn as much as possible regarding my new book industry. These courses have been helping in my creating new products. New products = new income streams. I am grateful to have the money to be able to obtain this wealth of information.
Night Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month. I have enrolled in a branding webinar and the virtual book webinar to increase my book monetization skills. Also I have emailed my business bank location about linking my account to PayPal. I am have done these things because I am worthy of the $20,000/month.

Updated Gratitude List

  1. Have the $35 to register my Expand Your Personal Brand workbook with the US Copyright office.
  2. Have the $64 to pay for my final book edits
  3. Have the $27 to enroll in an online branding webinar where I learn extra brand color and font websites
  4. Grateful to walk into the bank with 2 accounts and leave with 3 even though one of them disappeared.
  5. Enrolled in a virtual book monetization webinar to learn 42 new ways to make money off of my book.
  6. Learn from my Facebook Ad that I need to first have people get to know me before buying my product. Therefore, I will take out ads promoting my Facebook business page and my professional website the next two days then return and promote my Amazon pre-order.

Gratitude List - Day 10

I am so thankful to have family who love and care for me. I have always loved my family. However, seeing my Aunt Donna magnifies it in the flesh. Here is my gratitude list for today:

Gratitude List – Day 10

  1. I have the money for the medications
  2. I am feeling better
  3. My family is coming to see me
  4. I have a roof over my head
  5. I am giddy about my book release
  6. I have the money to complete my book and fund my business
  7. I have made a lot of progress
  8. This is the first day of May and with a new month there’s new opportunities
  9. Happy to participate in this gratitude challenge because today I get to start with a clean slate.
  10. That I have the tools, mentality and resources to amass $20,000/month for my business.

Today is the fourth day of raining. I do feel that my gratitude challenge has rescued me from having bad thoughts permeate my mind. Throughout today I felt worried and weighed down. Even with my auntie visiting me, all I thought about was lack and what if. It would admit that it was great to mention that as a consultant I could be inbetween jobs for months. That released a load. However, I was freed once I watched a Periscope with someone asking me about making $20,000/month. That title attracted me because I already decided to sell my book and workbook. In addition, I created a super-workbook with 40 exercises. Combining these products into bundles, certainly I could amass $20,000. Immediately my mind started shifting because I felt empowered (I also had the benefit of this being the 1st day of May so I was starting off on the right foot.). Watching that scope reinvigorated my spirit. I crafted an affirmation that I would recite every morning, noon and night. It was: affirmation: I am worthy of receiving $20,000 per month in my business. I am doing this (and action) because I know that I am worthy of this amount. I will say this affirmation every morning, noon and night.